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I’m A Virgin – Episode 15

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“I’m looking for a job?”

“Really.” I can almost trace sarcasm in his voice.

“Yeah.” I mutter to myself.

Suddenly the chair swings to face me.

I gasp… in fact we both gasp.

Because sitting in that plush chair looking almighty as he leans his elbows on the arm of the chair is none but Greta’s man friend who had been in the apartment earlier.

“Well, well, well.” He proceeds to smirk up at me as he regards me, while I stand there with my mouth agape, still reeling from the shock of seeing him.

Suddenly the events of the inappropriate way he touched me earlier springs to mind and this flares up my anger.

“So you’re looking for a job?” He gets up from the chair and moves so that he is half leaning half sitting on the desk table.

“I…Uh.” It’s one of those moments where I’ve completely ran out of words I can possible say.

Somehow he finds my lack of response amusing to him because he has the most cunningly cold smirk that makes the bones of my body even shiver.

No, I will not seem weak to him, not after what he did.

“So? You’re just gonna stand there and say nothing?” He folds his arms, waiting for my reply.

I frown at him and then I do the most irrational thing… and trust me, I’m acting on instincts.

Because in a few strides I’m standing a breath away from him and as if on its own accord my hand collides with his face… in a harsh slap.

The smack from the contact is the only thing audible in the room. When it dies down, the only thing heard is the shocked gasp hissing from his mouth.

Shît, my hand sting!

But I don’t let that derail my now fierce composure.

At first, shock registers in those cold blue eyes of his before they turn into an murderous glare.

Before I can say anything or move away he grabs my arm and pulls me even closer to him.

“What. Was. That. For?” He spits each word out.

I try to move my hand from his tight grip but he doesn’t budge.

“Let me go!”

He narrows his eyes so that they are in slits as they stare down at me, but then his gaze swiftly trails down towards my lips.

That’s when I start panicking. The feeble attempts to free my hand before now turn to full blown trashing.

“Why did you slap me?” His tone is icy, not to be messed with.

Finally with one final yank of my hand, I’m able to be freed from his grip. I back away from him but he follows suit.

“For earlier, you had no right!” I manage to match his tone.

The glare printed on his face slowly turn to understanding and with this, the smirk on his face is back.

“I had no right eh?”

“No right!”

He subconsciously rubs the spot on his face where I slapped him. I notice that I left a mark of my fingers on his skin.


But seeing this suddenly makes the sting on my hands throb.

He had to have a hard jaw!

“Last time I checked it was a free country.”

He sneers.

He was really getting on my nerves.

“I will report you!”

“Will you?” He takes a step closer towards me.

“Yes!” I back away immediately.

“What exactly would you report?”

“It’s called sexual harassment!”

“It’s not sexual harassment when one responds positively.” At this rate he has a complete grin on his face and this time it’s an actual genuine grin which reaches his eyes.

It complete changes his cold hard features and it actually makes him look attractive!
Attractive!? I need to get a grip.

Sure he is extremely good looking but personality wise. Nuh-uh.

“I am not responding positively,” I glower at him and that’s when my back hits the door.

He smirks, that famous cold sneer as he closes in my personal space. He is merely inches away from me. I can smell his scent which is a mixture of cigarette and a tint of body wash.

I hold my breath.

“You are, even now you’re responding.” His breath fans across me.

I scowl at him but inside I’m screaming and try to decide whether I should make a break for it.

“You know, I usually don’t tolerate people slapping me, women or not–if you touch me…well, let me spare the gory details.” His voice has turned to somewhat husky.

Don’t let it affect you. Don not let it affect you! I yell at my betraying body.

“But,” he continues, “When you did, ugh. It was sexy as hell!” He half growls, half moans as he takes a strand of my hair and places it back behind my ear.

The skeletal muscles that are pulling my face into a frown begin to falter as he draws in closer but before I can succumb to the overwhelming feeling of his front muscles bugling towards me.

I remind myself that he has kissed Greta today and that I’m supposed to loathe him.

“So am I suddenly supposed to feel special?” The tone of my voice is venomous and I can tell this is not what he expected from me because he draws away instantly as if realizing where he is and what is doing.

When he is at least a meter away from I finally relax and breathe. Before I can get comfortable, I feel cold daggers of his glare pointed at me.

I look up and meet his icy stare.

“You know you act all feisty and controlled when in fact you’re a fragile piece of cõck teasing shįt.” He says this in the harshest way that I’m surprised I’m affected by his words. I’m even more surprise that he can manage to shock me when I have known all along how callous he actually is.

However I’m quick to change whatever shocked expression he has pulled out of me when I retort by saying,

“You don’t know me!”

He smirks coldly, “I know enough.” He turns away so that I’m staring at his back as he heads for his desk.

Ugh! If I hated him before now I fully despised him.

“Oh so the toy boy not only sleeps around but he has a brain that knows.” I say sarcastically. At this point I’m beyond enraged I don’t even care what I say.

He turns to face me with an enraged glare.

“You’re walking on thin ice Leyla, thin ice!”

Before I can react, I’m rooted shocked on the spot.

How does he know my name?

He catches my falter and that cold smirks is back.

“You see, I know.”

“Just because Greta might have filled you in with my name and my status doesn’t make you the all-knowing,” I glare.

“Oh? But I’m just proving my point!”

“You don’t know anything about me, nothing.”

“I know what I need to know.” He glares at me.

I return the glare full on.

“So you think just because you manage a prestigious restaurant you can go around groping people without their consent.”

“Oh but Leyla I don’t just manage it, this is my restaurant and bar! And I don’t go around groping people; no you’re the only exception to that.” He smirks.

I am getting nowhere with him. Why are you even still doing here? It’s not like he’s going to offer you a waitressing job anytime soon. My inner voice decides this moment to get involved.

I’m certainly not taking it, now that I know who owns it. There’s no way I’m going to work for him.

“You’re too fragile Leyla, toughen up a bit! Give me all you got.” I know he’s laughing at me.

“You know what. Fûck you!” I let out that angry curse.

For some reason this makes him smirk even more.

“I will gladly, if you are the one I’ll be f**king.”

“Ugh!” I’ve had enough of his conniving attitude.

I turn to the door, ready to leave but before I can open the door. I’m stopped by firm cold hands griping and pulling at my arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His expression is different. Gone is a cold smirk that seems to be his permanent expression. He is frowning in a concerned look. The concern is alien in his callous personality.

“Far away from you, that’s where.” I yank my hand away from his hold.

“I thought you wanted a job?”

“As if you’re gonna give me one,” I snort. “And what makes you think after that I’ll be willing to work for you.”

His mouth twist in slight amusement and that expression somehow lightens up his features.

Okay I need to stop viewing him as good looking.

Sure, he is attractive in his own cunning way, but I will be confusing myself of how I should act towards him if I view him this way and right now he is in my bad books.

“Well first, yes I was actually thinking of offering you one but now well, you proved you won’t be capable of handling it.” He says this as if he’s talking of something else. Somehow there’s a double meaning in his words. And this results in me shivering.

Foolish body!

“And second,” he continues, “From knowing how jobless you are and in great debt towards Greta. Well, I would say you’re desperate and would take anything that pays even if it means working for me.”

That conniving son of a…ugh!

I hate to admit that he’s right.

My eyes glare up at him in slits and he smirks proudly down at me.

“I can handle anything!” I retort, knowing fully that it’s futile, that I’ve lost in whatever game he is playing.

“Really?” One of his eyebrow reaches for the heavens. “Then can you handle this–”

It happens so quick that even now I’m still processing it. All of a sudden I find my face drawn up toward him by his hands and in that millisecond his lips crush upon mines in a rough but compelling kiss.

My eyes, however, do not close. They stare, wide eyed, at his closed lashes which fan on his cheeks. What’s even more shocking is that I’m so stunned, I haven’t broken away yet.

His lips feel soft against my own a complete contrast to his cold arrogant attitude.

He lets out a muffled groan on his throat as he begins to part my lips with his.

It’s the feel of his tongue meeting mines that pulls me out of my shocked state because just then, I see the face I’ve been trying all day to ignore and avoid. Just then I see Jeremy’s face.

I break away from him immediately before I slap his face but this time it’s not as hard as before.

Damn, my hand is going to really sting tonight!

Before I can I let him react I run for the door, yank it open and run for the exit.

“You start work Monday night, Leyla. I expect you to be here. If not, I know where you live. I’ll drag you here if I have to.” I can almost trace the smirk playing on his face as I hear those words.

That son of bitch kissed me! How dare he? That arrogant asshole! Ugh!

I run down the set of stairs that lead me to the bar part of the restaurant, and I immediately bump into people.

Muttering my apologies, I manage to exit a throng of drunken men who persist on holding me back for “some chat”.

I mean how could he? Why would he? Ugh! I don’t even know his name!

I find myself back at the reservation desk and I catch Hallie’s eye. I don’t how my expression looks like but when she gives a me pitiful, almost guilty look, I can tell it’s not really pretty.

I am so enraged at the same time so hurt; I don’t even care how I look.

My heart is screaming JEREMY! And brain compares that rough kiss to Jeremy’s heart shattering ones.

I have to remind myself, however, that I’m no longer seeing Jeremy and probably will never see him again for that matter. I have to remind myself that even though I’m now stupidly feeling guilty, Jeremy and I are nothing but a one nightstand. Well, excluding the morning after.

But he had wanted you to stay, my heart cries.
Yes he had. But it still doesn’t change things. He would have got tired of me and then proceeded to rid of me, like how he had when he’d thought I lied about my virginity.

Just then, something, rather someone catches my eye at the dining area part of the restaurant.

It’s the chestnut brown messy locks of hair that catches my eye first and when I turn to get a full view, I gasp.

I’m standing behind the line of people waiting to be served, with my mouth agape at what I see, rather, who I see.

It’s him!

Talk about speaking of the devil.

Jeremy is here!

And oh… wait, he’s not alone?

————–To be continued—————

Who is Jeremy with?
Who is the Mystery guy?
Why is he all over Leyla for no reason?.

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