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Falling For My Biology Teacher – Epilogue

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Written By Sindy K


“Dad please,he loves me.” I cried.

“He is too old Kira,9 years older than you.” Dad said.

“But dad you also loved 7 years younger girl instead you still love her.” I whine and stomp my foot.

“That’s different baby.” No dad it’s not.

I held his arm,staring at him pleading like a five year old kid who wants a candy.

“Let her be,Andersen she is 18 years now.” Mom said,she was carrying muffins.

Want to know why.well Aaron,Tinashe,the twins.were invited for lunch.

“But still a baby.” Dad chuckled.

“I’m not daddy.” I pouted.

“Yes you’re,my baby.” He pinched my cheeks.

“Ouch dad that’s hurts.” I whined.

I love dad more than anything.i can’t trade him for anything.

We heard a laughter and mom was laughing at the same time crying.

“Mom.” I walked to her.

“How did i miss this.” We hugged.

“Kira can you promise me one thing.” Mom said sternly.

And i nodded.

“Always listen to your father and stand by him,no one will love and care for you like he does.” Mom cried.

“Promise mom.” Dad didn’t hear a thing.

Mom was whispered in my ear.

I stared at my dad and a smile crept on my lips.

I’m happy that everything is going well.

The doorbell rang and i rushed to the door.

Aaron and Tinashe were talking,laughing.

It felt good to see them getting along.Tinashe turned.

“Oh Kira i just met my brother.” She grinned.

And her eyes sparkled with joy.

“The one who you wanted to fuck.” I mouthed.

And she burst into a laughter,I felt at peace to see her laughing.

“I was crazy right.” She remarked.

And i nodded.

“What are you girls talking about.” Aaron asked.

“Girls stuff.” I said.

“Come in.” They both walked.

And i walked them to the and dad noticed our presence.

My phone rang and i picked it.walking away from them.

After the call I was disappointed.the twins are leaving to they won’t make it.

I walked to the garden,everyone was seated and few talks.

“What’s up.” Tinashe asked.

“Well the twins are leaving to Australia so they won’t make it.” I said biting my lower lip.

“It’s okay come and sit,have reserved you a sit.” Dad and Aaron said simultaneously.


What’s going on here.i am in a dilemma. Where should i sit.

I remembered what mom said.

I sat next to dad.and mouth sorry to Aaron.
He nodded,he understand.

My heart leaped with joy.

The questions that dad asked sometimes made me choke on my food and made Tinashe spits out her drink or choke that her drink comes out from the nose.

And she cried laughing.and the tension was gone.

“Promise me that you will take good care of my daughter she is crazy like her mom,so be careful with her.” My dad smiled.

I covered my face with my palms.what did he have to say that.

“I’m not crazy.” Mom fired.

“Yes you’re.” Dad said.

“No I’m not.” Mom pouted.

And we all laugh.

“I will Sir.” Aaron said.

“Don’t call me sir,Tinashe baby do you call me sir.” Dad asked.

“No daddy.” Tinashe said.

“See, she doesn’ me Andersen or dad.” He said.

“I will feel old this days and my Kira will take me serious.” Dad pouted.

“Okay dad.” Aaron said.

“So Tinashe when are you bringing your boyfriend or is it Justin.” He winked.

“Dad.” Tinashe and i exclaimed.

And we all laugh.


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