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Korean God – Episode 2

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The Korean god


Chapter 2

Jennifer Owens

~ Lee ~
I turned to see the girl whose reflection I could see from the mirror.
Her eyes widened to the point of hilarity as she saw me and the next thing I knew, she collapsed on the floor.
Is she dead or what?

I stared at her on the floor and wondered if she was dead or alive.
Dead or not, that’s not my problem.
I told my sister I didn’t wanna come to highschool but she forced me.

I wore my cardigan cap and walked out of the restroom.
I reached the class and my eyes sparked with fire when I saw a girl on my seat.
I stormed towards her and bowed my head to avoid her seeing my face or eyes cause I knew by now, it’s burning.

“this is my seat ” I said lowly.
“sorry, it’s mine and it has always been mine” she replied and I could feel my body burning up.
My breathing slowly came out in pants as the anger build in me.

“I want you to go to highschool so you can find your soulmate, your match ” my sister’s words kept ringing in my head.
She has put so much into this, enrolling me in this school and the last thing I want is to disappoint her.

Though I’ve disappointed her a million times but I should try to make her happy.
Just for her sake.
I closed my eyes and tried calming myself but it wasn’t working.

I knew it! Once it starts, I can’t control it.
I ran out of the class and found myself at the backyard of the school.
I took deep breaths, trying to calm myself but it wasn’t working.

I could feel the heat emanating from my body.
The cardigan I wore got hot like it will burn in secs.
I ran out of the school and headed to the river.

~ Kim ~

“Kim ” I heard my name and felt soft hand on my cheek.
I slowly opened an eye and inspected where I was.

I opened my two eyes when I saw Hae Ra and Kang.
I sat up on my butt and shook my head.
“Sae Ron ah, are you okay? Why did you faint ” Hae Ra asked.

My mind drifted to what made me faint and I remembered.
“I saw an angel ” I said dreamily, picturing his face in my mind.
“an angel ” Hae Ra and kang asked at once and I nodded.

“I can’t even describe him ” I said.
“yeah, an angel in a boy’s restroom ” Kang seethed and I got back my senses.
“what?” I exclaimed.

Hae Ra slowly raised her hand and pointed up.
I looked up and saw the sign for the boy’s restroom and we were at the door.
“Sae Ron, are you sure it isn’t that thing you saw you’re calling angel ” Hae Ra asked.
“what thing ” I asked.

She came closer to me and squatted to my ear level.
“D.. Di…Dick” she whispered.
“Dick! ” I yelled out loud and everyone in the restroom turned to me.

I quickly covered my mouth with my hand and bowed my head in embarrassment.
“Aiish ” I cussed.
“no! It’s not that, I really saw an angel ” I said.

“where ” Kang asked and I pointed to the boy’s restroom.
“did he wear our school uniform ” Hae Ra asked and I nodded.
“then get up, we’d find him ” she said and pulled me up.

Hae Ra is my childhood friend, we’ve always been the best of friends.
Kang is my male friend, he’s the only male I have as friend and he and Hae Ra are the only ones who are not embarrassed by my clumsy act after my mother of course.

“he’s an angel so how would we find him ” I asked as we scurried down the hall way.
We arrived in our class and our eyes wandered everywhere.
There was no one new so we went to other classes.

“aigoo! ” Hae Ra breathed out as we collapsed on the floor.
We panted heavily beside the last stair case.
We’ve checked all the classes but couldn’t find the angel.

We used the stairs and trust me, it was no easy job.
Kang had left to attend his class.
Now my doubts are cleared, he’s indeed an angel.
After attending the remaining class, I got on my bicycle, waved at Kang and Hae Ra then drove off.


I arrived home, alighted and went into our house.
The sweet aroma of French fries filled my nostril and I traced it to the dinning.
I wanted to take one but felt a soft slap at the back of my head.
I turned and saw mom, already dressed for work.

“ah omma! ” I yelled.
“go and freshen up and come help me at the shop ” she said.
“Arasto (I’ve heard )” I said and turned to leave.
I turned back, took some fries and ran up to my room.

“Kim! Your food is on the dinning, meet me at shop ” I heard mom’s voice.
After freshening up, I put on a tank top and a blue jean.
I went downstairs and ate.
I cleared the table after I was done and left for mom’s shop.

She owns a restaurant and my work is to stay outside the resto and shout to passerby to come taste the delicious food in the restaurant.

Yoo Hé and Seul bi are the only workers mom have, plus me of course.
I directed some people to the resto while I gave some the booklet for our resto that also contained our food menu.

I sighted an old woman who was struggling with her food stuffs so I ran to give a helping hand.

She smiled and I took the carton from her.
We turned to leave but I froze when I saw him, the angel.

Omma! Why does this angel keep appearing to me?



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