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Living In Fear – Episode 4

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 4
Written by Bright Daniel

“Nothing, Father” Favour replied her father in the room and resumed dressing the bed to avoid more interrogations from him. The father smiled happily and left the room thanking God for such moment when his daughter seemed normal and happy.

On the other hands, Nath sat at the Varander wearing a short and a singlet. He leaned on the nearest wall with his hands folded.

The thought of Favour and how he felt for her filled his mind. Suddenly, he stood up into the house in a hurry, dressed up and headed to the residence of Denis.

Just reaching there, he met Denis himself coming from the opposite direction. “Good morning, Sir” “Morning, you are..” Denis looked at him thoughtfully. “I use to see you somewhere” “That must be on the road”
“Exactly! Where you sell something”

“Yes, sir”
“So, what brought you here?” “Umm.. i actually brought Favour home last night after i rescued her from whatever she saw that scared her” Denis was pleased to hear that. He looked around, lowered his voice and told him to put her daughter along with the small work he does on the road and he agreed.

Both departed while Nath moved towards the house. As he wanted to climb the broken stairs, he fell down thereby attracting Favour’s attention who came out instantly to see him standing up.

She couldn’t move but stared at him until he also looked up to see her looking more beautiful than he thought regardless how local she appeared. He straightened up. “Hi”
“Hi, sorry for.. for falling” “It’s okay” Nath dusted his buttocks, then both became mute for a while before Favour said, “What are doing here?”

“I guess I’m stupid to be here” Nath replied. “No, that’s not what i mean. I.. i mean good morning” she tried to climbed down the stairs to meet him but stumbled on it and fell down too, though, only to find out that she was in Nath’s hands thus staring at him as she straightened up.

When the stare lingered, they began to smile. “Thank you” Favour glanced at the broken stairs. “I guess one day we shall get a better house”

“We?” Nath moop at her. “Um.. sorry, i mean ‘we,’ as in, my father and
i. We can’t forever be poor. We must be rich some day”

Nath smiled. “I came to see if you are okay” “Yes, i am. Thank you for last night. May i know your name?” “I’m Nath”
“Okay, please, come inside” “No, I’m going to work and I’ll like you to join me. We buy in whole and sell to consumers on the road. It’s actually fun and i know you’ll make a good sale”

“But i don’t have money to start”
“Don’t worry, I’ll start you up with a small amount. From there, you’ll get more” Favour finally got what she wanted, that is, to become closer to her hero. Therefore she accepted the offer after Nath made it known to her that her father was aware of it too.

Days and weeks passed, Favour got along with Nath and Jesse in a friendly way. They had been hard working and associating peacefully until Jesse noticed Nath gradually falling in love with Favour without giving her attention anymore. By the side of the road, she saw both of them laughing and eating gala which they occasionally fed themselves and hit each other’s face with some pieces of it.

Suddenly, Favour carried her goods running after a moving vehicle, an expensive and classic car which splashed her water from head to toe even her goods. So she became sad and returned to Nath as Jesse kept watching them from afar.

Nath carried her goods, kept it on the ground, held her hand and said, “There is no reason to be sad. Such is life, dust and gold. But i want you to know something: without the soil that produces dust, gold wouldn’t have been found. One day we shall ride on such expensive car too, okay” Favour nodded her head trying to clearn herself up after which Nath handed the goods back to her then courageously smiled at her too.

Seeing all that, Jesse became extremely jealous and went home before them. She flung her unfinished goods on the ground and sat down angrily with her hands folded until her grandmother came in. “Jesse, what is your problem?” she asked supporting her weight with a staff but Jesse remained quiet. Therefore she sat beside her.

“I guess your problem is Favour” Jesse looked at her wondering how she knew her name. “How do you know her?” she asked.
The granny groaned. “What an elder sees sitting down even if a child climbs the mountains, he will not see it” “What do you see?” Jesse became not only curious but also enthusiastic..

After Nath and Favour made all their sales, they began to go home. The day had become dark.

They held each other’s hands walking gradually with strong emotional feelings until they reached where to depart. None wanted to leave without the other but that was impossible coz they weren’t married.

Moreover, they had not officially profess their love to each other. Favour hoped he profess as both stood there speechlessly and looking at each other’s eyes…


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