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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Episode 11

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Written By Sindy K

We walked to the cafeteria,I’m so happy that everything will be fine Kira and i.we will be together again.

“Tina I’m really sorry sis.” Justin said.

And put his arm around my shoulder.i miss us.

Justin is a jerk, i used to help him to hide some black rubbers in the garage in the back at home.

But when i heard that they want to frame him.i took them out and i found a gun.i was shocked as to why.

Does he need a gun. But at confronting him we ended up having a big fight.

i was afraid that he was doing someone illegal but he said the gun was not his.

But still i didn’t believe him,so in anger i told him not to talk to me again.

But he stopped coming home.and i got more angry with him.i was looking out for him,i do trust him.

I was just angry that he is involved in something dangerous.

Now back to businesses.

“Where is the camera.” Justin asked.

What!! i forgot it in classroom.

“I forgot it,i will fetch it now and i will catch you up in the cafeteria.” I said.

“Sure do that.” He remarked.

I hurried to the classroom. I walked to my sit.


Tinashe ran back to classroom and she passed me,i felt my heart sink.

I was beginning to feel restless and i don’t know why.

“Kira we forgot something,in the classroom.” The twins said.

“Now,soon lunch will be over so let’s eat.” Tess said.

“We are coming it’s your suprise.” They both said smiling cutely.

“Really then you can go,i want to see it.” I was smiling even though i felt some how.

They both walked away.


I was searching for the camera where could i have put it.

I heard footsteps getting closer.i turned around.

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