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Korean god – Episode 12

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The Korean god ✨
TKg 🌟
Chapter 12 🔥
Jennifer Owens ♥ 😍


~ Lee ~

I was shocked, I just couldn’t do anything with my powers and that’s so fucking strange!
For some secs, I could feel the fire building in me and all I wanted to do was let it all out buh I couldn’t.

Something was suppressing my powers, like a greater power was stopping me buh from where? From who? How? I just don’t understand anything.

Lisa and I locked eyes as the same thought ran through us, causing me goosebumps.
” your soul mate ” Lisa said in a low tone almost as a whisper.

I really can’t believe this, after so many years! I’d almost lost hope.
I felt numb buh happy so I just stood there like a statue.

Buh how? I mean who?
Lisa ran upstairs and I followed her to that clumsy girl’s room.
There she was, unconscious on the cold tiled floor.

The room was so cold and one could see the traces of ice on the table and windows.
“she’s the one ” Lisa mouthed at me and for that moment, my feelings changed and a whole new feeling swept through me almost sweeping me off my feet.

She’s the one? This clumsy thing?
She’s my soul mate? How the hell didn’t I have a sign?

This is just too much, too much for me to handle.
I’ve never been kind to her for once! What if she doesn’t like me? What if she decides not to help me after finding out all these?

Why was she tryna expose me if she knew very well she could help me? Is she a mean ass? These all means she has everything planned.
She knew she could help me buh chose to expose me, how evil.


If she doesn’t help me then Imma just live my life like I’ve been doing.
After all, I’ve been living without a “soul mate ” all my life.

I don’t even like her and someone like her can’t be my soul mate.
I glanced at Lisa before walking out of the room.

~ Kim ~

Slowly, my eyes opened and closed in a form of blinks.
I opened my eyes fully and adjusted to where I was.

I slowly sat up and rubbed my forehead cause it kinda hurts.
Wait a minute! Did I just rub my forehead?
I stretched forth my arms and they weren’t tied!

My legs too were untied and I wonder why.
Have they decided to free me? Oh my! Did I hurt em?

The last thing I remember was me fuming in anger.
Everything felt cold and everywhere was starting to freeze.

The more angrier I got, the more dizzy I felt like it was all too much for me and then I… And then I passed out I guess.
What was all that? It all felt new.

Oh God, I think my brain is about to explode.
I tried pulling myself up buh I weighed more than my usual weight so I sat back down.
I tried again and this time, I raised myself off the floor.

My legs wiggled below me as I managed to get to the door.
I went outta the room and towards the sitting room.

As I got closer, I could hear faint voices buh couldn’t really decipher what they were actually saying.

I reached the sitting room and found myself in front of them, the devil and his sister.
The devil had a blank expression on his face buh his sister smiled at me.

A two sec smile cause it didn’t last a sec before she was back to her normal ” no smiles ” expression.

“you’re awake ” she said and came towards me buh I stopped her with my right palm raised.
“you guys decided to let me go? ” I asked and she looked back at his brother.

“yes buh I want to tell you everything ” she said softly.
“I don’t wanna hear it, just please let me go home to my mom now ”

“buh you have to hear everything so you prolly have a change of mind as to helping my brother ” she blurted out and I raised an eyebrow at her.
Help her brother? Me? How?
“help your brother? How? ” I asked.

“Buh don’t worry, I don’t wanna hear any of it ” I quickly added before she could say anything.
She glanced at her brother and he had the expression of “I was right about her” on his face.

I’d really wanna hear all she has to say and prolly find out the strange feeling I felt a while back buh who cares?
“can I go now? ” I asked again.
“yes buh.. ”
I turned to the door, opened it and walked out not paying attention to her.

I stopped on my track when I realized I was in the middle of nowhere.
I don’t even know my way back so how can I go home?

“you might wanna follow me ” I heard her voice behind me.
She smiled at me and headed out.
I followed her cause I had no other option of course.

“Lisa, my name is Lisa ” she blurted and I rolled my eyes.
Like I asked!
“and how about ya? ” she asked buh I kept silent.

Mins later, we were at the main road and there were passer bys and cars.
I looked her with questionable eyes like ” how the hell do I get home? “.

She stopped a cab and turned to me.
“just tell him where you’re going and he’ll drop you ” she said.

She paid the cab man and opened the backseat for me to get in.
“Kim, my name is Kim Sae Ron ” I told her right before she closed the cab door.

She waved at me as the cab drove off.
I let out a sigh of relief and rested comfortably in the cab.
Oh my poor mom and friends.
I can’t wait to see my mommy.

Fast forward ➡ ➡………..

“ma’am ” I heard faintly with a hand gently tapping my left cheek.

I opened my eyes and in front of me was a man.
My heart jumped for a moment till I realized it was just the cab man.
” we are here ” he told me.

Happiness built up like a morning sun rising and before I knew it, I jumped outta the cab straight to our doorstep.
I flung the door open and ran.

Well, luckily for me, the door wasn’t locked.
” Omma!” I screamed with joy and ran to my mom who was seated on the couch in tears.

Kang and Hae Ra were beside her, consoling her and in the sitting room were cops.
“Kim ah” mom said amidst tears and flung her arms around me.

Her eyes were puffy and red from crying too much and one could see right through her that she hasn’t been herself this last few days.

“Omma mianhae ” I cried in her arms.
Kang and Hae Ra joined in the hug and I couldn’t be more happy.
I wiped mom tears and she hugged me again.

“I’m here now mom, nothing happened to me ” I said and held her tight.
I pulled away from the hug when one of the cops cleared his throat in form of getting our attention.


“mind telling us what happened young lady? ” the cop with pot belly asked.
“nothing sir” I blurted out and they all gazed at me like : ” you must be kidding “.

“I know I just vanished for days without a warning and for that I’m truly sorry buh nothing serious happened I assure you ” I said, trying to convince the cops not to take this issue serious.

“alright then, buh don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything more you have to tell us or you prolly have a change of mind to tell us everything ” the pot bellied cop said and I nodded with a smile.

They walked out and I turned back at mom.
Their gazes were fixed at me, waiting for me to blurt out all my nonentity.
OK so I have lots of talking to do.

~ Lisa ~

After getting Kim a cab, I went back to our old house.
Just at the door step, I could feel the heat emanating from the inside.
Smoke was coming out the window and my heart started pounding hard a bit.

I pushed open the door and gasped at the scene in front of me.
Some parts of the sitting room were already on fire.

At the east side of the sitting room was Lee, in flames.
It’s been years since I saw him like this, not after the incident where he burnt our dad to death.

He’s out of control AGAIN!.
OK! This is the part where I go get Kim back, right?
Yeah yeah, only if I knew where she lives.
Oh God!




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