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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Episode 12

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Written By Sindy K

“Why is so hard to remove you on our lives.” Lina said.

I stared at them.

“What is it now,haven’t you done enough.” I stared at my nails.

“We did everything in our power to remove you from Kira’s life.we did everything to make you hate each other.” Tess said.

“Oh really.” I gasped and smile at them.

“You think i don’t know that i do know that very well.” I said.

“What you know.” They both exclaimed.

“Tessa,Lina you did what.” Kira walked in.

“Yes we did it,and what will you do.” Tess said.

“How dare you.” Kira gave Tess a hot slap.

“Why did you do that.” Lina yelled.

“You skinky keep quiet.” Kira said.

I will slap you again.
Skinky that’s a made up word Kira will never change.i smirked.

“Why did you do it.” I asked.

“Because you take her away from us Tinashe,she began to spend more time with you and I’m jealous okay i am.” Tess said.

“Do you know what that coursed,everything got ruined.” I retorted.

“And you think i care,no i don’t care at all,if i get a chance again i will do it,and her Lina she only did what i say.

She is so dumb that she can’t think.” Tess yelled.

Lina burst in to tears i felt sorry for her.

“Tess shut up,she is your sister how can you say such horrible things about her.” I slapped her.

“I will ruin you all of you and your secret Kira will be exposed nah i won’t do that.instead your lover will ruin you.” She yelled.

“I’m not coming back to this school,and Lina follow me.” She scoffed.

“No I’m not,you can leave.” Lina said.

“Well suit yourself.”

“As for you Kira,your time of tears has come,you love him don’t you.well love him after you find out about his dark life.” She laughed.

Tess is crazy i swear.we all stood transfixed and watching her like a movie.

“Should i tell you,i won’t wait for tonight 7 o’clock sharp.” She walked away.

I was eating when Justin ran to my table and saying that the twins are.fighting Tinashe.

At first i didn’t believe him because he could me lying to me.

But he looked dead serious so i had to.follow and now I’m shocked.

The Twins are behind all.and Tess is not ashamed.

She even insulted her sister.

And what secret is she talking about,I’m feeling more restless what will she do.

I’m really scared if i.say that I’m not scared i will be lying.

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