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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 5

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Debbie’s Secret 

Episode 5

Written by Kiari Horsfall


The rays of sun shone brightly on my face through the mirror.

I opened my eyes slowly and realized that mom had already woken up so I did too.
I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have my bath.

when I was done, I got dressed up in my school uniform and brushed my hair before heading out to the living room.

Mom was in the kitchen making Sandwich for breakfast. I walked in to take some milk from the fridge and her eyes caught mine.
“Debbie you’re awake and are you going to school” she asks me after staring at me from head to toe and I nod yes.

“Are you sure about this?” she asks again
“yes. our exams are coming soon so it’ll be best if I go” I tell her
“If you’re not comfortable then you can stay alright.”
“it’s fine mom”

“OK” she reply, and just then we heard a knock on the door. I opened it only to find Thandi standing there
“Are you ready?” she asks
‘come on we’ll walk together’ she tells me and I grab my bag
‘here take this for lunch’ mom handed me my snack bag.

“thanks mom”
‘you’re welcome sweetie and please be careful’
“yes I will totally’ I reply as we both head out the door for school.

We arrived at school and I went to my locker. I opened it only to find tons of letters lying there.
” what’s this ” I ask opening one of them
“read and see” Thandi reply
I couldn’t help but smile after I read the first one.

‘it’s a note from everyone in our class wishing for you to recover soon. here’s mine ” she says
“Thandi I hope you didn’t tell them… ” I start out but she cut me off
“no. I would never”

“thank you”I say to her. I turned to go in when I noticed Freddie standing at the door and staring at me. usually I’d be affected but now, I’m not.

He walks up to me
” Hi Debbie ”
“so how are you feeling now? Thandi said that you were sick” he asked and I nodded yes

“I’m feeling better thank you”
“great so I wanted to ask if you would be my date to the dance’ he asked beaming with smiles
“Erm can I think about it for a while’ I ask
” sure take all the time you need’ he says and walks away

“you didn’t say yes?” Thandi asks
‘not after everything that happened to me ” I tell her “come on let’s go in” I added and walked inside


Lectures began in full swing. I finally told Freddie I would be going with him to the dance. He couldn’t be more happy.

We were almost on the verge of completing our final exams when I began to notice slight changes on my body which I didn’t take serious.

I always ate a lot, My uniform was becoming a bit tight for me as, I was getting fat. my cheeks were full and I always slept in.
“thank Goodness were about to finish high school cause my uniform seems to be a little tight on me” I tell Thandi on our way to school that morning and she ends, up laughing.

“That’s strange” she reply going through a novel “I wanted to say the same thing, you’re getting a lot fatter these days and a lot beautiful” she added
“Naughty. don’t tease me too much. I guess I’m growing pretty fast” I tell her and she shrugs

During lunch at school, I ate the breakfast mom packed for me but to my greatest surprise, I wasn’t full.
So I bought more food at the school cafeteria.

“you’re not gonna eat all of that are you?’ Thandi asks me when she saw the food I ordered. A bowl of ice cream, A packet of French fries, Spaghetti and a bottle of milk
” I am ” I say to her ‘I’m very hungry these days and I don’t know why ” I added
“Debbie are you okay” she says placing her palm on my forehead but I shoved it away.
“don’t I look okay?” I ask almost on the verge of anger.

“Debbie calm down I’m just curious. you slept when the Marie was teaching which you’ve never done before and now you’re eating like a giant with a monstrous appetite and that’s crazy cause you don’t eat a lot” she says to me

“you’re just jealous of me Thandi, you always were. so because I’m eating to satisfy my hunger, you’re calling me a, monster” I yelled
“That’s not what I meant… ”

“excuse me lady but who asked you to keep stact on my food? first it was Freddie and now this?” I yell even louder to the surprise of other students
“I’m sorry okay keep it down”

“no I’m not keeping it down. maybe you should let me live my life the way I want it and if you’re not happy about that then leave my life and get your own life for goodness sake and stop interfering in every thing I do got it?” I say taking my lunch with me while Thandi stared in utter disbelief.

After school I went home without Thandi and I didn’t care to ask where she was.
when I arrived, mom was making dinner so after greeting her, I undressed and opened the fridge to find some snacks. I saw a bowl of lime and I devoured it hungrily. mom was just staring at me.
“are you okay” mom asks
“yes and why does everyone keep asking me that”

“did you just eat that lime?” mom asks
“yes mom it’s tasty” I tell her
“and you aren’t disgusted about it or having a bitter taste?” mom asks again
“come on mom it’s good try it” I tell her and she just keeps on staring at me.

Finally lunch was served and i ate it with a, huge appetite. mom was just twisting her fork round her fingers as she stared intently at me.
“aren’t you eating?” I ask her
“I will. just go on” she tells me. I shrug and continue eating till I was done.

I drank some milk and burped really loud.
“thanks mom dinner was delicious” I told her and stood up ready to make my way to the bedroom when mom asked me a killer question.

“Debbie when was the last time you saw your flow?”
I stopped on my tracks and turned to look at her as my breath hitched…


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