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Learning A Skill VS Mastery | Stewart Ezekiel Jr.

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Learning A Skill VS Mastery

✍️ Stewart Ezekiel

Dear Sir/Madam,

I know you are excited about the new skill that you are learning or you have learnt. I know you are already fantasizing about how you will use that skill to make more money than Otedola.

But I also have a simple question for you: will you be consistent and patient enough to attain MASTERY?

The fact that you have passion for fashion design and then you attended a fashion design training does not automatically make you a MASTER?

The fact that you have passion for graphics design or shoe making and then you attended a training does not necessarily mean that you now a MASTER?

The fact that you were issued a certificate for what you learnt and then you snap it and post on Facebook, does not mean that you are a MASTER?

Yes, you have been to catering school, you have passion for cooking, you love to cook, you can cook for Africa. Sister calm down, who and who has eaten your food?
Now you are talking about changing the narratives.

How can you change narrative when you don’t even know much about the existing narratives?
How can you change a rule, that you don’t understand?

That successful man or woman that you are looking at has invested so many years to become what you are admiring today. It didn’t happen over night.

Yes, you will learn a skill or you have learnt a skill, you have started doing one or two, that’s good, congrats. The first step is the hardest.

But you must keep improving.
When you fall, stand up, learn from it and continue.
Feed your passion consistently.
Improve on that skill intentionally.

Study the big players in that space(how they started, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them)
Take feedbacks (sweet or bitter) seriously. Be creative and innovative.

Adopt modern technologies and models
Establish partnerships for progress.
Commit to it.

Invest in it. Sacrifice for it.
Practice with self-discipline.

Leverage on the experience of genuine mentors/teachers and even competitors.
Diligently study and understand the business part of the skill you are learning or have learnt.

Agressively and shamelessly learn how to sell.

Be humble and manage your finances judiciously.

Pray like you don’t have a brain and use your brain like you don’t pray.

MASTERY is key. MASTERY is a stuff for kingdom lovers. It is heavenly.
You have to be resilient and patient with your growth process.

You have to amass experience.
Don’t confuse your Making-Process with RESULTS, else you will find yourself dancing Galala inside

  • Mastery attracts dominance.
  • Mastery activates influence.
  • Mastery improves value creation.
  • Mastery brings more money.
  • Mastery guarantees productive mentorship.
  • Mastery helps to build legacy.
  • Mastery keeps ready for most opportunities when they appear.
  • Mastery helps change some rules.
  • Mastery enables creation of platforms.
  • Mastery is expensive, mediocrity is destructive.
  • Mastery brings honor, mediocrity brings shame.

The Bible says: Despise not the days of humble beginnings.

But the Bible did not say you should get stuck in your humble beginning.

You have to improve with God’s speed.
Keep building more capacity.
I’ve said so much already.

Thank You For Reading…🙌

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