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Living with guys episode 13

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“And who’s excited for tonight.” Bright yells happily, and the guys groaned.

“Come on, don’t be sad babies, now I’ve brought the popcorn, the pillows are fluffy and the movie is here.” Bright announced going over to the DVD ready to insert it in.

“Bright what about we watch something else today.” Henry suggested.

“Why do we have to change the film.” Bright ask eyeing him.

“Cause none of us want to watch any of those your romance movie.” Henry says frowning.

“So what are you suggesting.” Bright asks frowning back at him.

“Let’s watch a horror movie.”

“No I’m not watching that thing.” Bright says quite shaken at the mention of horror.

“Why? Are you afraid of a small horror movie.” Zack asks smugly.

“Yeah Bright don’t tell us you get afraid so easily.” Uche mocks and Bright glares at them.

“Wait a minute you’re really afraid.” Henry asked, he didn’t picture Bright as someone who’ll be afraid to watch horror movie, since she’s really scary herself.

“I’m not afraid, and I’ll prove that by watching the stupid movie.” Bright says bravely, although inside of her she’s more than afraid.

“Bright if you don’t want watch it, we are fine with it.” Henry says trying to be sensible, he didn’t want a girl screaming down his ear.

“Nope, I’ll watch it and I’m not scared, where is the movie” She says and Henry gave her the disc, she walks over to the DVD and inserts the movie then plays it.

Bright takes her sit, chanting words in her head as the movie start. I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, okay I’m afraid, I’m afraid. Mother save me.

The movie start with a woman running out of big, giantic mansion screaming in her night gown, she runs over to her car in a haste and opens the car door hurriedly while looking behind her, the lady gets into the car and drives it to the big black gate, she stops the car and comes down from it and tries to open the gate, she managed to open the car and goes back to the car but as she tries to go back into the car a hand stops her and the part close with her screams.

Bright looks over at Henry and the guys, and tries not to shout or cry but in the end she founds herself shouting at every little scene holding unto Henry as if her life depends on it

“The movie it’s finish you can let go of me now.” Henry says and Bright turns her shocked face to him.

“YOU GUYS CALL THIS A MOVIE, for fuck sake the lady ended up in a mad house, she turned MAD!!!.” Bright shrieks, really angry at the sad ending of the movie, she thought at the ending the lady would escape the mansion but no at the end they called her mad and sent her to a mad house.

“That’s why the name of the movie is Turning Point.” Uche says boredly and Bright glares at him before leaving the sitting room.

She walks into her bathroom and tries to take her bath but the picture of the lady in the movie kept on flashing in her head and she angrily left the bathroom.

She changes into her night wear and goes over to sleep, she stands up back again and goes over to lock her door.


Bright turns in her sleep, sweat trickles down her face as she shakes in her dream, muttering words, “No leave me alone, don’t touch me, ahhhhh.” She screams out sitting up, her chest panting heavily.

“Oh, my God I can’t sleep in this room alone ooo, what do I do.” She says out loud, thinking really hard.

“Henry, Henry!!” Bright calls waking him up.

“Yes, yes. Bright what are you doing here in my room.” Henry asks waking up from his slumber.

“Can I sleep in your room tonight.” She asks.

“No, you can’t. Why would you want to sleep in my room.

“What do you think, I’m scared, idiot.” She replies frowning.

“Well, I didn’t ask you to watch the movie, remember I told you not to.” Henry retorts frowning at her.

“Oga all this one you’re talking is your business, I’m sleeping in your room and that’s final.” She replies and got herself comfortable on his bed.

“What are you doing.” Henry questions, staring at her.

“What do you think, I’m making myself comfortable on your bed.” She replies and settles more on the bed.

Henry stares at her in surprise, “keep on looking at me, ehn don’t go to sleep. Goodnight.”

Henry stares at her and takes a pillow, then stands up from the bed. “Where are you going to.” She ask him, raising her head up to look at him.

“Since you have taken over my bed, I’m going to sleep on the couch.”

“What No!! You can’t do that.” She yells at him sitting up on the bed.

“Why can’t i, sleep on the couch.”

“Bescause I’m afraid you idiot, and since I’m afraid you’re sleeping on the bed with me.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are, what if the hands come back and crawls on my body, who’s going to save me, ehn, who, who.” She asks frowning at him.

“Bright it’s just a movie, the hands are not real Bright, it’s friction for God sake.” Henry says exasperated.

“Yeah a movie you forced me to watch.”

“No I didn’t, I told you not to watch it remember.”

“Well it’s memory and I’ll remember just the way I want to remember it, see the bottom line is that you’re sleeping on this bed with me or but of us will find a way to fit into that couch.” Bright says standing up from the bed, glaring at Henry annoyed.

“God woman leave me alone.” Henry yells at her and goes over to the couch and lie down.

“I’ll not leave you alone.” Bright retorts and goes over to Henry and sits on top of him.

“Oh God what kind of craziness is this in the middle of the night.” Henry mutters.

“Shut up, and I’ll not leave unless you agree to sleep on the bed with me.” She sits more comfortable on his back and rains punches on his back.

“Fine, fine, I’ll sleep on the bed, now get off me.” Henry growls at her.

“Aww, I was beginning to like your back it’s so comfortable.” She groans and stands up from his back, Henry rolls his eyes and heads over to the bed and got comfortable on it, Bright did the same.

“Good night, idiot.” She says.

“Good night, scaredy cat.” He replies her back.

“Oh no, you did not just say that!!” Bright growls at him like a mad woman ready to devour him.

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