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He Is My Choice — Episode 6 & 7

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06 & 07.


I’m gonna be in the class with the gang?!


Today can’t just get any worse.

I scanned around the class for where to sit.

I saw a girl sitting down alone busy with her book.
Red hair.

Short eyelashes.

Red lips.


Seems like the right person to sit with.

I went to her and sat calmly beside her.

And unfortunately for me, the desk is just in front of Patrick and Jackson.

I was wrong when I said this day couldn’t get any worse cause it just did.


I dropped my bag and brought out a book.

I forget the pen.


a girl said.

She stretched a pen to me.

I smiled and took it.

“Thanks..” I replied smiling.

God works in mysterious ways. lol.

“I’m Egovine…” she said.

“Alexa but you can just call me Alex” I replied as a smiled graced my face.

She smiled.

Within minutes, we became friends.

She is warm and kind.

The bell rang.

And I’ve no idea what class is that.
I turned to Egovine.

“Hey Ego.. what class is that?” I asked.

“PVJ class” she said.

“Huh?” I couldn’t understand

“You know the group Patrick and Jackson right?”
She asked.

“Yes I do but how did they have to with the next class?”
I asked.

“Well it’s their next class and only those who are in the group will participate, so I don’t really know what they do there?” she said.

“So where do those that are not in the gang go?”
I asked.

“I don’t know of others but I usually go to the library” She said.

“When do you usually come back?”
I asked.

“When the bell jingles for the next class”
She answered.

“I think we’re going to that library together”
I suggested.

She smiled.

I packed my books and flung my bag on my back.
I turned to leave with Egovine but I heard someone screamed my name.

I swear I’m gonna kill that girl one day.

I turned around and it’s exactly who I thought it will be.

“Where do you think you’re going?
I need you to stay here!”
She commanded.

“Do I have to remind you again Izna.
You’re not the boss over me” I said.

“Well technically I am. Cause you and your mum squats at my place” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

I turned to Egovine.

“I think you must go now thanks to some parasite!”I half yelled.

She smiled and left.

I dropped my bag and took a seat.

No one is in the class expect the gang.

Izna won’t stop clinging on to Patrick.

I rolled my eyes.

Today is the worst day of my life.

[Let’s roll over to 07.]


Chapter 07.


I don’t know why Izna wants me to stay behind?!

I obviously don’t fit in here.

Victor is busy making out with Valerie.

I have no idea how many girls that guy has made out with!

Well, it’s none of my concern.

Patrick and Izna were also there kissing.

It’s more like making out because that stupid girl called Izna kept m0aning.

I felt like ripping her head off.

She so much enjoyed kissing Patrick!

I looked over at Jackson.

He was listening to music.

He has earphones on.

He looked so s£-xy.

He closed his eyes and moved his head to the beat of the music I guess.

He’s the only one in this gang that I haven’t seen with any girl.

So innocent.

They all finished making out.
Izna looked at me and smirked.

Why is she smirking at me?

She looked deep into my eyes and then kissed Patrick once more.

She disengaged, looked over at me again and smirked.

Now I get why she wanted me to stay behind!

She probably wants me to get jealous.

I mean.

Why will I be jealous just because she’s kissing Patrick?

It’s their lives.

“Let’s go guys” Patrick said.

They all stood up and made to leave.

“Where are we going?” I asked Izna.

“You don’t have any authority to question me.
Just follow me” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

I made to leave but Jackson stood in front of me.


Everyone went out.

I saw Alexa.

She rolled her eyes.

I smiled.

She looks cute whenever she does that.
I walked to her.

“Um… Hi”

She said in her cute tiny voice.

“You don’t want to be around here right?”
I asked.

She smiled.

Alexa is more like the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my entire life.

She’s cool, warm, and she’s bold.

She reminds me of Gold, my little sister.

“Well, what can I do? the boss won’t let me off!” She said and stretched the last part.

We both chuckled.

“You seems pretty cool”
I said.

“Cool but a trouble maker if you mess with me”
She said and we both chuckled again.

“Well… I guess I’m cool then since it’s coming from you” She said and I smiled slightly.

“Are you also like the other girls?” I asked.

“No… I think I understand what you’re trying to say.
I’m not like the other girls.” She said.

“How am I suppose to believe that?” I said.

“Try me” she said.

I moved closer to her.

I grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her closer.

Our faces were inches apart.

I brought my lips closer to hers.

She didn’t moved but stood still.

Our lips were almost touching when she pulled me away.


“What are you trying to do!?” She yelled.

“Now I believe you” I said.

She smiled.



We all moved out.

I stopped because Jackson is not here and neither is Alexa.

“We must go back guys. Alex and Jackson is not here”
I said.

“Well we can’t go back after leaving there. They will probably catch up with us. Let’s go”
Izna said.

“You guys can keep going then but I’m not leaving without those two. I’m going back” I said and left.

I walked back to the class.

I met the two of them talking and smiling.

It made me so angry.

Something flew in Alexa’s eye and Jackson helped her with it.

He touched her face.

He funking touched her face.

I felt so furious.

I moved to them.

I pulled Jackson away from Alexa.

“What are you doing!!!” I yelled.



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