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Korean god – Episode 13

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The Korean god 💋
TKg 🔥
Chapter 13 🌟
Jennifer Owens 😘


~ Kim ~

Of course I had to tell em what happened.
“so you mean they let you go just like that ” Hae Ra asked again and I rolled my eyes.

“now we are sure of what he is, we’re gon expose him ” Kang said and Hae Ra nodded in agreement.

“eeeeh! I haven’t really thought about that yet ” I said slowly and they both stared at me in dismay.

“why don’t you guys have this talk later, for now I wanna spend time with my daughter ” mom who’s been quiet this whole time, blurted out.
I smiled at Kang and Hae Ra and they both got up to leave.

“bye ” Hae Ra said and I chuckled.
“see you in school on Monday ” Kang added before they slammed the door behind them.
Oh! It’s already weekend and I didn’t even notice.

Today is Saturday I guess.
Phew! Can’t believe I’m home again.
I glanced at mom and she was staring at me with a look I couldn’t understand.
“whah?” I asked with a shrug.

“I really don’t know buh I think there are things you might wanna know about you ” she said and that kinda flicked my curiosity on.

“o… K? I might wanna freshen up first before I listen to the goofy story? ” I replied like a question.
“yeah sure hon” she smiled.
Let’s hear what she has to say.

~ Lisa ~

I let out another sigh and continued tapping my big left toe on the table going tik tok.
It’s already late and Lee is still not home.
Oh! You might be wondering what happened after I saw him on fire.


Well, I left him. Yeah I left his ass there.
I mean who the hell wanna die? Trying to calm him when you’re not the soul mate is same as walking straight to your grave willingly.


He’s gon calm down prolly after destroying everything in sight then come back to his senses and come home.
Just as I thought, the door opened and here he is, the god of fire.

“hey bro” I said sarcastically with a fake grin.
“you’re wearing one of your old clothes I see, you burnt the ones you were wearing ” I said mockingly and he ignored my tantrums and just walked up the stairs like I was invisible.
How annoying.

Well you see, the other house where we kept Kim was our old house.

We moved outta there after the death of our dad.
Bad news for him cause he’s dead but good news for us cause we never wanted him in our lives.

Bad news for him again cause his own son aka the god of fire killed him and good news for us again, cause he’s still dead and he’ll forever remain dead!

Dad had never been there for us even when he was very much alive, we were like burden to him after mom passed away while birthing Lee.

He always abused us and and it was from there Lee even discovered his powers.
He had enough and when he got angry, the impossible which is more possible, happened.

He burnt him to death! Cool story, right?
OK now we have to work on how to make Kim help us.
It seems to me that she doesn’t even know of the powers she possess.

Aiish! This is so fv*king… F*vking.. I don’t even know!
God please help me.

~ Kim ~

I paced back and forth in my room, not even sure if my brain is working right now.
Mom just told me some truth about me and it’s really weird like tf?

When mom pregnancy of me was due date, it felt like she was carrying a whole bucket of ice block inside her, so she said.

Cause of all the weird feelings she got like freezing up sometimes, she and dad decided not to birth me in an hospital cause they knew they’d be lots of strange things.

I remember mom once told me I was birthed in our own house and when I asked her why, she said she just felt like doing it her way and now she finally decided to open up.

Well, mom told me all these in hopes of discovering the real me.
She said she had always known I was no ordinary girl and I think she’s right.
Do I have some connection with ice?


Back in that house where I was kept, I kinda did something with ice before blacking out.
Well let’s see what I can do with it again.
I walked to my bed and slammed down my ass on it.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
Do I now have to act like a magician?
Well, anything that has to do with nature needs deep concentration.
I folded my legs up on the bed with eyes closed and heart open.

I could feel it, everything cold, everywhere cool like I’m inside an ice block itself.
I slowly opened an eye to take a peek and everywhere was kinda blue.

My room felt like a freezer and trust me, it’s sure cool.
Happiness was bubbling inside me cause I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

This only happens in movies like frozen, Elsa and Anna buh it’s real and I’m one! I’m no ordinary girl, mom was right!

“Mom!!” I screamed and ran out to her room.
“what?” she asked just as I got to her room door.

“it’s so cool ” I said with bliss.
“what is cool? ” she asked
“this ” I raised an arm and a gust of wind howled through mom’s window.

I swirled my fingers like those magicians do and the room was now a freezer.
“woo-hoo! ” I screamed in joy and mom and I kept laughing.

“now you know who you are ” mom said and I smiled.
“you always knew this? ” I asked mom and she chuckled.

“no buh I knew you were something “.
“thanks mom ” I told her and hugged her.
“now it’s your choice ” she said and I raised an eyebrow.
What does she mean now?

“it’s your choice to help that boy, you know who you are now and that boy too is something and who knows? You two may have been made for each other ” mom said and the thought of Lee and I being made for each other made shivers run down my spine.

My facial expression immediately turned into a worried one cause Lee wound never accept me or like me.

“buh just know, whatever power nature gifts you with, it’s always for a purpose ” mom said with a motherly smile and I nodded.
“good night ” she said and walked to her bed.

“I must help Lee, that’s the right thing to do. Even if he pushes my away, I’d not give up till I help him be a good human being ” I said to myself and walked out to my room.
I reached my room and plumped down on my bed.

I don’t know how I’m gonna help Lee or if he’s gon let me help him, buh Imma give it a try.






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