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Living In Fear – Episode 2

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(Dust and Gold)
Episode 2
Written by Nathaniel Anuma 

Jesse averted her eyes from Nath, yet, didn’t say anything regarding his last statement. She dried her wet face with her cloth and stood up.

Nath watched as she dusted her groovy buttocks with two hands making them to vibrate attractively added to the black leggings that made it more big and tempting. She turned to him.

“Get up”
“I said stand on your feet!” she held him by the hand dragging him up forcefully until both faced each other. “Yes, i agree with you.

Life is Dust and Gold but it’s left for you to decide whether to remain as a dust or become a gold. And if you want to become a gold, you have to stand on your feet, carry your goods and work for it” she carried her carton of Gala and left both him and the shade.

Nath became surprise at her words staring as she ran towards a moving vehicle to make a sale. Therefore he reluctantly carried his goods too. Both lived in the same locality including Favour but their residence were farther apart.

After making a sale that day, they began to go home following the same route. The sky had become dark, shorter roads inside the locality had become lonely too and crickets could be heard at every angle as Nath and Jesse walked slowly with their empty cartons.

Suddenly, Favour passed them which attracted Nath’s attention, he stopped and stared at her.
“Hey” Jesse called him in a low tone. “Why are you staring at her?”
“Who’s she?” Nath queried still looking Favour.

“Who doesn’t know her? Her name is Favour. People believe that she’s possess”
“Because she behaves like one. Always shout and ran away from nothing visible”
Nath directed his eyes back to Jesse after Favour went out of sight.

He didn’t know what to do or say but knew how he felt immediately she passed. Therefore he said, “I guess she’s not in any kind of insanity” “Why do you care?”
“What do you mean?”
“Why did you ask?”

“Because of how i feel”
“How do you feel?”
Nath remained quiet then began to walk again without replying her question. Jesse followed her silently until they departed.

Nath entered into his local compound. He was living with only her mother whose body wasn’t strong enough. She had always admired the strength of her son for taking care of her with the little sales he makes each day.

Just as she sat in the living room, Nath entered, flung the carton on the floor, placed his money on the table before him and sat down angrily. The mother knew something was wrong coz he had never behaved in such a way. There was a hurricane lamp on the floor that illuminated the room giving shadows of any object.

“My son, what’s your problem?”
“Tiredness is my problem”
“Then go take a warm bath and rest”
“No, mother, you don’t get it!” Nath sat up and his angry shadow reflected from the lamp. “I’m tired of poverty! I quit school, i don’t eat three square meal in a day not to talk of eating a balance diet. While they are people who..”

“I forbid you to start talking like this at this your age!” the mother rebuked by interrupting him.
“Are you saying I’m not old enough to think of a better life?”

“Your words seem more like a greedy boy which can lead you to do something diabolical or illegal to get money”
The room became quiet. Nath stood up angrily to leave but a voice from outside interrupted him. He glanced at his mother listening very attentively, so he wanted to rush out but the mother said, “Don’t go out there”

“Why?” Nath held the doorknob.
“Who do you think would be shouting except the daughter of Denis?”
“Who are you talking about?”
“Her name is Favour”
Hearing the name, Nath clutched the doorknob instantly because he remembered Jesse telling him about her.

However, Favour saw a dark scary looking woman who approached her, so she sat down by the wall of a building with her legs folded along with her head.
Nath arrived to see her in such situated and position, then gradually tapped her on the arms and she screamed.

“Hey, is okay, it’s me” Nath said.
Favour raised her head. She didn’t see anybody anymore but the handsome boy before her whose hand was stretched for her to grab. She stood up holding the hand, yet looking at every angle. “I saw her”
“You saw who?”

“She normally scares me”
“Who is she?”
“I don’t know”
Both became quiet while Nath gradually released her hand, turned to leave but she said, “I know you think I’m insane but I’m not. I know what i see and.. and..” she paused watching as Nath stood still listening to her.

Though it was night but from her voice he could know how beautiful she was added to what he feels inside.

“I know you are not insane” he replied.
“Then why do you turn your back on me?”
“Coz i want to go”
“Can you take me home, please?”

Nath turned and stretched his hand again. “Let me take you home” he said then Favour held it gently feeling a strange connection between them which increased the rate of her heartbeat…


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