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Heart Strings — Episode 3

Heart Strings By Sherry Love
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(Mad over you )

Author Sherry Love



(Seon Na’s POV)

I couldn’t go home straight away so I went to Seohyun’s. She’s the only person I can see at this moment when my whole body is hot and shaking. My parents can’t see me like this. What if Shadow does something bad to them if we try to run away? I can’t let them know anything about this because I don’t want them to worry.

“Aigoo (oh my) just take a look at you. You’re shaking. How did you end up in the hands of that bastard?!” She said as she brought me a coffee.

I sighed. “He gave me till tomorrow. I don’t know what he gains from doing this”

She frowned in frustration. “Aish. I really hate that punk and I wanna kill him. Son of a- we need to get you out of Busan. For now until the beast stays away from you and your family”

“You really shouldn’t say things like that. I told you-” my phone interrupted our conversation.

I picked the unknown number. “Yes?”

“One more word from that friend of yours and see if she would be able to use her tongue again Seon Na” his husky voice said from the other end making me gasp.

Shadow is listening to us. But how? And how did he know my name and phone number? Perhaps does he know my father? Is he doing this to frustrate my father more?

“Don’t think too much. This is a fair warning except you don’t love your family anymore little fish” he said and cut the call.

The phone fell from my hand as tears gathered in my eyes.
“Seon Na.. What happened? Who was it?” She asked as she noticed my mood.

I sniffed. “He heard us Seohyun. I’m afraid I have to go pack my things”

“But how? Is he some sort of magician or- dear God. What are you going to tell Omma and Appa?”

I smiled even though I’m in pain. “I’ll find something to tell them. I’ll leave now”

I don’t want to put her in more danger as it is. I walked out of the house and quietly bid her goodbye. I don’t know how he’s doing it and I don’t want to think about it.

I got home and packed my stuff. Luckily no one is at home so I had to go meet my parents at the store to explain what happened to them even though I can’t tell them the truth because I don’t want to scare them.

“Wow. So soon?” Mother asked as I explained that I’ve got a job.

I nodded with a fake smile. “Yes Omma. I’ll be living and working there. And the pay is good. Our boss is mostly abroad with his family so you have nothing to worry about”

“But are you sure about this Seon Na?” Father asked.

I ran to them playfully. “Come on Appa. What am I? A kid? I can take care of myself and of course I want the job”

“Arrasseo (alright) you can go as long as you promise to take care of yourself” he finally agreed.

I cheered though I’m not happy with it. I hate you so much Shadow. I went home after convincing them and packed my things in a taxi and headed to his house. I called that number back when I got to the gate.

“Come in Jung Seon Na” he said immediately and hung up.

Son of a bitch!
I hung up and went inside angrily.

“I see you’re so eager to work here. Good girl”

“Kim Shin Woo” I called and he put on a surprised look.

“What?” He managed to say.

“Kim Shin Woo you punk! You planned this right from start just to make my father suffer you animal! I hate you!” I yelled and threw my purse at him.

I don’t care if he kills me. I hate him.

What will happen now?

Sherry cares

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