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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Prologue

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Let’s meet Kira Mae a seventeen year old girl. She is innocent and naive. She belongs to a rich and well respected Famous Family..


But what happens when she falls in love with her High School Biology Teacher. Aaron Wilson who is her first LOVE. She loses her Innocence and Sanity.


No doubt that Aaron is the most handsome guy who doesn’t crush on him even school teachers his colleague.


She bunk classes just to spend time with him when he is free and everyone wonder where is the A student, what happened to her.


That love happened to her no one knows.


That’s when she begin to see her real friends and fake they when days are dark friends are few.


Everything turns Dirty as everyone wants what they want the heart want what it wants the competition begins to win him over, but his heart is pointed to one person who could it be?


 Is a 26 year old guy willing to fight tooth and nail for her?


Will they get caught?


Do you want to know what happens behind closed doors in ROYAL HIGH

 Let’s watch as the Story Unfolds

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