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He Is My Choice — Episode 4

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She looked at me with angry eyes.


She also seemed shocked and surprised with what I did.


“How dare you.. You little b!tch!” She yelled.


“Point of correction. I’m not a b!tch. You’re the real b!tch here and I’m gonna go register right now cause I won’t allow you to destroy my life like you’ve done to yours!” I half yelled .


“Do you know who you’re talking to?” She asked.




Who’s this girl?


Who does she think she is?


“Oh I didn’t know madam president. You’re the president of this country right? That’s why I can’t talk to you anyhow? Huh?” I said and sighed.


“…Get one thing straight Izna, I’m not your maid. We’re of the same age. You have no authority against me here in school. At home, you may he the boss if you like but at school I’m off duty… and I’m not taking any orders. You get that?” I cautioned her and raised my eyebrows.


I turned to leave but stopped on my track.



I don’t know the principal office.


I don’t even know which direction to go.


“I’m gonna take you there”


I heard someone say.



I turned around.

It’s Jackson.

Holy hotness.


“Huh? Take me where?” I asked.


“You probably stop because you don’t know where the principal office is? So I’m gonna take you there” He said.


I gave him a thank you smile.


We turned to leave.


“No. Let me take you there”

We stopped when we heard that voice.


I looked behind.


It’s Victor… The player.


I rolled my eyes.


That has become a habit of mine.


Rolling my eyes.


“I don’t need you. Thanks anyway. But I’ll prefer Jackson” I said.


“Why will you prefer Jackson to Victor? Do you guys know each other?” Patrick asked.


“I don’t know him but it’s my choice” I replied.


He smirked.


“Then who will you prefer between him and me?” Patrick asked.


He stared at me with those dark green eyes.


I was left speechless.


I felt my God damn heart beating so fast.


I tried to say something but nothing will come out.


“You know. I think you should talk not leave your mouth open” Victor said and smiled.


Bringing me out of my thoughts.


I didn’t knew my mouth was open.


It felt so embarrassing.



“You won’t dare ask you to take her there. Not when she know you’re mine” Izna said.


I rolled my eyes.


I should have insulted her more than that.


Then maybe she would have kept her stinking mouth shut.


I was about to talk when a girl appeared out of nowhere.


Pink hair.


Dark eyes.


Curved eyebrows.


Normal size br£ast.


And big a$s.


Not too fat and not too slim.


Normal height.


She’s pretty.


She was chewing a gum.. No.. I think it’s a mint.


She was chewing it like its the last thing she’s gonna do on earth.


“Hey guys” she said.


“Hey Valerie. How are you doing?” Izna said.


“I’m great. Who’s the babe?” She said pointing to me.


“Oh… That’s Alexa. The daughter of the maid at my house” Izna said.


Must she always say the daughter of the maid??!


“Oh. She’s not so bad ”

That stupid girl called Valerie said checking me out.


I rolled my eyes.


“Yea… That what I’ve also been thinking of!” Patrick said and winked at me.


“She’s gorgeous” Victor said but I ignored him.


“Hey Vic.. How you?” Valerie said and moved closer to Victor.


They did their thing and kissed.


I breathed in and out.


“Hey Jax.. How you doing?” Val asked.


“I’m fine” He said in his soft voice


I’ve a feeling that Jackson is the only innocent one in this gang.


“OMG… It’s Patrick and Co!” A girl shouted.


Suddenly, the place was crowded mostly with girls.


They kept shouting their names.


Don’t these guys have class?




“You guys are really famous around here” I said to Jackson.


He smiled at me.




We made our way out of the crowd.


We walked through the school hallway.


Everyone was just starring at us.


We got to the lockers side.




“Let’s go get you registered” Jackson said.


“She still hasn’t choose who to take her” Patrick said.




Who should I choose?


Hey guys

How was this chapter?


Who do you think Alyse is gonna choose?


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