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Living In Fear – Episode 17 [Final]

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(Dust to Gold)
Final Episode (Episode 17)
Written by Nathaniel Anuma 

They sail on the ocean day and night conquering every wave that strucked them before they saw a ship. “Heey! Help us!” they shouted waving their hands.

The captain of the ship turned down the engine wondering who they were. After they entered into the ship, one of the captains interrogated them, then threw them into the bottom of the ship where they couldn’t come out because he didn’t trust them or their stories.

Though he told them where they were sailing to which was Calabar.
Under the ship, Nath and co didn’t mind, they were happy to know that Nigeria was their next destination.

“We made it!” Nath shouted quietly.
“But these people might hand us over to the police” Nelly said.
“Why?” asked Bernard.
“Because they don’t trust us”
“I don’t think..”

“Sssshh” Nath gave them sign to be quiet when he noticed two young men on the next floor above them discussing and poisoning a drinking which would be given to a man on the ship.

At the end of the discussion, they left with the drink while Nath stood up instantly.
“Where do you think you are going?” Bernard asked him.

“To save the man” he replied. “Didn’t you hear they want to poison a man?”
“Is none of your business”

Nath began to look for a way out coz he didn’t buy Bernard’s idea. He broke out of the hiden place running to the passengers section.

He sighted the young men placing the drink before the man then rushed there immediately. “Sir, you don’t have to drink this” he said panting.

The man looked at him. He was very wealthy. By mere looking at him one can testify how wealthy he was. He didn’t know what Nath was saying. “Young man, what’s your problem?” he asked. “The drink is poisoned”

“I overheard them discussing and poisoning it” Nath pointed at the young men. They were already looking suspicious. Just before the wealthy man could ask them, one of them ran away while another brought out a gun but Nath hit it off his hand and everybody began to shout.

There was a serious fight on the ship but the young men were finally apprehended and locked up after confession.

At Calabar Seaport, Frank brought Favour to introduce her to her new Job, and that was the same time Nath’s ship arrived. After a horn blown by the ship, she turned looking at it. She saw people coming out but before Nath came out, Frank called her attention.

“Favour, follow me inside”
“Okay, sir” she entered with him.
Meanwhile inside the ship, the wealthy man met Nath saying, “Young man, you saved my life and i owe you one” he brought out his card. “Have this, call and visit me to show you how grateful i am”

Nath collected it happily. He also received money from him which he gave some to Bernard and Nelly for their trip back to their various hometown.

But before then, they all looked at one another inside the ship.
“I have to tell you something” Nath began. “We are special”
Others became confuse wondering why he said so.

“How?” Bernard asked.
“We were born special. No evil spirit can kill us, that’s why when they tried to, we ended up on the island. My mother told me that”
They smiled.

“I know that already” Nelly said. Just then Andra hugged him. “I’m gonna miss you, Nath”
“I will visit you at Ndiokpo one day” Nath looked at others. “I will visit you all but now i have to go see my mother”

“Farewell” they told him as he ran out of the ship. Before Favour came out, he had already left the Seaport taking the next available bus to his hometown, Omuchi.

Favour went home happily to her uncle. She told him how the manager want to train her first before she start working in sailing ships.

She also told him she wanted to visit Omuchi before the training which he permitted.

As Nath was on his way home, so as Favour who began to miss him again inside the bus. “How i wish to see him at home” she thought.

Nath rushed inside their local compound to see his mother coming out from the kitchen with a big spoon.

“My son!” she flung away the spoon and embraced him praising God. “Where have you been?”

“Is a long story, mother. How about Favour and Jesse?” Nath queried.
Before the mother answered, Favour’s voice came from behind.

He gradually turned. “Favour”
“Nath!” she ran and hugged him shedding tears of joy while Mrs Ola smiled. “I knew you’ll come back to me” she added.

“Yes, I’m back, and i miss you”
“I miss you too” Favour embraced him again.

Nath told his miraculous story. He went back to the wealthy man who employed him in his company.

Favour also became successful on her job before they married. Jesse, whom they had forgiven before time, never missed the wedding even Nelly, Bernard, Elizabeth and Andra.


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