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Living In Fear – Episode 14

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 14
Written by Nathaniel Anuma


Same night on the island, As Andra and Elizabeth smiled at each other through the flame of the fire, the sound of an helicopter came from the sky thus making them to look up. Bernard and Nath rushed out of the hut including Nelly.

They didn’t get a clear view of it then all ran out to the seashore where they saw the helicopter flying and blinking red light. “Hey! Help us! Help us!” they shouted, jumped and waved their hands but it never stopped.

Nath turned to others, “This is a good sign that we are almost at home”
“Which home?” Nelly asked.
“I don’t know but wherever they are people and houses without the ocean surrounding them is a home”


“That’s not the definition of home as i was taught in school” Elizabeth inferred then Nath turned to her.
“I know my dear, but in this case, it is the correct definition of home”

They all remained quiet looking at one another. Yes, they might be close to wherever they called home but how would they get there? That was the reason of the tranquility.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Bernard.
“We have but only one option. I know you guys are against it but it worth leaving this place with” Nath replied.
“What option?”

Nath first looked at them all, sighed lightly, lowered his voice and said, “The raft” “Oh, no no..”
“Wait, listen to me first!” he interrupted swiftly with an increase in voice. “We all saw the direction the helicopter took, we gonna follow the same direction.

About strong waves, we only need to build the raft strong to withstand the waves. Most importantly, they have to be two rafts coz one can’t carry us all. So please, you need to join me and let’s get out of here as soon as possible” Nath paused breathing heavily and looking at them all.

The night wind of the ocean blew the gown of the women as they stood quietly and thinking critically. The sound of waves of the ocean that splashed at the seashore became loud and clear in the tranquility too.

Bernard walked to Nath, placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “I’m sorry for discouraging you before.
I’m with you now”
Nath couldn’t explain the excitement he felt in his heart. Without a word, he embraced him while others smiled.


“And we are with you too” they stepped forward joining hands together.
“Together, we must leave this island” Nath said.
“Yes!” they shouted at the same time and withdrew their hands instantly.

All were up and doing on the island both male and female building the rafts. Andra and Elizabeth could be seen in the forest gathering big and light dried woods that can float on water.

They walked simultaneously having almost the same height but Andra was a bit taller. He turned to see his eyes caught with hers.
“What?” Elizabeth asked immediately.

“What what?” Andra returned the question.
“I don’t like the way you look at me. It makes me uncomfortable” she looked away hiding her smiling face.

“Do you listen to your heart sometimes?” Andra stopped at a wood he suspected to be useful.
Elizabeth stopped too. “What can my heart tell me?”

“Someone told me that the heart tells you when you are in love”
Hearing that, Elizabeth became mute staring at him and feeling her heartbeat. She knew that she had been having feelings for him but never expected to hear what he said. Just as she stared, a grasshopper perched

on her hair. With the fear, she began to shout trying to hit it off but couldn’t.
“Wait!” Andra rushed her. Before he got close to her, she had already fell down.

Dramatically, he also stumbled and fell on her in a way their faces came in a very close range. Meanwhile, the grasshopper had flew away.

The two lovers stared into each other’s eyes feeling and hearing their heartbeat. Andra brought his face closer along with hers trying to kiss each other but Nelly who had been monitoring and hearing their conversation coughed thereby preventing them from kissing.

Andra rushed up. “Umm.. good night, no, sorry, good morning. Umm.. Sorry, i mean good day, Mrs Nelly”
Elizabeth also rushed up standing beside him. “Mum! I mean mum? Good afternoon” she looked at Andra whispering into his ear. “Is it afternoon already?”

“How would i know? We don’t have clock” he whispered back, then both waited for Nelly’s response. She had a roll of grass rope in her hand which was her own work. She looked at the teenagers and said, “The heart doesn’t have mouth, so i don’t think it talks” she left the forest.

Andra and Elizabeth became confused and glanced at each other.

Nelly met Bernard under the coconut tree at the seashore and sat beside him.
“Hi” Bernard glanced at her. “You look worried”
“I caught our children, sorry, i mean your boy and my girl trying to kiss each other” Nelly replied while Bernard smiled to her surprise..


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