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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Episode 3

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I shook my head, what’s happening did I just daydream kissing Kira. This is bad. I noticed that she was staring at me.


“Please let go of my hand.” She spoke softly.


I didn’t realize that I was holding her hand. I let go immediately. She stared at me for a while before she walked out. And I was short of Words.


What if I had kissed her. Would she have slapped me or pushed me away. Or she would’ve kissed me back.


What am i thinking she is my student for heavens sake. I will go crazy if I keep on thinking about her.


Focus Aaron Focus, stop thinking about silly stuff.




I walked to class but I was not myself again. I was thinking about what happened in the office.


Why did he held my hand. He seemed lost and the touch of his hand on mine, I can still feel it. I blushed at the thought.


Arrgghhh can’t this get any better, I’m falling for him like crazy. And he doesn’t see that Aaron why why do you do this to me.


Whenever he is near me my heart leaps in joy.


I was still in thoughts when I bumped into someone. And I fell with my bum on the floor.


“You silly girl, don’t you look where you’re going.” I looked up and behold it was another nuisance Miss Shina.


Whoever is after my Aaron is my enemy.


“Sorry ma’am.” I said, first rule be a good girl.


“Next time watch your way.” She said and walked away.


“Yeah and you too.” I smirked she was heading to my Aaron. I felt angry.


I hurried to class, the other classes were boring.” The bell rang, school was over I hanged my backpack and head home.




My phone beeped inside my backpack. I took it out and see who texting me.


It was a new number. Who could this be. The text read…


`Hey Kira.`Who could this be.


I was not that bothered I shoved my phone in my skirt pocket. And continued to walk home.


As always everyone is busy and the maids always working. Mom was nowhere to be found.


I walked to my room and threw my backpack on the bed undressed myself and step in the Jacuzzi. I took my time.


After a while I was dressed in my normal casual clothes. I was doing my math’s assignment when my phone bleeped again. And I checked the text.


`Are you angry with me. `With a sad emoji, who could this be.


`Who are you.` I texts back.


`Your friend. ` he text back with a smiling emoji.


I guess he or she whatever is not I look like a prophet who will know who it is. I placed my phone on the bed and continued doing my assignment.




It was evening already and downstairs it was noisy my mom, dad, cousin, grandma, aunt they were downstairs chatting.


My family is back six people live in one roof. My cousin Tim is naughty I don’t like him that much.


My dad, mom, aunt they’re always traveling leaving us with grandma. And Tim always bring girls at home and I don’t like it.


Let me tell you a secret I was once crushing on him, before I found out he is my cousin and we almost kissed.


That was like three years ago. But now I’m over it. Okay I’m not like totally over it. they’re still tiny whiny feeling. My phone beeped again.


`I said I’m sorry.` the text read.


`who are you.` you text back.


`your crush` the text read.


My it Justin or who. If I found out it’s him, I will break his arms.


`your name` I text back.


`the one who you almost killed today.` the text read.


`killed?` this is getting interesting.


`yeah that one` Justin you’re dead.


So this stranger doesn’t have a name.


`stranger I’m blocking you.` I text back.

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