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Korean god – Episode 14

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The Korean god 🔥
TKg 💋
Chapter 14.
Semi final….. 🌹
Jennifer Owens 🌻 😘


~ Kim ~

Ah! A whole new day! Weekend is out and now the real deal is about to start.
I stared at myself in the mirror once again, palms on my tiny waste as I twirled around in semi circles admiring myself.

My sense of dressing have changed and I’ve applied a lil make up.
I styled my hair too and Imma be early to school today.

No more clumsiness, I’m a goddess, a goddess not to be messed with.
Maybe looking more elegant would please my angel and he might fall in love with me.

PS : his position as my angel has been restored back! Imma help him.
I cat walked downstairs after filling myself with so much confidence.

“don’t even think of it ” I told mom as I walked to the fridge to get milk.
She shouldn’t even try tell me to have breakfast, I mean I’m so happy to meet Lee and I just can’t wait.

Having breakfast would only make me late so no, imma just have milk.
I took my backpack, rolled out my bicycle and took off to school.

I arrived and parked my bicycle in the cycle park then ran to class.
“Kim! ” Hae Ra screamed and came for a hug.

We both walked to our seats and I couldn’t help buh smile.
“he isn’t here yet? ” I asked, looking at Hae Ra and Kang.

They both gave me a “what’s she on about now ” look.
“I mean my angel ” I said lowly in a sweet tone.
Yeah, he’s my angel and I ain’t giving up on him just yet.

He’s so cute! Imagine how our kids would look? Like angels on earth.
Oh damn! his lips alone, just imagine em on mine!

“Kim! ” I heard and snapped outta my fantasies.
“Uh… Yes? ”
“he’s your angel now? Thought you said he’s a devil and we were gon expose him ” Hae Ra asked in a not so happy tone.

I glanced at Kang and he also had that sad expression on his face.
I know this wasn’t what my friends expected of me.


The last minute I was ready to expose him and now I’m all about helping him.
“guys, I’m sorry buh we have to help him ” I said in a convincing tone.

“he’s also human and we can help him know that. If you don’t trust him to be a better human then at least trust me to make a better human out of him ” I said with pleading eyes.

“fine then, we have you to blame if the tables turn against us ” Hae Ra said.
I looked at Kang, waiting for his say on this one.

“I trust you ” he said with a warm smile and that kinda melted my heart.
I’m so lucky to have friends who’d always stand by you in everything.
“thanks guys! ” I said and pulled them in for a group hug.

“wanna explore some of your powers?” Hae Ra asked in a whisper and I poked her cheek gently.
We had so much fun in the weekend that passed and I got to have fun with my powers.

I just couldn’t keep it from them, they’re the only friends I have.
“of course not, no fun time yet till we help! ” I said sternly.

“why isn’t he here yet? ” I asked in a worried tone.
He’s never this late before so why now?
“ugh! ” I sighed and rested my head on my desk.

Fast forward ➡ ➡….

“this is so not happening! ” I seethed yet again.
Hae Ra had her palm on my back, gently patting me to calm down.

School is closed and he didn’t come. How the hell will I help him now? I don’t even know their real house!
Did he decide to kill himself? Did something bad happen to him?
God! I’m gon die here!

“we’ll find a way Kim ” Kang assured and I took a deep breath.
” so what if he didn’t come to school today? There’s still tomorrow ” Hae Ra said and Kang nodded.

I looked my best for him today and he didn’t even show up, what a bad luck I’ve got.
Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any worse, the STAR came in front of us.
What a good way to let out your anger after all.

As they stood in front of us, all their misdeeds came flashing back and trust me, I wish I had some power to strangle them to death.
Well, mine can still work the way I want it.
I focused my anger and frustration on all four of them, wind howling now.

They all looked around, wondering what the hell was happening.
Eyes gazing at them, I began to freeze them up.
I could feel it, the amount of cold I was inflicting on em.

“what the….hell is happening ” Arie stuttered as they began to shiver.
Just as I was about to freeze them to death, I felt Kang and Hae Ra’s grip on my arms.
“let me go ” I said as Kang and Hae Ra both dragged me out.



“I wanna teach them a lesson ” I pouted as they continued to drag me out.
Yes, drag me to my angel.
We got out and they freed me.

“what was that for ” Kang asked.
“Aiish ” I sighed.
“go home, he’ll be in school tomorrow ” Hae Ra assured.

I went to get my bicycle and after so much persuasion, I left school.
I didn’t wanna go home yet so I just rode to a “no destination “.

Not paying attention to where I was going, my eyes popped out making me press on the brake just before I could hit whoever I was about to crush.

The bicycle came to an halt just a centimeter away from the person I was about to hit.
I placed my feet on the ground, face still down, trying to catch my breath.

The person was still there, as if waiting for me to look up at him.
I looked up and I was taken aback by the sight in front of me.
” L.. Lee Min….” I stuttered in a whisper.




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