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Heart Strings — Episode 1

Heart Strings By Sherry Love
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(Mad over you)


Written by Sherry Love





A hard crisis befell plain Seon Na and her family thanks to someone named shadow.

Now she has to look for a better job to help them out.


Shadow loves hurting people by taking what is theirs by force.

He’s still very young but ruthless and cold.


What happens when they meet by coincidence?

Stay tuned if you wanna find out.








Location: Busan, South Korea.


Time: 2:00AM.



(Seon Na’s POV )


I tossed and turned again on my bed, I can’t seem to get some sleep and it’s 2 o’clock in the morning.

I have to go to school tomorrow yet I can’t get sleep.

I can’t blame myself, my family is going through a hard time and I don’t have enough money to take care of them.


“Aish…What to do?”


I hit my head but got no idea, I sighed. I guess my family are going to move to a smaller apartment.


And I can’t move in with them so I will have to look for a place to stay, if only I could get a better paying job.


I went out of the house to the balcony, the sky is so beautiful. I wish my life could be like this.


But I’m not really pretty, I just have a shiny dark long hair and a plain face. But a golden heart.


I checked my phone and its almost 3am in the morning, I walked back inside and forced myself to sleep.


I laid on my bed thinking of what it will be like if I was born rich and had a good life. Ah, the possibilities are very low.




Time: 8:15AM


I carried my backpack and hurried out of the house, “Appa I’m gone” I yelled and ran out.


I brought out my chocolate candy and started eating it as I rushed to school.


Gongha High.


It’s a school for middle class people so there isn’t much criticism of one’s class.


I bumped into Seohyun my best friend more like a sister.


“Bapu (idiot) how are you?” She said hitting my head.


“Aigoo you’re such a bore” I replied with a fake frown.


“Yah I’m so much better than you”


Seohyun is much prettier and her family are okay. She’s always been of great help to me and I’m grateful to have a friend like her.


“So you got any ideas over the night?” She asked.


She offered to talk to her parents about helping me but I declined.


I don’t wanna be a pain in the neck for her.


I shrugged, “No ideas. Dad will get a new smaller apartment and a new shop.


He’s going to get a small loan to start all over”


She frowned, “You’re really not going to let me help?”


“We’re going to be late. Let’s walk faster” I tried to change the subject.


“Bapu. Changing the subject”


I smiled.


Dad went bankrupt and we lost everything. Well, thanks to a certain someone who ruined my dad.


He goes by the name shadow, he’s very young but ruthless and heartless.


He’s a multi billionaire and heir to a big empire.

He just took my father’s land by force since he refused to let go. I actually hate him for ruining my family.




Time: 4:30 PM

Location: Nuam Job Agency



I walked out of the office, well I got in. I’m gonna be trained for two weeks before I’m posted to a particular place.


Seohyun’s sister Hyuna helped in registering me at this agency and I just finished the interview.


I’m going to learn how to work in a few places, the way the agency wants.


This should be of great help to me.


I walked out of the building with a smile on my face and my hopes up.


I picked up my phone and called Seohyun.


📱“Yah (Hey) why haven’t you called me since?” she asked.


📲 “I just got out.” I said.


📱”How was it?”


📲 “Successful. I should get a job soon, after my two weeks training of course.”


📱”Yay! At least I could help…”


I didn’t realise I was crossing the road when a coming bike knocked me over.

I felt my head hit the floor and my vision became blurry, then my eyelids slowly closed and I saw darkness.





Sherry Love…


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