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Living In Fear – Episode 15

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 15
Written by Nathaniel Anuma



Under the tree at the seashore, Nelly and Bernard continued with the heart to heart conversation but Nelly was still surprise to see him smiling at what she told him.

Therefore, she said, “What is so funny about what i said? Is it a good thing to see those children trying to kiss each other?”
“Umm.. I wouldn’t say it’s a good thing but at the same time, it’s not bad” Bernard looked at her.

“They only tried to express their feelings”
“What feelings?”
“Feelings of love”
Nelly remained quiet, stared into the ocean and thinking of what good it will do to the teenagers if actually they were in love.

She turned to see Bernard staring at her.
“What?” she asked with twisted face. “How did your husband die?” he asked her.
Nelly looked away. “He died while driving”
“He had accident?”

“Yes” she turned to him again. “What of your wife?”
“Death killed her” Bernard replied standing up instantly thus rendering Nelly speechless. He looked down at her and stretched his hand for her. She took the hand then stood up easily.

“Thanks” she said.
“Welcome” Bernard released her hand. “Let’s have some sleep”
“Okay” Nelly followed him after a heavy sigh with smile.

Back to Calabar, Favour had resumed her work of selling on the road. She made more sale than before coz the population there was outrageous.

She could be seen beside an infinity jeep trying to sell off her banana. She wore a black leggings with a bumshort on it. The top on her body stopped at her abdomen.

“How much banana do you want sir?” she said giving the driver chance to come out when she noticed he wanted to.
The driver came out wearing a brown senator with transparent eyeglasses. On his finger was a ring which indicated that he was married.

He had a fair complexion. He was a man in his late 30s. He looked at Favour and the banana, then said, “Sorry dear, i don’t want to buy one”
“But sir, i will give you a discount” Favour persuaded but he ignored her walking to a near by boutique.

She became disappointed, carried her banana and left the place.
A few minutes later, she sighted the man from afar entering into his car. Unfortunately, a paper fell from his pocket before he entered and drove off.


Favour hurried up to let him know about it but it was already too late. She bent down, picked the paper and scanned through it. She didn’t understand anything from it but knew it must be very important..

Two rafts were ready. They were stronger than the initial. Nath and co stared at them at the seashore.

Everything was perfect until Andra spoke up saying, “I guess one thing is missing”
“What?” the father asked then all looked at him.

“I suggeste we tie the two rafts with a rope so that none will leave the other during strong wave”

Nath smiled. “Excellent idea”
“So, when are we sailing?” Nelly asked.
“First thing tomorrow morning i guess” Bernard replied looking at Nath who nodded in agreement.

“We shall get prepared tonight” he said.

In a mansion, the man whom Favour picked his paper began scattering his bag and pockets looking for the paper. He wore only boxers and singlet.

The wife came in to see the room scattered.
“Honey what’s it?”
“An important document that was sent to me from South Africa Seaport regarding the seaport here in Calabar has gone missing!”
“Calm down” the wife looked around.

“As the manager of the seaport here, that document needs to be with me until it is needed otherwise I’m finished!” the man rubbed his hands on his head hazardously.

On the other hand, Favour met his uncle in the sitting room and presented the paper to him. He scanned through it then looked up at Favour.
“Where did you get this?”

“It fell off from man that refused to buy my banana. Before i could get to him, he drove off”

The uncle looked at the paper again. “This is very important. It’s from South Africa Seaport”
Favour peeped at the paper twisting her fingers. “I think there is a number to call there” “Yes, but not a Nigerian number” the uncle brought out his cell phone to call the line..

On the island, all were prepared to leave the next morning. Andra and Elizabeth sat on one of the rafts which was at the seashore. Their eyes were fixed on the ocean.

“I believe we will make it home tomorrow or next” Andra broke the silence.
“Yes, but I’m scared” Elizabeth looked at him while he gently held her hands.
“Nothing will happen to us.

Trust me. If at all i see you drowning in the ocean, I’ll talk to her to leave you and drown me”
Elizabeth giggled. “But why would the ocean listen to you?”

“Because she’s a friend of mine” Andra chuckled along with her.
“But why would you make such decision?” Elizabeth was still inquisitive.

“Because you are precious to me” Andra placed her hand on his chest. “Because my heart beat for you, because i love you” he gently kissed her which she reciprocated..



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