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I’m A Virgin – Episode 3

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He moves far away to the edge of the bed and I watch dumbfounded as he runs both his hands through his unruly chestnut brown hair.

I pull myself up into a sitting position leaning my back against the bed wall, my heart still racing wild from the all hormones in my blood. I wrap my arms around my body to cover my exposed self, wishing I can somehow pull the covers over me and hide in shame.

“Are you serious?” He stares sceptically at me.

I nod, afraid to meet his eyes.

He remains silent for a while and I look up gauge his reaction.

“Go. Get out. Now!” He orders, his voice cold and calculated as he scowls at me.

Suddenly It’s as if my world has come crushing down on me like a bucket of ice water. The hope I had before shatters into a million pieces.

“What…No, please,” I stand up, not caring whether I’m half [email protected] or not. I can’t quite fight the tears that are now threatening to overcome me.

“Get the fvck out of my room,” He hasn’t moved from his frozen stance and the look he gives me is of disgust and regret.

“Please, don’t do this; I’m begging you I can’t go back there, please,” I beg.

He cocks his head to another side, giving me his cold smirk that doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I don’t give a fvck. Get out and go find some other fvcker to get your filthy hands to and fill them with your fvcking lies,” He says cold.

All the hairs in my body stand as a cold shiver runs through my body.

“I’m not lying,” my voice is whisper.

That’s it, my only Luck. Gone.

But what did I expect? Him to fall at my feet and just love me because I’m a story”>virgin? No, this isn’t like one fairytale dream story. No, this is reality and this reality is just too cold and cruel.

“You are still here?” Suddenly he moves grabbing my hand tightly his nails digging on my skin. His strength is surprising when he pulls me away from his room, grabbing my coat and my corset, shoving me away from the hallway to the front door and out of it.

Before I have time to process any of what’s happening, the door is shut against my face.

When finally the reality of what has happened hits me, I let an involuntarily sob, the tears prickling at my eyes. I can’t believe he has thrown me out… but at the same time I can.

And here I am thinking there’d been something more to that moment we shared, something more to that the passion I felt from his kisses.

No Leyla stop. I tell myself.

I should be glad that he’s thrown me out; it means that I can keep my virginity.

I snort. For that one fleeting moment in the throes of passion, I had wanted him to be the one that took it.

Never in my life have I ever felt like that for anyone and not just anyone but a stranger? And not just a stranger but Jeremy Lawson, my handsome stranger.

My? I had to mentally slap myself. The guy has just kicked me out of his presence and I’m referring him as mine.

He doesn’t belong to me, hell he doesn’t even want me. But I can’t help but to have reacted to the way he kissed me, his touches… even then I was ready to pour my heart and soul to him.

Now what am I going to do?

Yes, reality is truly cold and cruel.

I’ve been so caught up in the shock that Jeremy has thrown me out that I haven’t realised I’m still staring blankly at his closed door, still half [email protected]

I instantly snap back to reality as I take in my surrounding. And quickly before anyone sees, I put on my corset, not bothering to go through the time of tying it. I drape on my coat and step on my black stiletto boots. Then taking one final last look at the door, I turn away.

Wipe away your tears Leyla and move on, I tell myself.

There is no time for crying, the woman needs her money and I have to find a way to get it. I feel cold and disgusted at myself as I think about going back to that dark street where the rest of the girls where.

That means I have to sleep with another stranger and I’m sure as hell that the rest aren’t as handsome and charming as Jeremy. I have no such luck to find someone like him again.

But I haven’t a choice. As I’ve mentioned it before the odds and luck are never in my favour, this precious event has just proved how unlucky I am.

But there’s no time for self-pitying, no I have to get rid of these thoughts and feelings for Jeremy Lawson, he is the past now. I’m almost lucky to have had that opportunity to know him and almost s£xually.

I press the button for the elevator and then I wait, folding my hands around my body. I have no clue where I will go after this. I can’t bear going back to that woman’s apartment.

I know the minute I’ll step into her apartment she is going to scold me about her money and right now I feel so low that her scolding would surely break me. So no, going back there without at least a cent is out of question.

Steps, Leyla, take steps, I tell myself. Right now you’re waiting for the elevator. After you will get into it, and then you walk out of the hotel and the rest would follow.

It is at these times that I’m glad for conscience.

The elevator pings and opens. A middle aged man in a tailor suit stands alone; he gives me a small smile as I step into the elevator. I give the best smile I could muster at him.

“Going down?” He asks.
I nod.

The music in the elevator is soothing and it distracts me from my wayward thoughts.

As the elevator door closes, so does my heart. Goodbye Jeremy Lawson, I sigh to myself.

Suddenly a hand pops in to stop the door from closing and the elavator obliges and opens.

My heart almost skips a beat at the sight of Jeremy, looking flustered and a bit angry as his grayish blue eyes find my own.

“I’m sorry,” he says to me and then grabbing my hand he pulls me out of the elevator.

I can only watch in surprise and shock as he gives the man on the elevator an
apologetic nod and then grasping my hand warmly he pulls me to his pent suite, once again.

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