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Living In Fear – Episode 16

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 16
Written by Nathaniel Anuma


The kiss lingered without the knowledge of the teenagers that Mrs Nelly was at the entrance of the forest looking at them. When they broke the kiss, she walked out.

Elizabeth smiled looking at Andra who asked, “What?”
“Actually this is my first kiss” she replied.
“Me too” Andra stood up holding her hand. “Come on, let’s go have some sleep for tomorrow’s journey” Elizabeth stood up and they walked out holding hands together.

As Nath and co set to sail out of the island, so as the manager of Calabar Seaport was on his wey to the residence of Chuks,

Favour’s uncle whom he called after receiving a call from South Africa telling him the document was with him. When hen located the house, he sat in the living room with uncle Chuks. On another chair was Favour too.

“Sorry, I’m Frank, the manager of Calabar Seaport. I thank God you found this paper. It’s very important to me”
“Well, my niece here found it on the road” uncle Chuks began.

“She said after you refused to buy her banana, she sighted the paper falling from you from afar. Before she could get to you, it was already late. So i called a foreign number who then..”

“Yes, he called me” Frank interrupted then turned to Favour. “Young girl, thank you very much. Please, I’m sorry for not buying your banana”
Favour smiled along with her uncle. “No, no problem sir”

Frank brought out a huge amount of money. He stretched it to her. “You can have this”
Favour adjusted away from her seat looking at the money, she shook her head negatively. “No oh, it’s too much. Moreover, i didn’t do it for money”

“It’s just a token”
“No oh”
Frank turned to uncle Chuks who was already longing to have the money. “I guess, you can have it, sir” he said.

Chuks wanted to lean forward but glanced at Favour who frowned at him thus making him to change his mind saying, “I can’t take it since she couldn’t”

“Well, is okay” Frank put back the money into his suitcase. “What if i give her a job at the Seaport?”
“You mean working in a ship?” Favour looked interested sitting up with open eyes.
“Something like that” Frank replied standing up.

“That will be lovely! Thank you sir” Favour knelt down but was pulled up by Frank who asked about her qualification before leaving the house.

Back to the island, they had started their journey following the same direction the helicopter followed.

Nelly, Elizabeth and Andra were on the raft behind while Nath and Bernard remaind on the front one paddling it gently.

There was a rope that joined the first and second rafts together as Andra suggested.
Hours later, they were still in the ocean without encountering any problem.

Their island became invisible thus seeing nothing else but the ocean at all angles. Elizabeth became scared. The mother could see it on her face, so she said, “Be strong, Eliz”

Hearing that, Andra turned from his own angle to see his eyes caught with Elizabeth’s, then smiled.
“What’s funny” she asked aggressively.
“Nothing, no offense” he replied.

“Better” Elizabeth frowned only to see him still staring at her. “Stop it!”
“Stop looking at me!”
“How’s that a crime?!”
“Quiet both of you!” Nelly rebuked them then said to Andra, “Oya, turn to your right.”

Her daughter she said, “You, to your left”
They both did as she said but Elizabeth began to shed tears to the hearing of her mother. “Mum, I’m scared!” she cried while Andra smiled.

“Eliz, be strong. This is a raft you know i can’t come to you otherwise we get drowned” the mother encouraged.

Another hours past and the sun set thus giving room to evening wind which began to blow in the middle of the ocean. No island, mountains or houses were seen.

The wind activated a wave which began to increase gradually.
Bernard turned to see Nelly and others who had their hands tight on the raft and the wind trying to blow up their gowns.

“Be strong all of you! Hold the raft tightly!” he shouted but nobody said anything. Already, Elizabeth’s heart had flew out of her chest. Suddenly, a mighty wave came from behind hitting the raft forcefully to the extent it tumbled the back raft and shaking the front one seriously.

Before they knew it, Elizabeth screamed in the ocean drowning, even Nelly screamed too. Already, the raft had left them behind.
Seeing that, Nath jumped inside swimming back to help them while Bernard began to paddle the rafts back too.

However, Andra had swam to save Elizabeth. He pulled her up to be able to breathe while Nath also saved Nelly.
“Mum!” Elizabeth shouted.

“Is okay!” Andra told her before she realized someone was holding her and looked at him. When Bernard arrived, they all climbed back to their various rafts and positions.

Meanwhile the wave had become calmed.
“Let’s go” Nath told Bernard and they began to paddle again..


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