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I’m A Virgin – Episode 6

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Surely this is some sort of mistake, last night I had a purpose, a purpose to sleep with him for money, no attachment, no feelings, just s*x. I hadn’t cared what it will look like to other people, I had to do what I had to do and now…

Now I feel appalled at myself as I think about accepting his money. No, I wouldn’t, couldn’t. My feelings were too involved now and if I do accept, it wouldn’t feel right. I wouldn’t feel right.

Just as I’m contemplating this, the door opens to reveal Jeremy. He stops in shock as he sees me standing in the middle of his room. I freeze too, my mouth hanging open, gaping at him.

In the morning light, I can finally see him properly. His hair is a mess, tousled up into a chestnut haze and all I can think of is running my hand through it. His eyes are grey than blue maybe because of his anger from earlier. Right now they show an element of surprise and I watch as his eyes travel greedily down my body.

I grip the sheets tighter against me, suddenly feeling anxious and exposed. His eyes darken a little.

His nose is sharp and straight… perfect and his sculptured lips against his prominent sharp jaw are all I can look at as we both stare at each other. Then thinking of what his lips did last night, I flush.

He’s wearing a T-shirt which clings to his slender and yet muscular body. His abdominal muscles are evident meaning he must be great at the gym.

On his bottom he wears sweat pants which are almost lose on his waist. He looks so perfect, I’m surprised he’s here with me.

“You’re finally up?” He greets me with a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. He knows that I’m gawking and he’s being cocky about it.

In fear of how hoarse my voice will sound, I reply him with a nod.

He c**ks his head to one side as he stares me, that smirk still on his face making my blush reddening even more.

He moves towards me, his eyes darkening even more. Once he’s close, I back away towards the bathroom door. I wince slightly at the unexpected soreness in my groin from all the desire that lurches down there.

His smirk grows, “Are you sore?”

My head snaps at him at his unexpected remark, my mouth gaping at him. He has his all knowing smile.

He continues to stalk me and I back away, trying to avoid the wall because I know I will be trapped. To no avail, my back suddenly pins against that damn wall. Jeremy takes the advantage to grip my hands, pulling me closer to him.

Once we are close in proximity, I can’t control myself. I know how my body reacts to his touch now.

I feel warmth of his breath as his nose touches mine.

Heat washes over me completely as he enfolds me into his arms, leaving my hands to my side. He pushes me up until I’m on my tip toes. Then he plants a sloppy kiss on my mouth.

I know his intentions were just to plant a peck, but as soon as our lips touch; desire courses through me with speed, wrecking all my thoughts into lust. I find my hands traveling to his face, to his jaw to feel the stubble of beard there. One hand caresses his face as the other encamps and fist on his hair. He m0ans on his throat, the sound vibrating in my lips, sending tingles of pleasure.

“God, you kiss good,” he says through my lips.

I feel the sheets slowly loosening off my body as he lifts me up and position me on the wall. I wrap my legs on his waist. Our mouths are still locked together but when he withdraws from my lips reluctantly, I’m panting as if I’ve just done a hundred laps across a field.

His mouth moves to my neck and I groan as he nips and kiss that one spot that makes me feel crazy.

“You smell amazing, Leyla, even in the morning,” He breaths. “I don’t think I can resist, even now.” He says.

His words are so seducing, so s*xy that I can’t even form a thought of what to say back.

He growls as his hands travel to my thighs. He grips my a*s, squeezing tightly to initiate a cry of pleasure out of me. I feel his arousal digging upon my inner thigh.

“Jeremy,” I say and I feel his sharp intake of breathe near my sternum.

“My name sounds s*xy as hell coming from your mouth. Tell me, what exactly are you are doing me Leyla?” Our lips lock again and from then on I lose my train of thought.

I manage to break this kiss and he groans wanting more. Believe me so did I. But there was an issue we needed to address.

One of his hands holds me as the other moves to the apex if my thighs. I gasp when his fingers slides through my slit.

“You’re so w€t already. Do you want me that bad?” He laughs.

I m0an out loud as he rubs slow circles in me. I nearly combust from the force of his hand. I nearly give in.

“Jer-Jeremy, s-stop.” I stutter. The confusion of it all is I didn’t want him to stop.

“I won’t stop.” His voice is strained in my neck. I groan as his hands picks up its pace, rubbing and palming me eventually leading to that need to release.

“Please,” I beg, panting. “W-we need to talk,” I try. I really do but I can feel my body bowing against the wall, my pelvis circling with his hand as the tightening of my inner walls becomes unbearable.

“Let’s talk later, right now I want to see you combust.” As he says this, he slowly inserts one of his finger inside me and starts circling and stroking my inner muscles whilst he palms my cl!t* to increase pressure.

My climax reaches before I expect it to. I scream out his naa me and throw back against the wall. My eyes close tightly as I spiral around and around on his fingers.

When I open my eyes a while later, I find that I’m already on the bed. How I got there? I had no answers, however, Jeremy is beside me; already [email protected] and leaning on one of his elbows as his other hand caressed my cheek.

“You are incredibly beautiful, do you know that?” He whispers as his face closes on me and his lips brush against mine. He looms over me ready to take me. Churning fire explodes like a rocket and this time the difference from yesterday is that I’m prepared. He slowly sinks inside and immediately starts to move.

“Was that your ex earlier?” I finally get the question that I’ve been dreading to ask even though I already know the answer.

I’m lying on my front enjoying the soft trail of Jeremy’s fingers against my spine. He lies beside me, on his side; his head on his hand while leaning on his elbow. His other hand seems to enjoy playing with my spine, his soft fingers leave tingles which sends electricity throughout my body.

I close my eyes and relax.

Once my question is out, his hands stops trailing and freezes in one spot. I open my eyes to gauge his reaction. His eyes cloud, his jaw clenches.

“You heard?” His tone has taken a nosedive; it’s now dripping with cold.

I blush, “I kind of eavesdropped,” I admit.

His lips twitch slightly into a reluctant smile. “Then you must know that she is.” He says indifferently. Sounding a little bit cocky.

I press my lips together, “I’m sorry she cheated,” I whisper.

“Don’t.” He tenses and I can tell that she was a still painful subject to him. “It’s not your fault, anyway it’s the past. I’m done with her.”

I nod, “It’s none of my business, sorry.”

He smiles lightly and caresses my cheek.
After continues where he left off. In that moment I forget; I forget how I just met him, I forget my situation and for that moment as I lay there on his hotel bed, I forget who I am.

He moves to kiss me behind my ear, trailing his lips all the way to the back of my neck making me m0an out of pleasure. One of his hand move to my hip as the other takes one of my br**t and I hear him whisper next to me my ear saying, “Let’s go again.”

—– To be continued…

sooo what do ya think?
I’ve introduced a new character and, what do you think of her? Cassie? and is Jeremy only lusting over her no mutual feeling?.

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