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Love and Adventure – Episode 10

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Love and Adventure

Episode 10

Written By Nathaniel Anuma 


“Fine” Henry began. “If you girls don’t want to pull off your skirts, you’ll have to jump from where the rope ends”
“Yes, we shall jump” the girls said simultaneously.
Henry looked for the nearest strong tree and tied the rope there…

The bus driver led the policemen to the place he dropped the students-the entrance of the forest.

“This is the place, officer”
“Okay” the commander in chief looked at his men. “Go into this forest, search every corner and don’t come out without the children” he commanded.

The students had climbed down the cliff safely. They were seen trying to put on their rumpled clothes but not all received theirs because it cut from the middle after the last person climbed down thus making him fall and sustained injury. Though the only people who didn’t receive their shirt were five boys but all had their trousers.

“I guess we should all rest here” Ruddy suggested and they sat down on rocks.
“Somebody should tell us a story” Regina broke the silence. “Or better still Mary should continued the one she encountered with Miss Vivian”
“I’m not saying anything” Mary threw off her face.
“Are you shy to tell us your dirty act with her?”

“For your information, i never did anything with her”
“How do we know that you’re telling the tru..”
“Enough!” Henry interrupted Regina looking into her eyes.

“Mary rejected Miss Vivian but you accepted her and made love to her on her so called birthday, and that’s probably why the lion left you unharmed because you are directly or indirectly connected to the goddess of this forest. True or false?”
Everybody became amazed at Henry’s speech even Regina herself. Mary looked at her.

“Did you do it?”
“I didn’t do anything. I guess I’ll better go look for some fruit coz I’m starving” Regina left the place.

“Better don’t eat a forbidding fruit added to the one you’ve eaten already!” Danny shouted standing up too. “I’m also starving” he added.

Other students departed to look for something to eat except Mary and Henry who stared at each other. “Ain’t you hungry?” Mary broke the silence.

“I’m not” Henry replied spacing out as if he was thinking about a particular thing. When Mary noticed it, she stood up and sat beside him on the same rock.

“Is everything alright?”
“Just thinking about my mother” Henry brought down his face. Suddenly, tears began to drop from his eyes. “She’s the only one i have and i know how she will be feeling now for not seeing me.

I’m just afraid she might die due to worries and over thinking coz she was once diagnosed for high blood pressure. I’m afraid it might rise again” he dried his tears and became bold looking at Mary who had also become emotional. “If i don’t make it alive from this forest, promise me you’ll..”

“Sssshhh” Mary interrupted him by placing a finger in between his lips. “We gonna make it alive from this place and you’ll see your mother heathy and strong”
Both became quiet staring at each other. Ruddy could see them from afar feeling more jealous.

“I’m sorry for doubting you earlier” Mary added. “Actually, Miss Vivian wanted to..”
“I know all that” Henry interrupted. “The birthday card given to you was the same given to Regina and she attended it. What do you think would have happened if you had gone for the birthday party?”

“I think she would have made me have sex with her”
“Regina accepted the invitation, and what do you think?”
“They did it” Mary answered admiring his intelligence.
At another angle were Joyce and Jerry were looking for a tree that bears fruit. The place was a bit covered with tall grasses in a way nobody could see them standing under a tree that had no fruit in it. They looked up searching with their eyes but didn’t see anything.

“I’m really starving” Joyce sat on the ground with her legs closed.
“Even me” Jerry sat beside her. “I’m just wondering how my parents are feeling right now”

“Me too” Joyce concluded remembering their friends who died on the cause of the journey. Therefore she became afraid looking at Jerry. “I’m scared, Jerry. I don’t want to die”
“You will not die” Jerry replied. “I will do that within my power to protect you”
“But why?”
“Coz I’ve beginning to love you”

Joyce couldn’t believe it. Her wishes had suddenly become a reality. Before she knew what was happening, Jerry brought his head closer and began to kiss her which she reciprocated but quit it caressing his cheek. “I love you too, Jerry” she said then resumed the kiss..

At a far distant, Regina sat alone on the ground reasoning what Henry said.

Though she didn’t care how he knew about her affair with Miss Vivian but was concerned about his statement regarding why the lion left her unharmed. “Could it be because of what i did with Miss Vivian?” she thought.
Suddenly, a female student named Hannah came and sat with her.

“I thought you said you are starving?”
“Yeah” Regina looked around then looked at her breast feeling arose. She placed a hand on her shoulder and dragged it down to her arms romantically.

Hannah looked at her. “What’s it?”
“Umm.. i have this urge to.. i mean i find my fellow girl attractive this days” she touched her breasts but Hannah jumped up.
“So, it’s true. You’re a lesbian”
“Not until Miss Vivian made me do it. Please, do it with me”

“I’m sorry, i can’t” Hannah began to walk out but Regina’s voice stopped her.
“If you want to stay alive in this forest, do it, otherwise you’ll die!”
Hearing that, Hannah turned to satisfy her sexually.

After some minutes later all arrived to see Henry and Mary together. Five students-two boys and three girls had a strange fruit in their hands. Regina and Hannah demanded for some and each were given.
“Can i have one too” Danny demanded.

“Sure, a male student threw one for him. As he looked at the fruit strangely, others had started eating it. Suddenly, they began to vomit except Regina and Hannah.
Seeing that, Danny threw his own away. Within a twinkle of an eye, the five students died.



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