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He Is My Choice — Episode 5

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Patrick is gonna take me there?!!?


I could feel my heart beating so loudly like it’s gonna burst.


I looked over at Patrick.


His dark green eyes were fixed on me.

Starring at me.

His eyes only wanna make me say yes.



I looked over at Linda.


She was sending me dagger looks.


That’s why I can’t choose Patrick.


Izna is gonna kill me and can even start some stupid drama at home which is gonna get me into trouble.


“I think I’m better off with Jackson” I whispered.


“You want Jackson to go with you?”

Patrick asked probably Surprised by my words.


“Yes” I replied knowing fully well I was lying to myself.


I looked over at Jackson.


He smiled at me.


I smiled back.


He grabbed my hand and we both walked to the principal office.






That girl is strange.


No girl has ever refused me but she did.


What a strange feeling!

I want her.




Did I just said that?


No.. No.. This isn’t happening.


I can’t be like this just over a silly girl.


Izna is the only one I love.



I should focus on only that.


I love Izna.


“Let’s go guys” I said and we all walked to class.




I got registered in the  school courtesy to Jackson


My class is located at Section A.


Jackson offered to walk me there.


I entered the class as all eyes were on me and Jax.




I’m talking about Jackson.


I found a preferable name.



One busty lady was in the class.


Probably teaching.


“And where are the two of you coming from?”

The lady asked and lowered her glasses. Probably medicated.


“I’m new here”I replied in my most calmest voice.


“Oh. And you Jackson?” She asked directing those her big eyes to Jax.



So not only the students but also the teachers knows the gang.


Seems like everyone knows them around here.


“She didn’t know where the principal office was,

so I offered to be a helping hand took her there”

Jackson answered.


“OK. You can have your sits” She said.


Jackson tried to go but I pulled him back gently.


“Won’t you go to your class?” I asked.


He smirked.


“I’m in my class” He said and went to sit.


I looked on as he walked to sit with Patrick.






Don’t tell me this is those guys class!


I looked around the class and saw Izna sitting with her stupid friend Valerie.




I scanned round the class and finally saw Victor sitting at the corner of the class.


He was sitting with a blonde girl.


They were even kissing in the class.


Is the teacher not seeing this?



I’m gonna be in class with the these guys.


I can’t believe this.


Izna gonna make my life a living hell here and everyone will know my status!



Hey guys

The story has just began!!!


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