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Korean God – Episode 4

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The Korean God


Chapter 4

Jennifer Owens

~ Lee ~

Coming to school was never my thing but my sister won’t just let me be.
Just on the first day of my school, I messed up and almost exposed myself.

I was angry and I could feel the fire building up in me so I ran to the river.
Had I not arrived at the river in time and jumped in, I’d have exposed myself cause the fire was starting to burn.

I didn’t wanna tell Lisa that I almost made a big mistake but she found out anyway.
After I left the river and went home, she asked me why my uniform was soaked and she knew right away.

She didn’t say much, just scolded me and we both went out for groceries.
I was kinda surprised when I saw that girl, the one who fainted when she saw my face.
She’s the only who has seen my face and just looking at her, makes my heart beat.

Today I purposely came late to school cause I wanted everyone to sit first so I can find myself an empty seat.
I don’t know what happened but as I passed by her side, my eyes sparked in fire and she saw it.

I quickly took the seat beside her and rested my head on the desk.
My breathing slowly came out in pants as I tried to calm myself down.

I don’t know what was happening to me but my breath started to become hot and my body started to heat up.
Oh no! Not again! I can’t run to the sea again and miss class again.

Lisa would be upset and I don’t want that.
Jeez! What’s wrong with me?
Just when I thought I couldn’t control it anymore, I felt hands on me and something cold ran down my spine.

My body calmed and my breaths became normal.
My eyes stopped burning with fire.
I raised my head up to see who had touched me and it was that girl and another girl.

Our eyes met but I looked away to the other girl and they both removed their hands from my back.
“The.. The.. ” The girl which fainted when she saw me, stuttered.

“The teacher said you should focus ” the other girl which also touched me said.
Between the both of them, which hand felt like ice?
I looked from one to one, wondering who.
Or maybe it’s none of them.

Maybe I just calmed down by myself.
I let out a sigh and focused on the board.
After having like 3 lectures, the bell rang for lunch.

I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t bother getting up.
I looked by my side and my eyes met with the girl who had fainted the other day.
The fuck she was checking me out.

She quickly looked away and I used that time to check her out.
She’s a brunette with dark brown eyes, she’s skinny, beautiful, small red lips and well pointed nose.

She’s a beauty I must confess but she’s too skinny.
Jeez! Why am I even checking her out?
I quickly looked away as a girl and a boy came over to her.

~ Kim ~

I was checking my angel out but he caught me.
I quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed.
Hae Ra and Kang came over to me and told us to go have lunch together.

My angel doesn’t look like he was gonna go out for lunch and I didn’t wanna go either.
I rather spend my lunch time staring at him.
“Anii ( no) go by yourselves ” I told Kang and Hae Ra.
“boh!” Hae Ra exclaimed.

“why ” Kang asked and I slowly looked at my angel.
They both turned and looked at him then back at me.
“oh! ” they both said in unison.

“if you don’t come with us for lunch, I’ll go to the front and tell everyone you have a crush on him and you think he’s an angel ” Hae Ra threatened and I gasped.

Though the class wasn’t filled cause some already went for lunch but still, it’ll be embarrassing.
“Shua! (fine) I’m coming with you guys ” I told them and she smiled broadly.
They both linked their hands in my arm and pulled me up.

We swayed our heads left and right as we marched out of the class to the cafeteria.
We reached the cafeteria and sat at our normal table which is one of the best table in the cafeteria.

Kang and Hae Ra sat while I went to get our orders.
I came with two trays first, dropped it then went back to get mine.
As I came back, I saw Kang and Hae Ra standing and in front of them was THE STAR.

The Star is a group of four girls that bully people.
They are
S : Sofia
T : Tessa
A : Arie
R : Rein
Sofia is the leader and trust me, they’re not to be messed with.

I walked over to our table and stood beside Kang and Hae Ra.
“what is it ” I asked my friends.
“we want you guys to vacate this table cause it’s ours now ” Sofia said and the three girls nodded.

I scoffed and dropped my food on the table.
“This is our table and we ain’t vacating it, not for anyone” I said sternly.
“Kim, let’s not argue with them, let’s just leave ” Kang whispered to me and Hae Ra nodded in agreement.

There’s no way we’re vacating this table for The Star.
It’s ours and I won’t let them oppress us with this too.

They’ve always bullied us and we do nothing but this alone, they won’t get away with it.
“we want you to leave now and you ” Sofia paused and pointed at Kang.

“you busy moving around with girls cause you’re a coward ” she snarled and before we knew, the cafeteria turned into a laughing cafe.

The students eating laughed and I saw how embarrassed Kang was.
“coward coward coward ” The Star sang as they laughed.

“enough!” I yelled and hit my tiny hand on the table and they stopped.
Gosh! It hurt but I didn’t show any sign of it.
“a coward? And what are you guys? Bullies! You guys have the money and everything but not manners.

Oh! I guess your money couldn’t buy that cause it’s too expensive ” I blurted out and the whole student busted out laughing.
One look from her to them made them stop laughing.

She clenched her fist in anger, sending deadly glares at us.
“guys, let’s eat” I told my friends and we sat down.

They angrily stormed out and I smiled.
OK! I wonder where that courage came from.
I, Kim Sae Ron was able to stand The Star, how wonderful.

The bell rang signaling lunch time was over.
My friends and I rushed our food and almost choked.
We finished and ran to the class.

I plumped down on my seat, trying to catch my breath cause we ran from the cafeteria to class and I’m very skinny so I don’t have that much strength.

I glanced at my angel to see him looking at me but he looked away when I caught him.
WTF! Was he checking me out?

Aiish! No! It’s just a coincidence I guess.
We did some subjects before we closed.
Everyone started going out in duos and trios.

My friends and I left to our locker too cause that’s where all the students go to drop their books.
Hae Ra and Kang’s locket was a bit far from mine and my angel’s own was just beside mine.

I sighted him coming and immediately looked away
I opened my locker only for bunch of dirt to pour out.

There were sachets of snacks, empty cans of drinks and all sorts of dirt.
Who the hell did this?
The students already started laughing and Kang and Hae Ra ran to me.

We heard laughter and claps and we turned to see The Star coming towards us.
They got to where I was and laughed more.

“you dared harass me at the cafeteria and this is what you get for that ” Sofia said.
The nerve of this girl!
“Cajha (let’s go) ” Sofia said and they started to walk away.

“stop ” I said and they turned to look at me.
They were already some distance away from me.
If I let them go without fighting back, I’ll die of shame cause my angel is right here looking at me.

I glanced and saw him staring.
“you! ” I yelled and pointed at The Star.
I got on my heels and started to run towards them to knock them out but it didn’t take Rein a second to wrap her hands around my waist and lift me up.

“omma ” I cried as she held me up, ready to throw me.

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