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Living with guys- Chapter 4

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Henry drove really fast, fully aware of the fact that the police was right behind them, after a while Henry turns to the car in to a lonely road that leads right to a very big forest. Once he stops the car and parks it, everyone of them got down from the car, leaving a sleeping Bright in the car, one would think she’s not an hostage.

The four thieves quickly sets to work, getting rid of the branches used in covering their plan b get away car.

“What about her.” Skipper asks, pointing towards the sleeping figure in the car. “She’s of no use anymore so we leave her here.” Henry replies pulling off his masks.

“Hmm.” Bright yawns, opening her eyes to an unfamiliar place. She had to squint her eyes hard to get use to the darkness, she opens the door of the car and gets out wondering were she was. She realized she’s in a forest but the location of the forest she doesn’t know.

“Do you hear that” snipper asked as he hears a twig sound yet again, the rest stopped and listened cautiously.

“Isn’t that the girl.” Skipper asked.

“Quick turn off the car light before she sees us, to late she already saw it.” Snipper says.

“Oh my God, I’m I dreaming.” Bright asked no one in particular, staring at the four handsome men in front of her, shocked to the bone, right in front of her were the top 4, most handsome, most richest, bachelors in Nigeria. There’s no way she could be mistaking, she has memorized that face in her heart, body and soul.

“No way Henry, Zack, Bayode, and uche. How is this possible.” She utters still surprise.

“Bayo, put her in the booth and make sure you ties her hands, legs and mouth.” Henry orders and goes into the car.

“Why do I have to be the one to carry her, Zack obviously has more strength than me.” Bayo mutters not loud enough for Henry to hear and did as told, he carried a bewildered Bright and placed her in the booth then tied both her hands and leg.

“Wait.” Bright yells a little stopping Zack from completing his task.


“One question are you guys the four thieves that got into my house.” She asks trying to wrap the whole bachelors stuff in her head.

“I thought you already got that part sorted out, how disappointing.” Bays replies in a bored voice and stuff her mouth with a piece of clothes before tying her mouth.

Bright laid there in the dark booth muttering words, one would think she was praying but instead she was repeating the same word. “It can’t be, they can’t be, my eyes most be decieving me.”

During the drive they encountered a lot of police check up but not once were they checked. Nobody suspected the top four bachelors, that’s driving at an odd hour of the day.

“Ahhhh, cold, cold.” Bright screams sitting up at the booth of the car.

“Get down.” Bayo says smoothly and walks away.

“Is that how to wake a person up in your village, ehn with cold ice water imagine.” She yells at his retreating form, getting down from the booth.

“Wow.” She says in awe looking around the huge compound, a very big garage to her left, filled with different kinds of lastest cars, beautiful, beautiful trees to her right, a big magnificent water fountain in the middle and a big sparkly white mansion stood triumphantly in front of her.
“Wow this compound is so huge.” She exclaims in wonder.

“Inside!!!.” Bayo yells bringing Bright out of her reverie.

“Hey who told you, you can order me around, I’ll walk when I want to and if I decide to stay out here and take in the beauty of this compound then you can’t stop me from doing so.” She yells back, standing defiantly.

Bayo sighs and walks over to Bright he picks her up and throws her on his strong solid shoulder.

“Hey put me down, I said put me down you idiot.” Bright yells, hitting his back with her delicate soft palm that cause not even a single pain to him.

“Why are you carrying her, bayo.” Henry asked hands in pocket while uche and Zack looks on.

“Why did you leave me to get her out of the booth.” Bayo asked ignoring henry question.

“Why are you ignoring my question.” Henry retorts.

“You know why, do you know what forget it, why do I put her, she’s really heavy.”

“Are you saying I’m fat, how dare you!!!!!.” Bright screams hysterically, throwing punches at his back.

“Stop that.” Bayo orders.

“Why should i, you called me fat.”

“Just tell me where to put her already.” Bayo says dryly.

“Guest room.” Henry answer and bayo takes Bright to the guest room.

“Ahh, what’s wrong with you. You see this is how planes ends up crashing, because they don’t know how to safely land a plane.” Bright yells at bayo once she recovers from the impact her body had on, landing on the bed.

“Now you’re the one calling you self fat, planes are really big.” Bayo says causally walking towards the door.

“How dare you!!!.” Bright yells and picks up the pillow and throws at him her face red with anger. Bayo skillfully doges it and takes the key from the door keyhole.

“What, what are you doing, are you trying to lock me in here, don’t you dare!!!, Oh he dared, he locked me in, I WILL KILL YOU. Oh just forget it Bright this bed is really soft and plushy.” She pats the bed dreamily and soon of enough, she made her trip to Disney forgetting the fact that she’s kidnapped and that from now on she would be living with top 4 bachelors in the country or you can call them ARM ROBBERS


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