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He Is My Choice — Episode 1

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My alarm buzzed jerking me up from my sleep.

I got up and rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I stood up and stretched my hands and kicked my legs.

Today’s another new day.

It buzzed again.

I moved to where it was and turned it off.

I looked around the small room my mom and I squatted.

I couldn’t find my mom.

She is probably in the kitchen.

I walked to the kitchen and saw her there, my guess has never been wrong.


“Morning mom…” I greeted and hugged her from behind.

“Morning darling…” She replied with a smile.

One thing about my mom is that she always has that beautiful smile on her face no matter where she finds herself.

Well I’m Alexa Alexandra.

Yeah. Name was gotten from Dad and all that.

I’ll prefer Alex though.

Mom, alive.

Dad, dead — never saw him though.

No sisters, no brothers.

My mom is a maid and I’m proud of it.

I’m glad to be her daughter because she’s so lovely and warm.

Can’t express how much I love her.

I tried to take the knife and help her cut some vegetables but she stopped me.

“Mum. Let me help” I said.

“No. Don’t worry darling. I can handle this just go get ready for a beautiful new day at a new school”

She said.

I sat up at the cooking table.

“What’s so great about that school anyway? Students there are probably rude and I won’t fit in” I said and dropped my face.

She raised my head up.


“Dont worry sweetie. My beautiful baby girl will fit right in because she always fit in anywhere she finds herself”

She said with a smile.

I smiled back.

“Now go get ready”

She said.

I got up and went back to the room.

I put on my school uniform.

I sat down at the small dressing table in the small room.

I brushed my hair.

My hair color is a special type or should I say strange.

Part is gold.. Part is green and another part is red.

I packed my hair in a bun.

I flung my bag on my bag and took my broken phone.

I walked back to the kitchen.

“You look beautiful my dear”

My mom said.

I smiled.

She gave me a small bowl of fried chips and I devoured it at once.

“Hey Alex!!!”

I heard someone screamed my name.

And I know exactly who it is.

“Let’s go or you’re walking” Izna said.

I rolled my eyes.

I pecked my mom cheek and followed her.

“Hey. Take my bag” She said.

I rolled my eyes and carried both her backpack, makeup kit and sport bag.

I don’t know what she’s gonna do with a makeup kit at school.

We got in a limo car.

“C’mon. Off we go!” Izna said almost screaming.

The driver ignites the car immediately and drove off.

“Hey, I got to tell you something” She said.

I faced her.

But she isn’t even talking.

She’s busy staring at her stupid phone.

After few minutes.

She dropped her phone and faced me.

“At school I can’t be screaming your name around, so you’ve to always stay by my side incase I need you to do anything” She said.


“What if I have class?” I asked.

“If I need you then you have to get out of class”

She said and picked up her phone.

I rolled my eyes.

We finally reached school.

The gate opened automatically by itself.

[email protected]!


The school is so huge.

To be continue…

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