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I’m A Virgin – Episode 7

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“Leyla,” I feel graze of his soft lips against my earlobe. His voice lures me away from my daydream.

We’ve been lying on this bed for god knows how long. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve let him make love to me, but I can almost count about five heart shattering orgasms so far. I’m exhausted and now he wants…more?

He laughs when he sees my reluctant reaction, his voice ringing so sweetly in my ears. He kisses my eyelids open and I groan in annoyance.

“It’s almost one pm,” he whispers on my ear and his knuckles trail my cheek while his other hand moves leisurely down the crooks and bumps of my body, leaving tingles of anticipation.

I stretch my limbs and hear my joints cracking everywhere. I wince, my insides feel is as if a hot iron is permanently etched there.

I become acutely aware of my surroundings and what he has said begins to register in my brain.

One pm?
I leap out of the bed so fast that I nearly fall face down on the floor. I hiss at the unexpected pain shooting up in my bones.

I catch Jeremy’s eyebrows darting upwards as he watches me in amusement. His head rest on his hands which are folded behind his head. All I can do is watch his biceps contracting and the smooth muscles on his chest as the silk bed sheets slide down revealing his abdominal muscles.

I swallow instinctively, realizing that I’m standing in the middle of his room, [email protected] and gawking at him. This realization has me darting away from his gaze in search of my jacket which is no way to be found.

“I could watch you fumble all day, Leyla. It’s a great show you’re putting on.” He praises his view. I flush at his remark, instantly draping one of my arms over my br***ts and the other over my crotch area.

“Remember I’ve seen more, don’t cover up now.” He smirks and I think my face is the colour of a tomato.

He’s so impish, his charm is irresistible.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I ask him, moving frantically to one of the doors in his room.

“Come back to bed.” He ignores my question and that smirk is inviting, I almost comply. But, I have to leave. The old woman will wonder where I’m at with her money. My whole mood drops at the thought of going back to her with no money.

Jeremy frowns at my reaction momentarily before that sly smile of his returns.

“I won’t bite,” he says innocently, his mouth pulls into a pout and desire sparks inside me. I throb between my thighs however, an indication that I shouldn’t venture toward that path.

I ignore the protest of the pain I feel and try manoeuvring from his impeccable gaze. He follows me, however, with his intense eyes. That wry smirk of his returning to his face.

He sits up, suddenly, the sheets on him sliding down even more to reveal that s*xy V line. I almost combust at the spot. It’s overwhelming how he can affect me by just his gaze and body.

“Come to bed, please,” he begs and gives me the cutest puppy dog face. His bluish grey eyes brimming large on his face as his lips pouts.

Oh wow. I practically swoon on the spot. He can be devilishly adorable when he wanted to. Somehow I yearned to discover his personality.

I blight myself, there isn’t any time for wishful thinking. Soon or later this affair or whatever it was that we’ve shared, will come to an end. I dread that impending separation.

I know my developing feelings for him were growing and this scared me. I’ve known him only s£xually and I’m certain that to him, it has all been about s*x. I must depart soon before I get disappointed and worse get my heart involved only for it to be broken.

“I have to go,” I tell him.

“What? Go?” He bellows. His scowl makes me jerk at his anger.

“Y-Yes,” I stutter, once again afraid of him.

“Go where? I thought you said you were on your own.” He frowns deeply, the grey of his eyes enveloping the blue. His anger surprises me. At this rate, his hands are fisting on the bed sheets, his muscles taut with tension.

Intimidated and lost for words, I flounder. I’ve slept with this man countless of times and he still manages to shock me. It makes sense since I’ve just known him for a few hours and only s*xually.

“I am by myself,” I look away from him, hating how small my voices sounded.

“But I just have to go,” I say. Obviously he can’t know that the only reason I want to go is to save myself from being hurt.

He is so irresistible–especially how he is licking his lips, at this moment–I don’t trust myself anymore. One minute he can want me and the next he may get tired of me and dump me. I’ve heard it all before and I’ve seen it in movies; the girl always gets hurt in the end.

I need to cover myself. I am so uncomfortable just standing there [email protected]

“Why?” He asks after a while. His tone is hesitant with emotion, as if somehow what I’ve said might’ve hurt him, this makes me look up at him. His tone confuses me; it’s as if he doesn’t want me to go. Can it be possible?

No, don’t over think Leyla, he might want you now but you don’t know how long it will last.

Because right now I want him for as long as I can get him.

Maybe I am just so easy that’s why. I had been easy enough to have let him take my virginity.

Seriously where is my dignity?
But it’s his fault, him and his charm and all that amazing s£xing.

It’s his fault that I had been unable resist him then and now. From the beginning, I was ready to give myself to a stranger. Looking back at it now, I feel so ashamed at myself. I ended up sleeping with him again and again. It had felt right and perfect, I yearned to do it with him over and over. Only him.

“Where are you going to go to?”

“I have a temporal place I share with a generous woman,” I say, stressing the word generous in a tone of disgust.

He catches this and frowns at me, regarding me. He’s silent for a while and I can tell he is in deep thought about something. He rests his chin on his cupped hands which are resting on his folded
knees. His posture makes him look like a petulant boy who is deprived of his toys to play with.

Licking his lips absentmindedly, I have to gasp at the effect it has on me. I desired that contact with him, I couldn’t care less whether my insides hurt.

I’m ready to launch myself at him. He’s too darn good looking. However, given the situation, now is definitely not time to think such thoughts

“So I’m guessing you want your money now?” His question seems like statement and once again I’m reminded at just how I came to know him s£xually in the first place.

“No!” I’m too shocked not to glare. I watch as emotions flicker on his face; outrage, confusion, relief? It happens so quickly before his expression turns hard and brooding, the look he wore when he’d been confronting me about my virginity.

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