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His Lackey — Episode 6

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° Catherine °

As I finished combing my hair I heard the faint sound of my door being opened then closed.

I walked out of the bathroom and froze as I saw Jackson standing there, clad in another set of black leather pants but this time he wore a button down black shirt. He held in his hand a leather collar, with huge sparkly diamonds embedded into it, tracing a huge ‘K’.

The collar hung loosely around his fingers. His head hung low, his eyes on the floor.

“Catherine,” he rasped.

His voice sounded so sad, so distraught.

“Jackson, are you okay?” I found myself asking.

He ignored my question and lifted his eyes to meet mine while walking towards me.

He stood in front of me, his presence and height intimidating as always.

His eyes darted back to the floor. I stood there, waiting for him to say something. To at least assure me that he was okay. I did not understand the sudden concern came from and I couldn’t explain it.

“I’m sorry” he finally spoke.

I frowned at him, my heartbeat accelerating. What was he sorry for? What was going on? Was he going to kill me, punish me? Or maybe whip me, just like Kelvin used to?

His body tensed immediately in front of me and I realised he had read my thoughts. It was a complete invasion of privacy on his part and yet I found myself apologising.

“Kayden I…” I wanted to apologise but he stopped me.

“Don’t” he simply said.

He lifted raised the collar in his hand, buckling it gently around my neck. It wasn’t too tight, but wasn’t too lose either.
He took a step back, his eyes fixed on the ‘K’ that was now on full display in front of my neck with the hook to hang the leash just below it.

“Be a good little pet for me tonight, okay.”

I nodded quietly.

He looked at me again and I could see the conflict on his face. He looked like he was having an inner battle of some sort. I was about to ask him, but before I could he walked away towards the door.

I let out a huge sigh. I was confused, my head cracking as I tried to figure out what Jackson was apologizing for. Had he done something that I had missed?

Before my thoughts could take me any further, there was a faint knock on the door.

A girl, who looked almost my age walked in. The first thing that struck me was her beautiful red hair. It flowed like a river of hot lava.

“The Lord demands your presence in the dining room” she said and she turned to walk out

Her tone was hard, as if she really did not want to the bearer of the message.

“Wait,” I said and she stopped just before walking out the door, “what is your name?” I found myself asking.

“Krysten” she replied nonchalantly.

“Nice to meet you Krysten. My name is…”

“I know who you are, Catherine,” she snapped.

I was taken aback. What had I done wrong. I simply wanted to be friendly that was all.

“Are you a maid here?” I asked suddenly.

She paused, then opened the door. I sighed thinking she was going to ignore me, but she paused just before walking out the door and she said,

“Once upon a time, I was more than just a maid”

And with that she walked out leaving me with many unanswered questions. I pushed them to the back of my mind.
I had bigger things to deal with, like that dinner with Jackson.

I changed my shoes and wore one of the heels that I felt at least matched my revealing ensemble. I walked out of my room and headed downstairs.

I descended the stairs, my head low, showing my inferiority. All chatter in the dining room seized as I walked in.

I kept my head down and walked towards Jackson in complete silence. I stopped beside Jackson’s chair and offered a bow in respect and greeting to my master and Lord. He reached for my leash and tugged harshly on it.

“Floor, pet” he said harshly.

I sank to the floor.

My head was reeling. What was going on? Where was the Jackson I was with this morning. Why was he now treating me the same way Kelvin had treated me? The same way he had insisted he would never treat me because he was not Kevin.

“So Lord Jackson finally got himself a pet” a voice boomed from the table above me.

“She isn’t much really. Just something to enhance my Master skills. You know they have been idle for some time now.” Jackson shrugged.

My heart dropped. I knew I was not supposed to be affected by his words, but they stung, way more than they should.

“Have you drank from her yet?” another voice piped in.

“No. Not yet. I plan on doing it soon though. Her blood smells rather enticing. It’s actually a miracle I haven’t drained her dry” Jackson’s voice casually replied.

I was now shaking. Reality was slowly setting in. Jackson wasn’t different in any way. He was just like Kelvin, a monster. So why had he gone out of his way in trying to prove to me that he was different from Kelvin?

“Just don’t be like your father” a voice said.

“My father was a weakling, I am not” Jackson said once more.

I tuned out of the conversation after this
I had honestly heard enough. My thoughts drifted to my parents. Were they okay? Were they still alive? Memories of when we were together as a family swum into my mind. Of how they adored me, their little girl. I was an only child, one they had at a very late stage in life.

I was their little miracle. And their miracle had been taken away from them by these bloodsucking leeches.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as once again my leash was tugged roughly. I looked at up and saw Jackson’s eyes on me. They were void and held no emotion whatsoever.

“Up, pet” he said.

I got up immediately and kept my head low.

“Wow. She is a beauty. Have you had her yet?” a voice asked. I looked up, I couldn’t help myself. After all they were referring to my sex life, one I had no say in sadly, but they just couldn’t discuss it as if I’m not there.

As I looked up, I saw two men, both very handsome. One looked like an older version of the other so I assumed they were father and son.

“I plan on having her soon. Her health is still a cause of concern to me” Jackson replied.

Silence filled the room for just a second.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce us dear cousin?” The younger man asked.

“Of course. Pet, meet my cousin Solomon and my Uncle Lord Feathers.” He said motioning to the two people.

I bowed my head in respect,

“It is an honour to meet you, your Lordships” I said softly.

“What is your name, pet?” Lord Feathers asked.

I looked up to Jackson, seeking for permission to speak. He nodded.

“Catherine” I answered.

He remained silent as he watched me. It looked like he was searching for something.

“Drink from her” Lord Feathers said.

My eyes grew wide. And I sensed Jackson body tensing up immediately.

“Right now?” Jackson asked.

Yes. The Council would be pleased if I was to bear witness to your submission to their rules on pets. Your last experience with pets wasn’t so good the last time, remember?” Lord Feathers spoke again.

Jackson suddenly let out a loud growl. He wasted no time and lowered his mouth to my neck, his hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist, supporting me. My heartbeat increased as I realised he was really going to drink from me.

As his elongated canines scraped the soft skin on my neck a small whimper escaped my mouth. Tears began rolling down my cheeks as the realisation really set in. There was no salvation for me any where in this world of monsters.

And as his fangs finally tore through my skin, a loud scream escaped my lips. The pain was something I could not describe. He sucked and sucked, draining both my blood and energy. I was blacking out and I needed him to stop, but he didn’t. My hand rose up to clench his button-up shirt as discreetly as possible and immediately he froze. He pulled out his fangs from me and licked the area slightly before stepping back. I immediately slumped to the floor. No one paid attention to me however. I could hear their voices in a distance. I just lay there on the floor, too weak to do move nor keep my eyes open.

It felt like I was on the floor for hours, until finally I felt someone scooping me into their arms and carrying me. I felt myself being placed on a bed.

I drifted off into a deep sleep, and I faintly heard the words,
“I’m sorry”

Darkness consumed me.


Hope you enjoyed it.

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