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I’m A Virgin – Episode 30

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Of course his version of a private place is at his hotel, counting that it were the only place near from the park.

We spent an hour there and the next hour with him convincing me to wear one of the expensive cocktail dresses one the staff of the hotel has brought instantly because he had failed to tell me beforehand that he had a charity event to attend to.

So I have now put on the strapless peachy coloured dress that hugs my upper body and from below it leaves floral traces of lace, as if the lace has been cut in spiral pieces and left hanging from waist to below. The spiral piece reveals the front of my legs but also covers the back of them.

It’s very beautiful and Jeremy says it even looks more appealing when I’m in it.

I blush at his comment, giving him a grateful smile. He has scrubbed up well himself.

He has rid of the dark jeans and white t-shirt he’d been wearing earlier and now he’s wearing a black suit, a white linen shirt with a bow. His attire makes him look even more stunning than ever.

“Like what you see?” He has noticed my gawking.

I bite my lower lip as I nod.

He smirks and then holds out black box set, which is leathery looking.

“For you.”

The very words have me reluctant to take the damn box, however, I will my hand to take it from him out of curiosity.

He is appraising my reaction with a look of attentiveness. I tentatively open the leather set and within it, reveals two small shiny diamond-coated earing studs with gold surrounding them, there’s also a matching necklace in the box.

I gasp at the beauty, my head snapping up instantly at him. He smiles shyly at me, his whole countenance is trying to ascertain if my reaction is positive or not.

“You like it?” He asks as he steps closer to me.

I stare back down on the jewellery in my hands, lost for words at the tremendous sparkly gift.

“They are beautiful.”

“Put them on.” He says.

I move to the mirror to put the earrings on, immediately they compliment my attire. Just as I am about put the necklace Jeremy appears behind me.

“Let me do it.” He offers and I hand him the necklace.

I take the wavy curls of my brown hair and hold my hair out in order for him to place the necklace on my neck.

I feel his fingers brushing lightly on the skin of my back and instantly heat radiates from my skin into my bones.

I watch him through the mirror and he is concentrating fully on the task on hand. Once he has locked the necklace together, it drops to my upper chest, fitting perfectly near my collar bone.

I let my hair fall from my hands and I am still aware of Jeremy’s fingers still at my neck. He is tracing his hands to my shoulders as he steps closer so that I feel him from my back.

He is a head taller than I and he dips his head on my neck. I feel his lips brushing on the line of my shoulders all the way to my neck.

I close my eyes for a moment as I relish in these sensations.

His hands then drape around me as he pulls away from my neck resting his chin on the side of my head as he looks at us through the mirror.

“You look absolutely stunning today, not that you never have before.” He compliments me as he begins to sway our bodies side to side as if in a dance.

I smile at him through the mirror, catching his eye. “Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself.”

He kisses the side of my head as he breathes in a chuckle. I watch him closing his eyes and I do the same enjoying the moment.

However it isn’t moments later when he reluctantly breaks away.

“Come. Let’s go before I decide to bail the party.”

“It’s a party?”

“Yes, a fundraising charity party which my Publicist demands I attend.”
“Oh.” My eyebrows pique.

He takes my hand and begins to drag us out of his pent suite hotel room and onto the elevator.

The minute Hails stops the car at a building, I’ve managed to spot about hundred expensive looking cars.

We stop right in front of the press that consist of about twenty people because according to Jeremy this is a private charity event. As Jeremy helps me get out, the flash of cameras immediately commences.

There’s a red carpet that leads to the interior of the building and we follow the carpet only pausing now and then when Jeremy is asked a question.

I try to disentangle myself from his side but his persistent hand holds me tightly keeping me by his side.

“Lawson, over here!” One of the paparazzi demands.

A flash of cameras follow our trail as Jeremy leads us to the pap that called us.

“Who is the lady with you?” One asks.

“What happened to the other one?” Another asks.

Others just demands him to position right and left so they can get better view of him from their camera angle. He obviously ignores them.

“Jeremy, tell us about the leading role of you opening up a development in Tokyo?” The pap who had called us asks him and he is the one that Jeremy acknowledges and answers.

He explains his plans to them, talking passionately of his ambition of developing the next technology but not revealing too much of what it is.

“And this lovely lady, right here with me is, Leyla Levy.” He announces and then he bids them adieu, stopping one last time for a few photographs before entering us into the building.

The interior of the building is prominently bright. Jeremy leads us to the reception where he signs off his name, adding my name to the guest list and after we follow the path to the huge hall.

Inside the hall, the lights are lightly dimed and I spot about three crystal chandeliers up at the ceiling which is also consists of party decorations as well as a huge banner that tells us of the charity.

It’s packed with rich looking people; ladies and gentlemen all dressed in different suits and cocktail dresses.

From each side of the hall are the food and drinks and tables and chairs as well as a line of waiters and waitresses ready to serve.

It’s been a minute since I’d stepped into this hall and already I feel intimidated by the wealth of it. Not to mention the fact that I’m stepping into a different territory that is way beyond my control and level of expertise.

“Jerry? Wow I didn’t think you’d come man.” A man, out of nowhere, suddenly greets Jeremy.

He has a navy blue suit on which reflects his pale blue eyes and his blond hair is floppy against his chiselled face. I detect that he is good looking but his features are nothing against Jeremy.

“Jack, long time-no-see.” Jeremy flashes him a smile and they give each other a manly hug.

Afterwards Jack casts his eyes towards me, “And who is this sweet looking lady?” He smirks at me, eyeing me up and instantly I shift closer to Jeremy.

They both laugh at my reaction, “Leyla this Jack Herald, my long-time friend since college and rivalry in crime, Jack this Leyla Levy, my girlfriend.”

Rivalry in crime? I question, does he mean business? So this guy must be as rich as him. I wonder which corporation he owns.

“Girlfriend? Really? Since when did you decide to start dating?” Jack asks him obviously intrigued by this. It’s obvious from his comments that he must know about the escort business.

“Since, I came back to my senses.” Jeremy smiles snidely.

“Wow, I’d never thought I’d live to see this day. Jeremy Lawson finally dating,” he seems genuinely surprised.

Then he turns to me taking my hand, “You, Leyla Levy, must be one special girl,” he bows slightly as he kisses my hand.

I don’t why I blush at this.

“She is and you can stop fondling with her now.” Jeremy cuts him off pulling me closer to him.

This reaction does not go unnoticed by Jack because he flashes us his most amused grin.
“So what happened to Cassie, I heard the breaking news about her and you know who?” Jack asks.

“You know what happened, we broke off the arrangement.” Jeremy’s tone goes nosedive.

Jack shakes his head, “Your love life is a mess man, but I’m glad to see you with someone and for real this time.”

“My love life is a mess?” Jeremy is shocked. “So I’m guessing Nicole is still tapping your pants?”

Jack laughs it off but I can see that he’s blushing. “I am still with Nicole if that’s what you are asking and we broke the arrangement long time ago, she’s my girlfriend now.”

So they both been digging this whole escort arrangement?
“I guess I’m not the only one who has turned on the bright-side,” Jeremy smirks at him. “Where is she? This I have to witness.”

Jack takes out a glass of champagne when a waiter passes by with a plate of them.

“She’s somewhere in the room.” Jack takes a sip on his glass.

“I don’t think she wants to see you though. You know her and Cassie are best friends.”

Jeremy frowns at this, “Why wouldn’t she want to see me, Cassie is the one who cheated.”

“You know how women are, they stick to themselves no matter,” Jack shakes his head, “No offense Leyla,” he adds.

“Non-taken,” I whisper in reply. Really though I knew exactly what he meant.

Jeremy is still frowning as he grabs a glass of sparkly red champagne.

“You’re not going to get a drink Leyla?” Jack asks.

“No thanks.” I answer him. Obviously I’m under-aged to be drinking alcoholic drinks, but he doesn’t know that.

Jeremy pulls me to him from behind and instantly I feel his lips brushing near my ear, “I just asked the waiter for a non-alcoholic beverage, he’ll be to serving you for the whole evening.” He tells me.

I smile at this thoughtfulness, and I turn my head slightly so I can give him a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you.” I stare up at his eyes.

He has a mischievous look about his eye. “You’re welcome.”
Suddenly an announcer pops on a small stage furthest from the hall. It’s a woman.

“Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to the Leading Children Charity. Please enjoy this party, drinks and food will be available throughout. Thank you all for your generous contributions. We hope to reach every child with the money you’ve raised tonight.” She finishes her speech.

That’s when the curtains behind her open to reveal a band. They immediately begin to play.

Already a few people begin a throng of dance in the middle of the hall.

“Miss Levy, your drink,” the waiter offers me a nicely mixed exotic cocktail drink.

“Thank you.” I tell him just as he bows his head slightly and makes leave.
Jeremy and Jack are chatting briefly, catching up and I watch them with fascination. The music is a bit loud for me to make out their conversation but to them they can hear each other.

“There you are!” A woman’s voice shouts near my ear. I turn around to see a gauntly beautiful woman dressed in a blue floral dress that reaches up to her knees. She has blonde hair and green eyes which stare up at the men beside me in a disapproving manner, disapproving because they haven’t yet acknowledged her presence.

“Jack!” She waves her arms until she catches his attention.

His whole face lightens up as he sees her.

“Nicole!” Immediately he moves towards her, and gives her a peck in her cheek.
This somehow deflates her earlier disapprobation and annoyance as she blushes and smiles lightly at him.

She turns her attention to Jeremy and instantly she narrows her eyes.

“Lawson what are you doing here?” She says over the music.

He goes closer to her and I’m aware that he’s pulling my hand in the process.

“I am one of the sponsors remember!”

“I didn’t think you’d come,” she forces a smile.

“But I have.” Jeremy pulls me to his side.

“And I see you’ve brought someone.”

That’s when Jack pipes, “Leyla I’d like you to meet my girlfriend Nicole. Nicole this is Jeremy’s girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” She turns her attention to me, and begins regarding me with shrewd eyes.

“Yes, my girlfriend,” Jeremy adds.

“It’s nice to meet you Nicole,” I speak as I hold my hand out.

Of course her loyalty to Cassie has her looking at my hand as if it were some sort of snake ready to strike her.

I think Jack whispers something to her as he pulls her closer and she forces her hand to shake mines.

“Nice to meet a girlfriend of Jeremy,” she stresses the word girlfriend out as if its term along with Jeremy’s name were alien to her tongue.

Jack is now talking to another man near him and she turns her attention to his conversation.

Jeremy pulls me to him and he whispers to me, “Don’t be intimidated by her, she’s nothing. She just hates me because of Cassie.”

I nod at him in understanding.

“Do you want to dance?” He asks and he nibbles my earlobe. Instantly fire burns inside me from the contact.

“Sure.” I reply him and I let him pull me into the dance floor.

Once we get there the music shifts to a slowly tone.

I lock my arms around Jeremy’s neck and he locks his around my waist and pulls me closer. We waltz to a song sang by lead singer of the band describing the lamentations of his love.

Jeremy’s blue grey eyes are darker against the dim light and our close proximity has the atmosphere between us shifting to a more intense and desirous territory.

“I love this song.” He says and he deliberately licks his lips.

My breathe hitches as my eyes dart to his lips.

I bite my lip in order to control these hormones that spiralling around my body, igniting my blood in anticipation. Now is definitely not the time to feel this need for him.

“Don’t do that,” he whispers huskily as he leans down closer to my level.

“Do what?” I ask.
“Bite your lip. It turns me on.”

“Oh.” Somehow I’m already turned on myself.

He moves closer that our nose almost touch.

“I want to kiss you,” he says.

“What’s stopping you?”

He shakes his head, smirking. “I have feeling if I kiss you now I won’t want to stop.” He pulls me closer until my abdomen feels his pressing member.


“Yes. That’s the effect you have on me right now.”

I bite my lip but then I remember his remark so I quickly release my lip.

“I’m contemplating on how to walk out of this party.”

I smile. “And?”

“As much as I want to take you home, I need to talk to a few people here.”

My face falls in disappointment. He catches that.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up for you tonight.” He winks.

My spirits lift up at the thought.

He then pulls me into an embrace, all the while dancing to the rhythm of the song. I feel his lips pressing at my hair and he breathes in.

I press my cheek at his shoulder and I close my eyes inhaling deeply as I let this moment of bliss–enhanced by the music–wash over me.

When the instruments play off to an oblivion end and then stops at once, we break away and everyone on the dance floor gives the band applause.

“I’m gonna excuse myself to the bathroom.” I tell Jeremy.

“You are not going in there to do what I think you’ll be doing.”

I blush instantly at his remark, knowing fully well what he is implying.

“Jeremy your imagination fascinates me. I’m just going to pee,” I rebuke him.

He smirks, “Good. Cos only I can give and have your pleasure, remember that. Only me.” He kisses my forehead and then he releases me.

I walk away from him, blushing uncontrollably as I follow the signs to the restrooms.

The fact that my shoes are already slightly killing me shows how I am not used to this.

When I get there I head straight to one of the stalls and pee. Afterwards when I’m washing my hands, I realize how equipped the restroom is. The fact that there’s a sofa right in the middle of the room, shows that the people who designed this know fully well how women need their rest time.

There a few women occupying the bathroom mirrors and they talk animatedly at each.

I take a sit on the sofa, and taking out my strappy heels, I begin massaging my feet. I do this for five minutes and then take another five relaxing and checking myself in the mirror.

When I’m satisfied I leave the restroom.

I’m walking by the corridor admiring the luxury of the place when suddenly I feel strong arms pulling my waist towards a gloomy dark room.

My yelp and my scream gets chocked up somewhere in my throat that the end result is me letting out a muffled animalistic noise.

My senses go hyperaware as adrenalin sparks up in my body preparing for a flight or fight situation. But that’s when a familiar scent of cigarette and body wash hits my noise.

I already know who this person is before I need a voice indication to justify my assumption. The voice simply says,”We need to talk.”
✍️To be continued ✍️

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