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I’m A Virgin – Episode 10

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What will you do for money? Go back to square one?

I shudder at the thought, there is no way, absolutely no way I will go back to those parts of the streets again. No matter how desperate I get.

So accept his help!

He knows that I’m faltering and he takes this advantage, “Five hundred is nothing to me, Leyla, just let me help you.”

I look up at him, considering. I think about how I will be free from the old lady; maybe just maybe she will stop harassing me now. But I can’t accept it from Jeremy. I still can’t quite rid of the word whore screaming out repeatedly in my head.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”
I hesitate, should I tell him.

“Please take my offer Leyla, you need it most. I’m not paying you for s*x, trust me. I just want to help.”

How can he know that deep within my refusal is the fear that I will be seen as a whore for accepting? He really won’t let it go. But I still… I just can’t.

“For f**k sake. Don’t be stubborn Leyla. Take my offer, you need it,” He bellows, the anger on his voice startling me.

I sigh; I don’t want to make him angry. “Okay… but I owe you.” I tell him.

He practically glares so angrily as if I’ve just offended him.

“You owe me nothing, Leyla. I’m giving you this money. I don’t want anything back.” He emplores, a cold tone still on his voice.


“No, Leyla, no buts. You are accepting the money whether you like it or not.” He says in a tone not to be trifled with.

I press my lips together, frowning at him. He frowns back. We are busy glaring at each other again that I don’t notice the change in the atmosphere.

Suddenly I can feel the anger sag, becoming replaced but that scorching heat between us. My heart lurches and my stomach dances with butterflies.

I think he feels it too because his expression changes. His pupils dilate and his eyes burn heatedly at me. I squirm uncomfortably, the pain between my thighs shooting up.

He closes his eyes, inhaling deeply and when he opens them again they are resolved.

He sighs, “The food is getting cold. Eat.” He commands.

My gaze never leaves his and my hands move in their own cord as they pick up the spoon of Coco Pops and eat automatically.

“Leyla stop looking at me like that, quite frankly you are sore and I want you so bad right now.” He tells me in a serious tone.

I gape, feeling my cheeks burn with heat. I break my gaze and then continue with my cereal.

We eat in silence that when I finish my cereal I turn to the bacon and eggs, still not quite full. I think he’s amused at the way I eat because I gorge myself with food, enjoying the flavours that burst in my mouth. When I’m done, I sigh in satisfaction.

Jeremy has been watching me eat for the past ten minutes because he finished long ago. It’s been nerve-racking knowing his eyes were on me the whole time, but I’d been distracted with my food to merely care for that while.

“Done?” He asks trying to hide his smile as I put the fork down.

I nod. He grins unexpectedly, making me catch my breath. The change in features when he smiles are quick staggering.

Seriously why isn’t he illegal.

“Good. I’m gonna take a shower and–” he stops as the knock of the door interrupts him.

He frowns for a moment before he goes to the entry way leaving the living area.

“Sir, I purchased the clothes you asked.” I hear a woman talking and by the shake of her voice, it tells me that she’s either nervous or seriously intimidated by him as well.

So it’s not just me. I sigh in relief. He really is too attractive.

“Thank you, Samantha.” I hear the smile in his voice. I can only imagine how red faced the poor woman must be.

A minute later he returns holding a branded plastic bag which I assume contains clothes.

He smirks at me and hands out the bag towards me. I freeze in shock. That bag is for me. The clothes are for me?

“I thought the clothes you came in were sorta too unacceptable for public display in day light… So, here.” He hands me the bag. My hands move automatically to take the bag but my brain is still shocked.

He smiles wryly at my reaction and moves closer to me. He pulls up my chin in order to close my gaping mouth and then his fingers linger in my jaw.

This contact drives me crazy. Heat surges through me, making my heart warm up and swell. The skin where he is touching me burns and as I gaze unto his scorching blue gray eyes, I momentarily stop breathing.

I’m aware of his thumb stroking my lower lip but I’m also lost to my surroundings, I’m lost in that pool is his gorgeous eyes.

With both of his hands, he takes my face up to his. In that moment I close my eyes, as I feel our nose touch briefly. And then I feel him whisper,

“You’re enticing, even in my t-shirt and sweatpants. I can’t help but–”

His lips descends upon mines to finish his sentence. Desire pools in my blood. Impulses run wild everywhere in my body. My heart hammers in chest, beating so fast that I think it will grind through my ribs.

I can feel it. I can feel how this kiss is different from others because I can feel it my heart. It scares me because my heart is so full with all of him and yet I hardly know all about him.

He breaks the kiss reluctantly, groaning in his throat. “If I keep this up then, I won’t be able to stop and you’re sore.”

His forehead is pressed on my mine and my eyes are still shut close. I try calming my heart rate but it’s impossible. I don’t know if he can hear it but it’s audible in my ears.

He pecks my nose, takes a deep breath and then removes his hands from my face.

“I’m going to take a shower.” He tells me.

“I’ll leave you to dress up.” He continues but I’m still reeling from the kiss.

I watch his figure depart from the living area, leaving me standing there trying to process what has happened.

How has my feelings for him grown somehow in the last maybe fifteen hours or so that I’ve known him?

I can’t feel for him. I barely know him and the circvmstances we met at as well, shows me how I can’t be feeling something for him.

It’s lust, that’s all. I reason with myself. It’s just pure lust. I try to reassure myself but the other rational part of my brain seems skeptic.

Don’t over think. Take steps.

He wants to help me? Why can’t he just see that I don’t want him to? It’s too much and the fact that I am really in desperate need of his help, doesn’t help either. I don’t want to feel like a whore, and him giving me this money. Well it’ll just emphasize that I am one.

I sigh deeply trying to rid of these thoughts.

The guy just wants to help you, Leyla, just accept it. My inner voice reasons with me.

I waned. I’m going accept his help, but that’s all. Besides it means that I’ll be able to pay some of my debt. Oh how that woman irritated me with the money I owed her.

I am thankful really thankful of Jeremy for offering, but that is all I will accept from his money and nothing more. Well that and these clothes he bought me.

Speaking of which, I open the bag to see what sort of clothes he—well, the woman who came here to give him—bought.

Inside the bag, there’s a summer dress. It’s white and the material is soft linen. The dress isn’t long it probably will reach my knees, it’s a really nice dress. Absentmindedly I check the price tag and I gasp.

No! No!No! Way! Seven Hundred?! What?

That’s obscene and for just a dress? In the bag there’s also flat shoes and a pair of underwear. I blush momentarily. But my blush soon pales as I again check the prices.

Together in total the dress, shoes and underwear costs; One thousand five hundred dollars!

Oh Jeremy! I scream in my mind. This is too much. I can imagine what I can do with all the money he used to buy me just a dress, shoes and underwear. I can a freaking buy store with that money. Well maybe not a store but you get the idea.

It’s too much!

I stalk off to his bedroom angrily. If he thinks he will intimidate with his looks then I will put that off, right now I’m so furious that I don’t even care. I won’t accept this. At all.

————To be continued_________
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