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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 4

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Debbie’s Secret

Episode 4

Written By Kiari Horsfall




Two days later
it’s been two days since Debbie was admitted in the hospital. i always visited her every afternoon after school. most times I bring them food and clothes since Debbie’s mom hasn’t left the hospital after the incident.

I walk Into Debbie’s ward. she was seated on the bed. hand crossed over her legs. she looks somewhat lost as she stared into outer space. her mom was seated next to her.

I can’t get this nightmare out of my head. my best friend looks like someone who’s gone completely insane. our final exams were coming soon and how would she write if she was in this state? she just has to come back to us. we need Debbie. I need Debbie.

“Mrs Emily” I say breaking into her thought.
she sniffed “Hi Thandi” she says trying to wipe the tears that were forming in her eyes.
“How is she feeling now?” I ask looking at Debbie. she was moving, nor saying anything. Debbie who was a hard talker was now silent.

“I don’t know Thandi. she’s not eating, she’s not talking to me, she just sits on her bed and stare out the window or the ceiling. she doesn’t want to take meds either” she tells me

“Did the doctor say anything?” I ask again
“he said she’s out of danger and would be discharged tomorrow. he gave me some drugs and suggested therapy for Debbie. I just wish that all of this never happened” she say covering her face with her palm “I don’t know what to do.

I’m just lost” she added
“She’ll be fine aunt don’t worry. here, I brought some food and change of clothes” I say handing her the bag

“Thanks Thandi. you’re truly a friend. I’m grateful for all your support ever since Debbie was admitted here”
“that’s what friends do” I tell her
“how, was school and have you eaten?”
“I took a bite and school was fun although our final exams are coming up soon”

I tell her

“I hope Debbie comes out of this soon”
“yeah I hope so too”
“I’ll go change” she says while i nod.
“don’t worry. I’ll take care of her” I tell her before she finally walks out. I walked up to Debbie and Sat down next to her.

I took her hands in mine but she didn’t say anything. she didn’t even spare me a single glance.

“you know what Debbie?” I ask her unsure if she’s listening. but I really hope she was
“Everyone at school misses you.” I say almost tearing up “I miss you so much Debbie.

I don’t know what happened but I just want you to know that you have a lot of people waiting for you to get better. me, your mom and Freddie” I sniff “won’t you come back for us Debbie” I added but she didn’t reply
“this silence of yours is killing me Debbie. just say something. anything”

I squeezed her hands gently.
a drop of tear slide down her cheeks.
“You have to talk to me Debbie. just one word, that’s all I’m asking” I beg her
“what do you want me to say Thandi?” she says and slowly turns to look at me.

“OMG Debbie you just talked” I smile cleaning my face with my other hand. but she didn’t say anything further. she just stared into outer space.

“you’re in there Debbie, I can feel it. you just need to heal. and I know you will because the Debbie I know is very strong and she is a fighter” I say hugging her but she didn’t reciprocate the hug.

Just then her mom walked inside the room
“did you see that Aunt? Debbie just talked”
“she did what” she says walking up to us
“our Debbie isn’t completely gone Aunt. she’s in there somewhere” I tell her and she nods taking Debbie’s hands in hers and kissing it lightly. Debbie would be alright soon.

Finally, it was time to take Debbie home, I came back from school to help aunt pack her things. we were given some drugs for Debbie and was told to check in the hospital regularly.

We held her hands as we led her out of the hospital. We took a cab home and after paying the driver. I ran to open the door.
“Look Debbie you’re finally home” Aunt says smiling.

the house was filled with a lot of decorations. aunt and I also prepared a welcome home meal for Debbie.
we led her to the couch and sat her down
“I’m so glad you’re back bestie” I say kissing her cheeks

“she needs a shower don’t you think Thandi?” Aunt asks me and I nod.
the doctor says to make Debbie feel loved so she doesn’t have to feel scared or feel insecure.
I took her to her room to help her undress.


I walk into the bathroom and stood under the shower letting the water pour on my skin. I close my eyes and the incident flashed right back.

“Please don’t do this.. No.. No” I gasped opening my eyes and holding on to my chest. I was breathing heavily. I swallowed hard and took the towel from the line and wrapped myself up.

I made my way outside the bathroom and applied some lotion. I saw some clothes on the bed which I assumed was picked out by Thandi.

after wearing the clothes, the door flew open and she walked in.
“you look gorgeous Debbie” she complimented but I gave a weak smile
“come and sit down. let’s style your hair” she says leading me to the stool while I sat. I’m glad no one has asked me about the incident cause I’m not ready to tell.

she took the hairbrush and comb and worked her magic with my hair.
“there all done. what do you think?” she asks handing me a mirror to look at myself. I couldn’t recognize the person staring at me. I looked different and beautiful.

“Freddie is gonna love this” she teases me
“will Freddie love me after he finds out? will he think I’m still beautiful” I say to myself
“you’re ugly Debbie. just a used piece of trash. no one will ever love you” my subconscious tells me

“that’s not true” I say out loud.
“Debbie are you okay?” Thandi asks me
“im.. I’m OK”
“don’t worry you’ll be fine. we won’t let anything happen to you.” she tells me
“Thank you”

“Debbie our exams are starting pretty soon, hope you’ll come to school. everyone has been asking about you. I feel like I’ve lost my twin”
“I’ll try to Thandi but I’m not making any promises”

“ok. would you look at the time? it’s running late, I have to go. see you later Best” she says and pecks me lightly on my cheeks.
“bye Thandi” I say to her as she runs out the door.

That evening, mom made dinner and gave me some pills. I took it and head to my room.
I was thinking about school. how would I go? do you think they’ll know? I kept asking myself before I fell asleep.

I couldn’t sleep one bit as I kept on having nightmares about what happened that night. so I was mostly awake drinking water every now and then.
when I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to mom’s room to sleep. he hugged me tight and I was able to sleep without having bad dreams for once…


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