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Living In Fear – Episode 7

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 7
Written by Nathaniel Anuma 


After seeing the ocean, the forest behind and the sandy soil within the seashore, Nath realized that he was on island. “Somebody help me!” he shouted for the second time moving towards the ocean.

He entered inside it trying to swim across if he would see a boat or a house but only to realize that the dept of the ocean was as deep as one hundred fit long, thus, making him to drown inside the water.

“Oh.. Oh..
my.. my God. Help me! Help me!” A great wave from the water blew him thereby drowning him completely into the water where he flung his legs hazardily until he was unable to breathe.

Few minutes later, he woke up by the seashore gradually opening his eyes to see a man fishing beside the sea. He sat up, looked around again wondering how he came out from the water.

When the man turned to see him awake, he walked to him with his fishing spare and two fish. He had no cloth on nether did he have a footwear. He was only on short nicker. His beard and hair looked unkept thereby making Nath wonder if there was no babar around.

He also had a slim body typology caused by hunger. Nath observed all that as he finally came closer.
“Who are you?”

“I should be asking you that” the man stood at a spot looking down at him like a total stranger he was still with his fish and fishing spare. “Anyways, i found you by the seashore. The water waves must have brought you out. So, i ask again, who are you and how did you come here?”
Nath stood up instantly.

“My name is Nath. The only thing i can remember is sleeping on my bed and boom, i found myself here”

The man stared at him for a long time. How could what he said be possible? After the long stare, he began to walk out without a single word.

“Hey, talk to me!” Nath followed him. “Who are you and where is this place? I have a mother that needs me now. So tell me how i got here and how to go back to her..”

he kept pestering and following the man into the forest without a single reply from him until they got to a place where there was a small hut. Nath stopped while the man kept moving towards the hut. He saw a sixteen year old boy who came out to welcome the man.

He directed his eyes to other part of the area to see a long seat made from sticks and a burning fire at another angle. Everything seemed to him like a dream, so he closed his eyes wishing to wake up but nothing happened.

He gradually took a step moving towards the house. The sixteen year old boy who then had the fish in his hand looked at him strangely as he moved further.

Before he could say anything, the man came out from the hut and said looking at Nath, “Sit over there” he pointed at the sticks chair.
The boy looked up at him. “Who is he, dad?”
“I don’t know. I found him by the seashore. Go prepar the fish” he concluded and walked to Nath who had already seated on the chair feeling uncomfortable on it.

The man didn’t sit beside him rather stood before him looking at him. Nath also looked up at him…

Nath’s home town was called Omuchi where he actually disappeared from over night. Mrs Ola, his mother became devastated sitting in from of her house with tears in her eyes.

She never blink her eyes for a sleep throughout the previous night waiting and hoping to see Nath. No one was there to console her until she sighted Jesse coming. She wore a trouser that always fitted her more than any other clothe.

She twisted her hand walking slowly because she knew the impression Mrs Ola had about her. Therefore, before she could got close to her, she stood up like an angry lion.

“What are you doing here, grandchild of a witch?”
Hearing that, Jesse began to shed tears. “Ma, i have come to console you. I never knew about my grandmother’s deed. Please, you need to believe me”

“Just leave my compound. I don’t want to see you!” Mrs Ola began to push her out. In the process, Favour also walked in but was pushed out too. “You people should leave my house!” she cried returning back.
Favour and Jesse stared at each other with tears in their eyes.

“I’m sorry for what my grandmother did to you too” Jesse said waiting for Favour to say something but she never did, therefore, she left the place drying her tears. From that day, nobody ever saw her within the area again.

Back to the island, the man standing before Nath said, “Where do you come from?”
“Omuchi” Nath replied.
“Nigeria” they became quiet before Nath added. “Where is this place and who are you?”

The man remained mute, sat down beside him. He glanced at him and said, “My name is Bernard and that’s my son, Andra” he pointed at the sixteen year old boy who was roasting the fish. “We are from Ndiokpo, Nigeria and we have been stucked here for over a year”

Hearing that, Nath became shocked and adjusted away from him with a surprise look..



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