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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 2

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Episode 2

Written by Kiari Horsfall


“Debbie, I’m really very sorry. I know what I said hurt you” she apologizes on our way to the cafeteria
“it did pretty bad” I say shifting my gaze to the other side

“Can we drop this already. we’ll be graduating in a months time and I don’t want us to have a fight before we leave and even if we should fight please it shouldn’t be over a boy” she begs
“Alright” I say. my expression was emotionless.

“come on already. I just said sorry. I can have the whole world hate me but not you Debs. you’re all I’ve got” she say giving me the puppy eyes. she was right though. she was all I had. we planned on going to the same college and also living together.
“I forgive you” I tell her and she smiles
“Should I buy a apology_accepted_milkshake? I know you love milk”

“And I’ve been craving for that since yesterday. you do know me well” I say and we did our special handshake.
“So since you like Freddie, he’s all yours. I’ve never loved him anyway” she says. I could tell she was lying but do I want to argue with her right now?
no I can’t risk it.

“thank you. oh and Mom finally approved our girls night”
“yay” we both squealed
“So high school will soon be bye school in less than two months.”

“I agree” Thandi says walking to the milkshaker.
“What do you expect college to look like?” I ask unsure of what the future has in store for me.

“you know, messy, constant lectures, boy drama,.. blah blah” she continues
“And how do you know? you’ve never been to college before?”

“I have a cousin who’s in college and you don’t wanna see her when she comes home. it’s like she wrestled an electric eel or something” Thandi says and we chuckle
“well college will be nice. I can’t wait. I’ve been dreaming about it since I knew I could dream”

“Yeah me too. it’s one step closer to my dreams.” Thandi says
“our dreams silly” I shove her playfully and she let out a low laugh.

After school I walked Thandi home since her house was a few blocks before mine. I waved her goodbye and hummed a tune home.

When I arrived, Mom was out. maybe she went grocery shopping. she did say she would go today. I say to myself and walk to my room. I had a call from Freddie. actually I called, I wanted to thank him for the flowers. it was sweet of him. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge only to find a bowl of spaghetti so I put it in the microwave. Mom better comes back from shopping really soon.

After eating I went to my room to rest. when I woke it it was already late. I heard the doorbell so I rushed to open it.
“Mom you’re home” I say to her and moved aside for her to come in.
just then it started raining heavily.
“wow looks like you’re Lucky Mom” I tell her and she smiles

“Thank the heavens” she says. I help Carry the bag to the kitchen.
“how was school honey?”
“it was OK. I learnt some new stuff” I tell her
“that’s good. sorry for the food situation. hope you ate the spaghetti”
“yeah I did. Mom you didn’t buy my stuff. you know the items I listed out to complete my projects” I tell her searching through the bags

“OMG baby I forgot”
“how can you forget Mom. it was very important. I need it to finish my projects before I submit them tomorrow otherwise I’ll get an F and it will totally affect my grades for college” I say stomping my feet
“it was a mistake. I thought I bought it already.”
“I’ll go and get it”

“by this time? can’t you go tomorrow. it’s late” she tells me
“it’s very important that I get it Mom please. I’ll take an umbrella. don’t worry I’ll be back in less than twenty minutes” I say grabbing the umbrella from the kitchen
“Debbie” she calls out but I ignore her and make my way to the nearest store which is only some meters away from my house.

I walk down the street. hopefully I will be back for a cup of hot chocolate cause this rain is definitely too much.
“Just some blocks further” I say to myself as I kept on walking. just then, I noticed a black SUV riding very close to me. when I turned to look at it, it stops and when I move, it does the same.

fear quickly gripping me, I increased my pace as I start to walk very fast but the car keep increasingly its speed.

I started running but the car overtakes me and stopped. my heart was beating really fast. I tried to run the opposite way but two thugs came after me and caught up with me. they both held me and the other one covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream.

I tried to break free but it was impossible as their hands were firmly on me so that I couldn’t move. they took me into the car and drove off to an unknown destination.
Once we got there, I tried screaming but no one could hear me since it was raining pretty hard.

“Please let me go” I begged but it all fell on deaf ears. before I knew what was happening, I was already pushed to the ground. A guy who i assumed was the boss got on top of me and tried to pull off my clothes. I knew what was happening… They want to rape me.

I tried struggling with him but he punched me on my stomach while I was injected with a syringe which I assumed was drugs.
“please… please don’t do this?” I begged once I felt his hands at the hem of my panties which he yanked off forcefully. I tried to fight but it was worthless since I was already becoming weak. the drug had started to take its effect on me.

“I beg of you please. I’m just a teenager” I felt the tears pour out from my eyes. I never dreamed of loosing my pride like this. I always thought I would get settled first but here I was almost about to say goodbye to it.
before I could plead for more mercy, he was already inside me. I felt a sharp pain as he thrusted deep and hard inside me. I tried screaming but there was no one to save me.
I realised that I was all alone and no one would come for me.

After going on for some minutes,
she stood up.
“She’s great. you boys should have a taste” he said to the others as they each took turns in and out of me.

I couldn’t move. I had finally given up the struggle. I waited for them to satisfy their selves until they were through.
“Wasn’t it better than struggling with us” one said and they all laughed but I couldn’t utter a word. my pride was gone.

After fully dressing up, they took me to the same spot and dropped at the same spot that they picked me up. I tried to get up but the pain was unbearable so I just lied down on the floor, lifeless, with no one to call for help as the rain continually fell on my body.
I closed my eyes and wept silently…

To Be Continued…

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