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He Is My Choice — Episode 2

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The school is so huge.





These buildings itself is so rich!


The painting and ornamentals!


I wish I could the littlest of them as a house.


It will be like a paradise to me!


“Alexa!!!” Izna screamed my name again.


“What have been thinking?” she said.


“N-Nothing” I replied.


I took our back packs and decided to explore the school.


Who knows, I might meet some cool spots for myself where I’d take as a resting place.


I moved forward and looked round the school.


I kept moving forward and accidentally bumped into someone.


I looked up.


He’s so gorgeous.


Spectacular handsome.


His dark green eyes made me lose myself into him.


His eyelashes is so long at least four inches.


It curled up.


And framed his eyes in a sexy shape.


His nose,a little pointy and round.


His lips,


By the mere look at his lips..

I’m sure it’s  soft and cherry.


His lips are red and formed a love shape.


His hair — blonde.


No.. No.. More like gold.


His muscles are well shown from the school uniform.


He has a built, hot six pack which is lightly visible from his school shirt.


He’s a little bit tall.


He’s the perfect definition of hotness.


I’m gonna name him “king of hotness”


Not that much but still tall.


Two guys were standing beside him.

One at his right and the other at his left.


The one at his left is also handsome.

Not as handsome as King of hotness but still handsome.


The one at his left has a black short hair.

Dark eyes.


By the mere sight of his lips I’m sure it’s pale and thick. By the look on his face,

I’m pretty sure he’s a player.


The one at his right.


Holy hotness.

He’s so hot and built.


Long eyelashes,


Sky blue eyes.


Soft and deep red lips.


His six packed chest is visible from his school shirt.


He’s also handsome as the king of hotness but the built shape of the king of hotness eyes made him the gorgeous out of all.


The one at his right,

Holy hotness.


He keeps a warm and gentle face.

It made him looked friendly.

I think I’m gonna name them


*The Fascinating three Kings of hotness.*


“Watch your steps lady”

King of hotness cautioned.





That cool voice is making me go crazy.


Izna came out of nowhere.

I rolled my eyes.


“I’m so sorry Pat.

She’s new”


Izna said and shot a glare at me.

I rolled my eyes.




“It’s okay baby”


King of hotness probably Patrick said.





Did he just called Izna baby?

Am i day dreaming?


Izna crossed her arms round his neck.


He crossed his hands around Izna’s waist.


Is this really happening?


Or I’m hallucinating?


Their face was gradually becoming closer.

And boom,..

They kissed.


I blinked my eyes twice but they were still in that position.


I could feel some stupid tears trying to make their way out of my eye.


But I won’t allow that.


Crying in front of them will only make me looks stupid.



They both disengaged from the kiss.

Izna faced me.


“So Pat..

This is Alexa Alexandra

The daughter of the maid at my house”

Izna said with a smirk.


I rolled my eyes.


She’s so lucky I’m trying to control my anger or else I’ll have gave a hot slap for that.


I looked at King of hotness.

He smiled at me.




That melts my heart.


I think I’m in trouble with this one.

to be continue

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