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Korean god – Episode 9

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The Korean god
Chapter 9
Jennifer Owens…….

~ Kim ~
Twas a busy day at the resto today and mom was happy cause there were lots of customers while I on the other hand kept acting sluggish as my thought dart to that demon every passing second.

I just don’t know what to do.
We finally closed and went home.
I showered, ate dinner and went up to my room. I was tired buh not sleepy.


I sat down beside my bed, head rested on the bed as I let all kinds of thoughts flow through.
Why does he has to be a demon? He’s so cute and I’d started crushing .

I’ve never met anyone so cute like him, I wanted him to be my angel buh it turns out to be a threat to humans.

What should I do? Should I just tell the principal? What proof do I have? Oh, Hae Ra is a witness too.
Or should I just leave the school with Hae Ra and Kang? Buh what about the rest, they’re humans and they might be in danger. She needs to be done.

Thoughts kept flowing in and out like some electric current. I was disturbed and I couldn’t sleep.

~ Lee ~
Twas already morning and I knew Lisa and I had to carry on with our plan. What plan? The plan of kidnapping her tch! She’s so clumsy and stupid so it’ll be easy to get her cause she’s so dumb!.

I got outta bed and went to freshen up with a very chilled water, got outta the shower and started preparing for school.


I wore my uniform and came downstairs and Lisa was already dressed too.
“how are we gonna get her to come with us anyway ” I asked Lisa.


” it’s simple, I’ll just act like a newbie in the school and ask her to show me the school garden which will be quiet as a grave yard cause everyone would be in their class rooms then I’ll knock her out and we take her out ” she blurted out smiling.

“dummy, you still have to go through the gate and you think the gate man won’t see you snuggling her outta the school?” I asked Lisa and she paused to think.

“OK then I’ll just ask her to escort me outta the school compound and show me where the bus station is ” she said.
“aiit that’s cool ” I said and she smiled.
“you might wanna have breakfast buh I…. ”
” Lisa no one wanna eat with this srs burden on ground ” I cut her short.


“fine let’s go ” she said and we headed out to school.

~ Kim ~
I didn’t sleep all night now I’m feeling sleepy than ever.
I slowly wore my uniform, staring at my reflection in the mirror.

I was in a pool of thoughts last night but still couldn’t come up with a solution lol.
I can’t help but still think of him as an angel. What if he is possessed? And what if he’s suffering too? What if he needs help? Aiish! This is torture.


Appa! What should I do?
I went downstairs and sluggishly walked to the door.
“no mom, no breakfast and no delivery ” I said and didn’t wait to hear a word before I walked out through the door.

I got on my cycle and rode slowly than ever and after what seemed like years, I reached school.

As I was about entering the school gate with my cycle, I saw a girl running towards me.
“hey, excuse me. Excuse me please ” she said as she ran to me.

She was dressed in a hoodie sweater that had a cap so I really couldn’t see her face properly buh her lips so cute.
She had pretty blonde hair as I could see them popping outta the hoodie cap.

She slowly tried to catch her breathe as she stared at me.
” I need help ” she said.
“with what ”

” can we please move outta the way so people can go inside ” she said cause I was at the gate.
“oh okie ” I said and rolled my bicycle to a corner.

She started glancing around strangely and that was weird.
She brought out an hanky and I didn’t know what she intended to do with that but as she raised her hand up to my face with it, a hand stopped her.

I looked back and twas my angel, I mean the demon.
Woah! My heart skipped a lil.
He came to my front and by now, I could feel my heart in my throat.

“Follow us and there won’t be any problem buh if you try to scream or act smart, I’d burn you to death” he said and his eyes sparked with fire.
I couldn’t take it, my heart was closing, I could feel my legs shaking.

He waved his hand forward as a gesture for me to move and I slowly started moving.
He was behind while the girl was beside me.
What should I do?
Should I scream for help?

What if he burns me to death and disappears before anyone can help.
Oh God please save me.
We stopped at the bus station and waited for the bus.

What the hell are they gon do to me?
Are they gon kill me cause I know their secret? So they’re gonna go as far to kill to hide their secret?


He’s a demon and I made a mistake not exposing him when I had the time.
*If this is my last day on earth, then I should at least get to say goodbye to my mom* I thought as we boarded the bus.





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