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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 3

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Debbie’s Secret

Episode 3

Written By Kiari Horsfall


Thandi’s POV
I was about leaving my house for school when I spotted Debbie’s mom coming closer to my house. I shut the door and ran out to meet her.

“Aunt Emily. are you okay?” I ask after noticing the bags under her eyes. she looked pale like someone who hasn’t had enough sleep. what could be wrong.

“Where is Debbie aunt? we’re gonna be late for school” I ask her oblivious to the situation.
“I don’t know” she blurts out before breaking down in uncontrollable tears.
“isn’t she here with you?” she asks me
“No. I only saw her yesterday and that was after school cause she walked me home” I explain to her.

“I can’t find Debbie Thandi. she’s missing” she says crying more.
“missing? how? when did that happen?”
“please we have to find her” she says ignoring my question

“Sure Aunt. let’s go to the police. hopefully they can conduct a search” I tell her and she nods slowly.
we quickly stop a cab and got in.
“Take us, to the station” I say to the driver since Debbie’s mom was still in shock of what happened.
“where could you possibly be friend” I say to no one In particular.

We were on our way to the station when we saw someone lifeless lying along the way, I took a close look only to realize that it was Debbie.
“OMG” I yelled on top of my voice “stop the car. please stop” I pulled the driver’s arm and he did. Debbie’s mom came down and we both ran after her.

“Debbie” her mom yelled still crying. she was cold to the bone. was she out during that rain? her face was injured and I couldn’t help but noticed the blood that was imprinted on her clothes.

“we need to take her to a doctor” her mom says breaking into my thoughts
“Yes… yes we should”

i help carried her into the car and we drove to the hospital. her eyes were fully closed.
when we arrived, she was rushed into the emergency room. so we had to wait for the doctor.

I couldn’t go to school that day so I just dropped the idea. I don’t know what’s happening but Debbie needs me right now.

we looked through the glass and notices the nurse cleaning her up, they took off her clothes and wore her the hospital robe as I call it.

Few minutes later, the doctor got in. He did some tests felt her body temperature.
When he was done, he came to us
“Are you Mrs Stack” he asks Debbie’s mom and she nodded slowly.

“how is Debbie doc? is she gonna be okay?” I ask him
“Debbie is a critical situation. we’ll have to wait for the results before we can say any further.”

he says and walks away. Debbie’s mom was crying her eyes out. I held her and tried to be of comfort. I couldn’t help it as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

“After waiting for close to an hour, we were summoned to the doctor’s office and he gestured us to sit down which we did.
“according to the results, Debbie was brutally raped and she was drugged as well that’s why she’s still in shock.

if you hadn’t brought her here on time, she would’ve died” he says while I gasped
“is, she gonna be fine?” I ask again
“we’ll do our best but you have to be ready for anything. most times teenagers who into this condition often goes in a coma or trauma.

I can’t say it would happen to her but there’s a high possibility that it might so be prepared” he says and left the room while her mom resumed crying

“I told her not to go but she just won’t listen. what will I do now?” she continues
“Debbie would be fine. we’re here for her. we’ll get through it together aunt”
we, walked out of the office only to Debbie’s room

“Who could be so heartless to do this to a little girl. don’t they have a conscience”. her mom held her hands as she sat on the bed.
” please wake up Debbie ” I begged
she was put on drip.
“I’ll go get something aunt” I say and walk out of the room.
Debbie was lying there unconscious.

some minutes later, she opened her and stared at us in a disapproving manner.
“Debbie sweetheart. you’re awake” her mom says wiping the tears off her face.  I tried to hold her but she flinched

“leave me. all of you get out” she yelled
“Debbie!? ” I called trying to hold her hands
“they’re after me. leave me alone. please don’t kill me”

“Debbie what are you saying? who’s after you? I’m your mom and this is Thandi your friend” Her mom explains while I nod voluntary

“please don’t do this. don’t touch me all of you. leave me alone.” she yelled on top of her voice

the nurses rushed in and injected her with a, syringe that made her calm and fall asleep.
I haven’t seen Debbie like this before?
we were asked to leave the room.

I know rape could make one traumatized but I haven’t seen it in person and now it happened to my best friend.
I shut my eyes as I felt the fresh tears pour out from my eyes…


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