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Korean god – Episode 10

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The Korean god
Chapter 10
Jennifer Owens

~ Kim ~
As the bus drove off, my heart kept pounding as my ass felt glued to my seat. I couldn’t blink nor move any part of my body.
I sat still like a non living organism.

I felt a hard grip on my arm and was pulled up from my seat.
It was him, he held me outta the bus and we headed to “I don’t know ofc”.

” Is this the part where we have to blind fold her? ” he asked, sarcasm visible in his tone.
“you just thought of that now? And you think she won’t trace this place back after we release her? ” the girl replied.


My heart beamed with joy a lil when I heard the word “release “.
So they gon release me? They’re not gon kill me? OMG. At least there’s hope for me now. Phew!

“release her? Where tf did that word “release” come in? Like she’s even gon see another brand new day ” he said sternly and my heart hooked!

Yeah it stopped, I’m definitely sure my heart stopped beating buh why I’m still alive? I don’t know.
Is he really this mean? Looks can really be deceiving.

He be looking so cute like an angel buh deep inside where no one sees, he’s the devil himself.
We stopped in front of a house that looks abandoned and yeah, it is abandoned cause everywhere looked so dirty with dry leaves.

I paused for a second as I took in the surrounding.
My eyes slowly popped out, out, out and widened when I realize we were in a forest.
Have I really not been paying attention to where we were going? I didn’t even know when we got here.

” move!” he said and I went into the house.
The girl my instincts tells me to be his sister flicked a switch and there was light in the house.

“our old house ” the girl said with a sigh.
“what do we do with her cause I sure as hell don’t wanna be in here any second longer ” he pouted and the sister nodded.

Oh! He was serious this time, thought he was just pouting .
“do I burn her to death and throw her ashes in the river or do I just stake her right through the heart and leave her to rot in here ” he asked and I gasped.

They both glanced at me when I gasped then looked back at each other.
He sure does know brutal ways to kill.
OK I give up! He’s not an angel, he can never be an angel and I’ll stop crushing on him! He can go rot in hell!

~ Hae Ra ~
Kang and I sighed for the umpteenth time as it was already getting dark and there was still no sign of Kim buh her bicycle is here outside the gate which means she was here.

Then where the hell did she go to? I’m really worried now. God.
Kang and I glanced at each other and my vision got blurry for secs cause tears were already forming in my eyes.

” Drama” Kang said sarcastically and I smiled as tears rolled down my eyes.
I really don’t know buh I tend to overreact to minor issues and now, I’m one step away from getting an heart attack.

Kim is crazy, clumsy and stupid whatever you can call her buh she wouldn’t leave without giving us a message or anything.
“let’s go to her house to go check ” Kang suggested and I nodded.

It’s already late and Kim’s mom must be very worried and as it is, it’s already closing time for the resto.
I got on the back of the bicycle and Kang took the main seat and rode off.

We arrived mins later and took a deep breath before we went to the porch.
“we’re not gonna act like she’s missing cause it’ll get her worried and who knows, things might get worse ” I told Kang and he laughed softly.

“what ” I asked with my brows arched.
“look who’s being careful not to get someone worried, the ‘Miss worry’ herself ” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“you’re impossible ” I said and rang the doorbell.
The door flung open and in front of us stood a pale and worried Mrs Park.
Her eyes were red from crying too much and her face pale.

She looked ahead of us and gave a confusing look.
A look that means : ” where’s Kim? “.

“ugh… Mrs park, here’s Kim’s bicycle” I said.
“yeah, we came to drop it on her behalf cause she got detention at school and she’s gon work all night and after that, all the student that got detention are gon sleep in the school dorm for tonight ” Kang added and I blinked rapidly then nodded in agreement.

“oh ” she said with a sigh of relief.
“I thought something bad happened to her, she has never been this late ever” she complained and we nodded with a smile.
“ye” I said and bowed.

“she said to tell you good night ” I said and she smiled.
Kang took in the bicycle and I helped Mrs Park to her room.

“is she fine? Has she eaten? ” she asked as I made her lay on her bed.
“yes don’t worry, Kang and I are going back there to join her ” I said and she smiled.
“thank you ” she said lowly and I nodded.

“I still have to lock the door ” she said and I laughed softly.
How stupid of me.
She got outta bed and walked us out.

We waved at her as she locked the door with a smile.
I almost broke down in tears buh Kang caught me quickly.
“where the hell is she? Is she dead? ” I asked with a rapid heart beat.

“no she’s not, she’ll be alright, we’re gonna find her ” Kang assured as we walked away from her house.


~ Kim ~
I’ve been left standing in this room alone for ages now just cause they wanted to decide what to do with me, PRIVATELY.

The door flung open and there stood the devil himself.
“And we’ve decided what to do with you ” he said sternly like he wasn’t happy with what he was gon do to me.

OMG! is he gon kill me now? Is that the reason for his sad expression? He feels sorry that he has to kill me?
Oh God!



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