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Living In Fear – Episode 5

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 5
Written by Nathaniel Anuma


A gentle wind blew across the legs of Nath and Favour, grasses rattled at a nearer distant, the sky exposed the brightness of stars thus giving out a magnificent night.

As Favour anticipated to hear from him, so as Nath looked up in the sky as if to count the stars. “Come with me” he said holding Favour by the hand and running towards a mountain that could be found behind all buildings in the locality.

There were rocks, few grasses and the sky well exposed. “Why did you bring me here?”
“I want to show you something”
“Close your eyes”

“No, I’m scared” Favour chuckled. “Trust me” Nath persuaded before she closed her eyes anticipating to know what next. Before she knew it, Nath kissed her thus making her to open her eyes.

She couldn’t believe it, she became speechless until he grabbed her hand saying, “That’s the way i feel about you. I feel like I’m betrothed to you. Your presence makes me feel complete.

To be honest, I’m in love with you, Favour” Favour embraced him tightly as an afterthought without releasing him. “You bring joy to my heart and restored courage to my heart.

Please, promise never to be separated from me” she said on his shoulder.
“I promise never to be apart from you” Nath replied.
They had to spend more time there sitting on rocks and staring into the sky.

For the time they had been together, she noticed that Nath was always enthusiastic about getting money which she saw in his mood presently.

She never wanted him to worry about it, so she said, “Look at the sky. Look at how small the stars are, yet, they are beautiful and give light” she directed her eyes to him.

“No matter how little one has, he should shine like the stars. You must not be up in the sky before you become a star.” “But some people are up in the sky and also stars” Nath began.

“I want to make my mother proud, i want to give you a better life, i want to..”
“Sssshhhh” Favour interrupted him by placing a finger across his lips. “It’s enough. I believe one day, we shall rise from dust to gold”

They became quiet then Nath changed the
“Did Jesse tell you when she went home?”
“No, did she?”
“No, i wonder what her problem is” Nath thought for a while. He stood up, took
Favour’s hand and they began to go out.

Jesse sat silently in front of their house. She became aware that her grandmother was a witch after she told her how and why she knew Favour and tormented her. She could remember her words vividly:


Favour’s mother challenged me as a witch before she died and i must torment her daughter.. If she’s getting on your way, there is always a solution to it..

“What solution was grandma talking about?” Jesse thought. She was gradually influenced by her grandmother thus taking her steps and having the same mindset. “What does Nath see in Favour anyways?

I stayed with him and he never noticed me for once” she thought again and angrily went into the house.

Mrs. Ola, Nath’s mother woke up. She went to Nath’s room but didn’t see him, then believed he had gone to his normal work. On the other hand, Jesse woke up to see her grandmother lying dead in her room.

“Granny? Granny!” she pushed her ferociously but there was no sigh of life in her. She began to cry. However, Favour had gone to make a sale as usual but after a long time without seeing Jesse or Nath, she became worried and went back home to Nath’s residence only to meet his mother in front of the house knitting a clothe.

“Good day, ma” she prostrated slightly bending her knees.
Mrs Ola suspended what she was doing and looked at her from head to toe. She saw her carrying her carton of gala looking worried. “Good day.

Any problem?” “Ma, i came to check on Nath to know why he didn’t come to work”
“I haven’t seen my son since morning. I thought he had gone to work”

“No, ma, he’s not there” “Ewoh!” Mrs Ola stood up to go check again in the house but Jesse barged in. Favour directed her eyes to her instantly but saw her with a disdainful look which indicated that she wasn’t happy with her.

Nevertheless, she said, “Jesse, have you seen..”
“Ehen, nwam,” Mrs Ola interrupted her moving closer to Jesse. She held her hand seriously. “Is my son with you?” Jesse became confuse. “No, he’s the one i came to see”

“Chim oh!” Mrs Ola exclaimed. “He’s not at home since morning!” she began to shout running inside the house. Favour and Jesse looked at each other silently. Already,

Favour’s heart had began to beat faster coz she had a strange feeling about everything. After the long look, she began to go out occasionally looking back and hoping to see Nath. “What’s happening?
Where is he?” she thought.

Jesse had an idea of what that must have happened since her grandmother died the same night Nath got missing, so she hurried back home and began to cry remembering her granny’s words…


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