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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Episode 8

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Written By Sindy K

I covered dad very well.and went downstairs.i walked to the kitchen.

I covered the food with a plastic and placed it in the fridge.

As i turned i bumped into a mascular mascular chest.and i knew who it was.

“Careful babe.” He took a step close to me.

I don’t have energy for him.he should just go away from me.

I’m not in for his nosense.he came close to me.

“Andrew please leave me alone.” I said.

My back hit the shelve.he caged me between his both arms.

“I should leave you huh,don’t you like it.” He said.

I feel awkward in this position I’m in.

“Tell me don’t you like it,don’t you want to kiss me or touch me.” He yelled.

Andrew makes me feel aomehow.i don’t know,shit what am i saying.

He moved his face close to mine,his meant breath brushed my face.his dark green eyes pierced in my eyes.

My breath hitched.and my heartbeat rise.

“Can you please step back,i can’t talk clearly.” I said.

What am i saying,he took a step back.

“Now tell me why do you push me away.” He asked.

“Uhmm.” I felt my mouth dry.

“Tell me Kira I’m dying here slowly.” He pointed to his heart.

“Because i we are cousins and that’s how is supposed to be right.” I smiled faintly staring at him.

“Come with me.” He held my hand.and dragged me.

“What are we doing here.” I asked staring at him.

I eyes caught a painting on the wall.and i gasped.

That’s me and Tinashe.

“Do you see this.” He pointed at the painting.

“That’s Tinashe and me.” It came as a whisper.

She pushed me to the floor.

“Kira that girl,i loved her so much i love her and she broke my heart.” Tears rolles down his eyes.

What is he saying,i don’t understand.

“This chapter will close today.” He said

“What did i do.” I asked.

“Seriously are you asking me that,why ,don’t you know huh.”

“I made a vow to torture you,you threatened my Tinashe and she left me.i hate yoy Kira i do hate you.” He fell on his knees.

“What are you talking about,when did i threaten her she betrayed me and left.i hate her so much she took everything from me.” I cried.

” she didn’t you did,and i don’t blame her when she hates you.” He yelled causing me jump.

“What the fuck are you saying,she killed my puppy ,Rubby and said a lot of shit about my parents.” I fell on my knees.

He nodded his head.

“It was not her Kira,did you ask her no you didn’t because you didn’t trust her that much huh.” He scoffed.

And i was short of words it wasn’t her who it is.

“W-what do mean.” My eyes were hurting.

“You burnt their source of living that restaurant Kira you arw cold blooded.”

What is he saying i burnt what.

“Andrew i didn’t burn her restaurant,trust me Andrew if she didn’t kill Rubby and i didn’t burn that restaurant who did.” I said.

“And she hates me so much , to a point she broke up with you i thought it was all her fault.” I cried bitterly.

My Tinashe hates me, my girlfriend my best friend now i know where that hatred is coming from.

I will find out who is behind all this,i will for our friendship i love her so much i can’t deny her.

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