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Living In Fear – Episode 11

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(Dust to Gold)
Episode 11
Written by Nathaniel Anuma


In the middle of the sea where Nath and co were looking at the mighty wave coming like a high mountain, the cloth set high at the middle of the raft as a wind-vane began to fly opposite the direction of the wave which was coming beside them.

Though it was dark but they could see everything clearly.
“I guess this is how we gonna perish” Bernard said then turned to his son. “Be strong, Andra” he concluded.

Instantly, the wave hit on them thus making them to fall from the raft into the dark ocean except Andra who held the stick at the middle of the raft strongly thereby floating along with the mighty wave. “Dad! Dad!” he shouted. Some parts of the raft had loosen and broke apart.

“Andra!” came the voice of his father from a far distance but another wave stronger than initial pushed him into the ocean and drove Andra to a more far distance.

However, Nath, who wanted to get drowned came out to the top of the water and shouted, “Andra!” He didn’t hear a reply but after another shout of the name, Bernard’s voice came from another distance. Already, the ocean had become calmed

“Nath!” Bernard shouted
“Bernard!” Nath returned it, both swam to the direction of their voices until they met each other not only in the darkness but also in the middle of the ocean.
“Where is my son?”
“I don’t know!”

“Oh, God” Bernard looked around. “Andra! Andra!” he shouted severally but didn’t hear a voice even when Nath helped in shouting his name. He sighted three large woods floating on the water and swam towards them followed by Bernard until they got there.

Luckily, broken ropes were at the end of each wood, so they tied them together and climbed on it. That saved them from being totally immersed in the ocean.
Bernard glared. “You have seen what you caused! I told you never to build this raft!”
“But we had to take the risk to be free” Nath responded.

“A risk that almost got us killed? A risk that has taken my son?!”
“I believe Andra is not dead!”
“Then provide him, you idiot!” Bernard shrieked panting bitterly while Nath remained calm breathing heavily. The echo of their voices circulated the ocean thus attracting sharks.

Bernard glared at Nath again. “I swear, if anything happens to my son..”
“Ssshh” Nath signaled him to be quiet coz he felt the presence of sharks coming. They looked at a distance to see the upper fin of one coming gradually thereby making them to be very quiet.

Only the minor waves of the ocean were heard coming in contact with the woods until the shark passed. They heaved a sign of relieve.

On the other hand, Andra had repaired the remaining parts of the raft standing on it. The distance between him and his father was farther apart to the extent none could hear each other. He wept bitterly after shouting their names and heard no response, then thought they were dead.

He looked around the dark ocean to see nothing but the ocean. “It seems like the whole world has been covered with water” he thought but remembered his Geography teacher who once taught them that the seventy percent of the earth is made up of water.

That gave him hope. Suddenly, thunder struck which was an indication of rainfall. Andra looked up. “Oh, not again” The rain began to fall thereby generating more powerful waves.

The next morning, Andra found himself lying by the seashore. The wave must have carried him out of the ocean. But where exactly was he? He managed to open his eyes faintly seeing the morning sunlight.

He rolled his eyes ball to see a coconut tree and small bush. “Am i back to the island where i came from?
Where am i?” he thought standing up and having full view of the place only to realize that he was on another island of the ocean. Suddenly, a young beautiful black teenage girl almost his age came out from the forest.

She wore a bogus yellow gown that flew towards the direction of the morning wind. As they stared at each other, another woman came standing beside the girl. She was old enough to be his mother having long natural hair. Andra pace to them looking wet and sandy.

“Who are you and where am i?” he asked.
“We should be asking you that” the woman answered.
Andra ignored them, turned his head to the ocean hoping to see his father and Nath but saw nobody. He turned to the women again. “I’m Andra Bernard.

We left an island where we have spent months hoping to get out”
“We?” the woman asked while the young teenage girl stared at him.
“Yes, we, my father and.. and.. my brother, Nath”
“Where are they?”

“The wave took them last night”
“You mean you spent the night in the middle of the ocean?” the young girl asked then Andra nodded his head looking at her without letting himself carried away by her beauty.

“Who are you and how did you get here?” he asked.
“I’m Nelly. I and my daughter have been here months too”
“How did you get here?”
“We don’t know” Nelly replied while Andra became surprise..


To Be Continued…

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