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He Is My Choice — Episode 8

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I pulled Jackson away from Alexa.

“What are you guys doing?!”

I yelled.


I probably seem weird right now but I’m so furious.

That girl has did something to me.


Maybe cast a spell on me or something.

Cause I can’t take my eyes off her.


And I can’t stand another guy beside her.


I don’t even know why I’m jealous!


“Hey. Calm down Pat. I was just helping her” Jackson said placing his hand on my shoulder.


“You were touching her?! I saw you man!” I yelled.


“what’s your problem bro. I touched her.

How’s that any of your concern?!

She isn’t your girlfriend, or is she?”

Jackson asked.


I moved closer to him.


“She isn’t yours either” I said.


“Um…. Guys I think we should go now”

Alexa said.


I shot a glare at her.


I breathed in and walked out.

The both of them followed me.






I rolled my eyes and followed Patrick.


We walked down the hallway.


Passed the principal office.


The principal even smiled at us.


Is this really a school?


Where the principal smile at students without knowing what they are doing or where they are going?


We walked passed a lot of classes.


We saw Valerie, Victor and Izna standing there.

We walked to them.


“we’ve been waiting for you guys”

Izna said.


I rolled my eyes.




I mouthed.


“What did you say?”

Izna said.


Did she heard that?!




I said.


“I saw your mouth moved just now. You said something”


She said.


“Were you stealing glances of me?!

How do you know that my mouth moved?”

I said and raised my eyebrows.


“Um….Let’s just go”

She said.


I smiled.

Almost close.


I looked over at Jackson and he winked at me.

I blushed.



Why am i blushing?



Jackson mouthed and I smiled.


We came across a room.


*PJC* was vividly written on it.

So I guess this is where we are going.

Alex opened the door and we all entered.


This place?!

Just like a club.

Bar..lots of games and music.


“What are we doing here?”

I asked.


They all looked at me with shocked faces.


“Are you blind? We’re here to have fun”

Valerie said.



I asked.


“F for Fun. Don’t you know the meaning of fun?”

Valerie said.


I rolled my eyes.


“I wasn’t talking to you so shut up” I said.


“hey! The chick talked. Hey b!tch are you talking to me?”

Valerie asked.


“I’m not a b!-tch and I’m not a chick so mind your language. I may be the daughter of a maid. But I don’t allow nonsense”

I said.


She smirked.


She raised her hand to slap me but Patrick held it.

He stood between the both of us.


“That’s okay guys. Stop.

Valerie stop ”

He said.

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She deserved a slap.


That butch deserved to be slapped.


Why did Alex held Valerie’s hand?


I walked to them.

I pulled Alex away from them.


“You should learn how to talk. She’s my friend and she’s a girl of high level not the daughter of some stupid maid” I said.


She looked at me like she’s gonna eat me up.


But too bad she can’t do anything cause I’m the boss here.


“She has learned moral and manners from her parents.

But what have you learned, uh? Did you learn poverty from your wretched mother or from the corpse of your stupid father, huh?”

I said.


She raised her hand and slapped me.




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