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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Episode 6

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Her lips are swollen.I gasped as a realization hit me, what is really going on here why is her lips swollen.I know what to do.

I smiled at myself evil thoughts.I will know the truth today.

I walked to her sit.she was laying her head on the table.

“Oh my Kira.” I faked a gasp.
She rose her head,staring at me.

“Your uniform is rough is not like how it was earlier in the morning.” I said,to her.

She gasped placing her fingers on her lips,wow she looks very cute and pretty and I hate that.she looks beautiful then I.

“Oh really I didn’t know,so have u started to do my laundry.” She smiled.

I was left with no words she is not beautiful and cute she is smart also.

“You’re coming from Sir Aaron so why are your lips swollen.” I smirked.

“Well your FYI,we kissed.” She said that with finality no question mark or exclamation mark.

My eyes almost popped out.they kissed.

Suddenly I heard a laughter and I looked at her fuming.

“That look was priceless I wish I had a .camera to click it,you look like someone who just found out that I was fucking your dad.” She scoffed and lay her head on the table.

She rose her head again.

“And your own FYI,wether I kiss any teacher is not your business as long as it’s not your dad.” She laid her head back.

I felt like crying,how could she say that on my face.she will pay hard a tear dropped on my cheek.

I wiped it and walked to my seat.



Wow that was close,is she stalking me or did she notice all that.

She can try but you can’t catch us.I am a pro in this game.of Tom and Jerry.being it on Tinashe.

I hate to think that you were one of my friends my best friends at that.

And i made you to be who you are today.I taught you how to play to be a real player.
And now you want to challenge your couch that whack,you could’ve approached me in a better way.

But that sucks,but as they say don’t underestimate your opponent,I won’t underestimate you.

Because I don’t know how far you can go.

I’m just happy that Aaron and I we are a thing.don’t look at me like that.

Love is beautiful,you don’t have to find the right one.he will make himself right for you.

You can’t change him,instead he will change himself for you.and vice versa.I will have to change for him.

But as to what you change is your choice to be bad or to be good.I want to be good in a bad way.



I’m so disappointed at myself I should have not approached her like that I know what she is capable of.

But I can’t underestimate her,she is dangerous and that her innocent face makes the game easier for her.

She can run but she can’t hide,even Tom and Jerry always find each other.

And i will lay a trap for you to expose your lies.

Why would sir Aaron go for doubt she is beautiful but she sucks.

I mean i got the style and she got the swag.

And that makes me better than her.

She might have all the attitude

But I got all the that makes me better than her.

Kira you messed with the wrong out.


What did Kira do to me,I couldn’t control myself I just kissed my student

And the worst part is I have feelings for her and the worser part is now we are a thing.

I couldn’t say no,she warms my heart and fills my head with bubbles and brings smiles to my face and make my whole body feel alive makes me want to live and wake up every morning for her.

She gives me a reason to live but she can kill me as well,a slow sweet poison.

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