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He Is My Choice — Episode 9

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She slapped me?
That b!tch dare raised her hand and slapped me?!

“You slapped me?” I asked.

“Yes… And I’m gonna do it again ”
She said.

“You dared to insult my parents.
How dare you?!
Is your alcoholic and adultery father half the man my father ever was??!
Is your stupid ugly prost!tute mother half the woman my mother ever is?!!”
She yelled.

I couldn’t say nor do anything cause all what she just said is true.

She jumped on me bringing me out of my thoughts.
We both fell to the floor.
She was on top of me.
She pulled my hair which made me scream in pain.

“Tell me. Is your entire family half the woman even my mother is?! You dare to use that your fl!thy and stinky mouth to insult my parents??! Who do you think you are, huh? Who gave you the authority to do as you wish!?” She yelled.

Are these guys not here?!

This girl is killing me?!

Where is Patrick?
Are they all blind?!

She pulled my hair again and this time she made it even more painful.

She twisted it.

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I yelled in constant pain.

Patrick came and pulled Alexa away from me.

He pulled me up and sat me up.
I hugged him immediately.

“Thanks” I said as he pats my hair.



I moved to Alexa’s side.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
I tried to touch her but she pulled my hand away.
She walked to the bar.

“Let’s go guys”
Patrick said.

Let’s go”
Victor said.

“You guys can go on.
I’ll take care of Alexa” I said.

“Is she your girlfriend or what??
Come on let’s go”
Victor said.

“She’s drunk Vic and she needs to be taken care of.
So go. I’ll meet you guys later”
I said and moved closer to Alexa.

“You okay?”
I said and tried to touch her but she pulled my hand away.

“Don’t touch me”
She said.

“you’re drunk Alexa.
Stop drinking”

I said and tried to take the beer away from her but she jerked my hand off.

“I said don’t touch me! ”
She yelled.

“I wanna be alone ”
She said.

“Alexa… ”
I tried to say but she cut me off.

“If you won’t leave then I will go”
She said and left.

I’ll never understand them.
I’m just trying to help her but she’s angry.
I stood up and left for class.


I just wanna be left alone right now.
Is it a crime to be the daughter of a maid?

Just because her mother is my mom’s boss.
Does that give her the right to talk trash about my parents?

And [email protected]!
What was I thinking?!
Checking out a boy?!

I’m here to learn.
To study!
I’ve to work hard so I can make my mother happy.

I don’t have time for stupid lame things.

I took a clean handkerchief from my bag and cleaned my face softly.

I flung my bag on my back and walked back to class.

I sat at my seat.
The bell jingles.

And again I’ve no idea what class is that?!
I think I need a class time table.

“Let’s go” Egovine said.

I asked.

“To basketball game”
She said.

“I’m not really into basketball. I don’t think I should go”
I said but she insisted.

She pulled me along to the basketball court.

“I don’t wanna play basketball, Egovine”
I said.

She moved back.
She scanned through my entire body.

“You’ve a tiny waist.
Straight legs.
And good straight tiny arms ..
I think you should play”
She said.
I chuckled.

“Of course she can’t play because she’s a village girl”
I heard a voice behind.

We both turned back.
It’s that b!tch.

I rolled my eyes.

Her and Valerie smirked and turned to leave.

“I’m joining!”

I yelled purposely for them to hear.
They turned back and looked at me shocked.

Now it’s my time to smirk at them.
This is just the beginning.

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