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I moved to Alexa’s side. Tears rolled down her cheeks. I tried to touch her but she pulled my hand away. She walked to the bar.

She has learned moral and manners from her parents. But what have you learned, uh? Did you learn poverty from your wretched mother or from the corpse of your stupid father, huh?"

I pulled Jackson away from Alexa. "What are you doing!!!" I yelled.

God! I'm gonna be in class with the these guys. I can't believe this. Izna gonna make my life a living hell here and everyone will know my status!

"...Get one thing straight Izna, I'm not your maid. We're of the same age. You have no authority against me here in school. At home, you may he the boss if you like but at school I'm off duty... and I'm not taking any orders. You get that?" I cautioned her and raised my eyebrows.