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His Lackey — Episode 8

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° Catherine °

To say I was scared would be an understatement. I was freaken terrified. I had seen the aggressive side of Jackson yet again and I realised that each of the times he had shown his aggressive side I had pushed him to do it.

But I couldn’t help it. I was absolutely furious at him. He had drunk from me.

Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re a pet and it’s your duty to allow him drink from you.’

With Jackson it was so different. He had made me believe that he wasn’t like Kelvin. What I hadn’t realised was that he actually meant that he was worse than him.

A faint knock echoed through the room and the door opened slowly revealing the maid who had come the night before to tell me Jackson had sent for me. She was probably here to clean the mess Jackson had made.

Krysten was her name.

From our earlier encounter I had already established that she didn’t like me very much. What I did not understand however was why.

I had not done anything to her, nothing that I knew of anyway.

“Krysten” I began but stopped as I realised that maybe asking my next question wouldn’t be such a good idea. But me being me, my mouth flew open and the words poured out.

“What did you mean last night, when you said that once upon a time you were more than a maid? What were you before?”

I was answered by a glare, and silence.

I sighed giving up.

“You took him away from me, and by the looks of things you are failing to take care of him” she spat with venom, motioning to the blood on the wall and carpet.

Realisation set in slowly. I scrunched eyebrows in confusion.

“But you’re human and you are not a pet” I murmured.

She snorted at this,

“You’re also human and Jackson treats you like a princess. As for my not being a pet, if you knew Jackson well enough you would know that he pays no heed whatsoever to titles” she paused then continued ranting,

“He loved me and he still does. He would tell me so everytime he made love to me” she was now screaming.

The door burst open and Emma walked in, her eyes immediately hardened when she saw Krysten in my room.

“What are you doing here, Kry?” She asked. Her voice was hard and her tone unfriendly. Never in my life would I have thought I would hear Emma speak to anyone like that.

“Stay out of this little girl. You may be Jackson’s favourite but he loves me. And this thing here needs to know that she cannot take my place.”

I groaned, not understanding how this house functioned with crazy psychos such as her.

“I really cannot deal with this right now. Why did I even start this topic? All this USELESS ranting you’re doing is giving me a headache” I said rubbing my temples softly and falling back onto the bed with my eyes shut.

“Headache?” She snorted once more.”You should be more worried about what Jackson is gonna do to you once he has finished using you. He is gonna toss you away like the pet that you are. And then he is gonna come back to me because he loves me, not you and definitely not that stuck up fiancee of his. He is mi…” she didn’t get to finish her sentence as a huge smack rang across the room.

I sat up almost immediately and everything was suddenly moving in slow motion. Krysten was on the floor sobbing, Jackson stood over her, his stance threatening and Emma was shouting at him telling him to not do anything.

“Get up, and go to your room this instant” Jackson bellowed.

I found myself flinching. His voice was so authoritative and so intimidating. Krysten got up silently, wiped her tears and fixed her dress with her head hung low. She began walking towards the door but upon reaching it, she turned around and looked at me. Then she spoke calmly,

“He is gonna kill you, you know. Just like he killed all those other pets, and just like he killed Emma’s mother” she walked out silently leaving me gaping at the empty space she once occupied.

I was speechless because of two things, the first one being the fact that Jackson had let her talk and had let her walk away afterwards then the second one was obviously her words.

The room was silent, an eerie and sad type of silence. A silence filled with so much emotion. I absolutely refused to look at Jackson.

“Emma, what is she talking about?” My voice was barely audible.

She looked at me, tears welling in her eyes.

“Is it true?” I asked her.

She looked at Jackson whom I did not even spare as much as a glance.

“Emma, say something” I almost cried.

“It’s true, Catherine” I heard his voice replying.

“I am not asking you, you fucking monster” I yelled.

I regretted the words after they had flown out of my mouth. Jackson was still my Master, and whether I liked it or not I needed to show him respect.

“Emma, leave us!” He said through clenched teeth.

She looked at him wide eyed. I could see the fear evident in her eyes. She knew he wanted to punish me.


“Now, Emma!” He growled loudly and I saw her flinch for the first time since meeting her.

Emma turned to me, her eyes filled with sympathy. I nodded towards her signalling she could leave but deep down I was terrified of what Jackson would do to me once we were alone.

Emma walked out without another word. I gulped almost audibly as my eyes travelled across the room to land on Jackson. He jaw was clenched, his eyes closed.

“Stand up, Catherine” he ordered.

I hesitated, not because I was trying to defy him, but because my whole body was paralyzed in fear.

“I have never been a fan of saying things twice” he said loudly and I immediately shot out of bed. I stood there, clad in my cotton shorts and a huge t-shirt. If it was any other time, I would have frowned upon realizing that I was wearing clothes I did not even know whose they were or how I got into them.

“Walk towards the wall” he ordered again. I noticed the fact that he was not looking at me.

I took timid steps towards the wall, the same wall that was still stained with his blood. I reached the wall and turned around to face him, awaiting further instructions.

“No. Turn around and face the wall” I frowned not liking where this was going

What was he going to do to me. Is he gonna whip me. That was the first thing that came to my mind.

“Now!” His voice filled the room once more and I realised I hadn’t done what he had asked.

I turned around quickly and faced the wall.

“Hands on the wall, stick you ass out, arc your back and spread those legs” he ordered walking towards me.

I did as he had asked. Goosebumps shot up all over my skin because of fear and a slight wave of anticipation.

“What did I say about respect, princess?” I heard his voice.

I gasped when I felt his hands on my waist.

“I asked you a question” he said his hands running over my tiny shorts. His voice had softened a little but it was still very dominating.

“You said you command and demand respect as my master” I replied trying to put how good his hand felt on me at the back of my mind.

He groaned loudly and suddenly I felt my shorts being pulled off, along with my underwear. I gasped again as I felt absolutely mortified and completely exposed.

“You will keep you hands on the wall as you take your punishment, and after every strike you will state why you’re being punished. Is that understood?”

I nodded.

“I do not hear nods Catherine, use words”

“Yes, Master”

He tensed almost immediately.

“I prefer Jackson, not master” he rasped then almost immediately the air was knocked out of my lungs as his first strike landed on my ass.

Was he really spanking me?

“Why are you being punished?” He said his hand running over my ass, soothing where he had struck.

“Because I failed to respect my Master” I gasped.


“Because I failed to respect me Master!”


“Because….oh God” I screamed as he landed another blow before I could finish the sentence.

The strikes came one after the other. It was painful and yet I felt just a twinge of pleasure from all this. His strikes became more forceful. I was now sobbing in pain, but I definitely couldn’t deny nor ignore the pleasure I was feeling as I received my punishment.

He paused after his 6th strike and pulled me up so that I was leaning against his chest.

“I’m going to add one more strike to your punishment. Do you know why?” he whispered darkly in my ear.

“No” my answer came out in between short and shallow breaths.

“Because you’re fucking soaked for me Catherine. You’re enjoying this”

Before I could respond he pushed me back into my previous position and I placed my hands back on the wall.

The next four strikes were fast and successive with little time in between them. I could feel my ass burning, the pain was unbearable but oddly pleasurable.

“Why am I adding one more strike, Catherine” Jackson growled.

I whimpered as I felt him groping my very sore and obviously red ass.

“Answer me!” He said pulling my hair and causing me to arc my back more.

“Because I am wet!” I replied almost screaming.

I was absolutely embarrassed at how slutty that sounded but it was the truth, I was dripping like a freaking faucet.

“Who are you wet for, say it properly Catherine” he said yanking on my hair roughly.

I gasped and I swear I almost moaned but I bit my lip and held it in.

“Because I am wet for you, Jackson” I finally spoke.

He groaned upon hearing this and quickly landed the eleventh and final strike. I screamed out in pain as the strike was more painful than all the others.

He released my hair immediately afterwards and pulled me back into his chest. I felt his hard on poking onto my ass and I gulped.

He turned me around slowly and the minute I turned to face him, his lips met mine.

His kiss wasn’t gentle, it was ferocious and it spoke of all the dirty things he wanted to do to me. I kissed him back just as feverishly, because in that moment I knew I wanted him too. I wanted him to use my body and give us the pleasure that we both needed so badly.

He pulled away slowly and looked at me, his eyes full of regret.

“Are you Okay?” He asked and I simply nodded.

He surprised me for what felt like the hundredth time that day by picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the bed. I blushed as I noticed my cotton shorts and panties hanging loosely around my ankles.

He placed me on my stomach, obviously avoiding my raw ass from coming into contact with anything. He tugged my panties and shorts off my ankles and threw them across the room. He then pulled down the huge t-shirt and used it to cover my exposed behind.

“I’ll be right back” he rasped and vampire sped out of the room only to return seconds later, with some sort of ointment in his hands. He pulled my t-shirt up, exposing my ass once more. He slowly began applying the ointment onto my ass. The cooling effect of the ointment coupled with the coldness of his hands quickly ebbed the heat that was consuming my ass.

I sighed contentedly as he slowly massaged the pain away. My eyes began to feel heavy, and slowly I felt myself falling asleep

“I didn’t kill her because I wanted to, I killed her because those who wanted her would have done worse. She asked me to do it.”

I heard the words, but I couldn’t respond.
I allowed sleep to consume me.

One long ass Chapter filled with so many events.

Too much? Doubt it.

The mystery behind Emma’s and Jackson’s relationship will be revealed soon.


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