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Debbie’s Secret – Episode 16

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Debbie’s Secret

Episode 16

Written By Kiari Horsfall



I walk to my office and fell back on my chair. I can’t believe she’s back in my life again.
Why couldn’t she just disappear into thin air and leave me alone.

Growing up, I’ve always envied Debbie.
I don’t know why but I just wanted to be like her, wanted to walk, eat and even talk like her. I even wanted to look like her.

She was everyone’s favorite,
the guys at school thinks that she’s just so great as if she’s a god. even the teacher seems to favour her a lot. I felt left out and out of place.

I became friends with her back then because I wanted people to notice me like they do to her. maybe, I just thought that her luck would rub off on me a little. her hair was perfect, her body structure, She was just so beautiful in every aspect.

I wanted to be the one that takes all the attention but sadly it didn’t work out that way so I always stuck to her like a leach feeding off its prey.

When she got raped back then, part of me was very happy for it. I was relieved that she was out of the spotlight.

Then she didn’t come to school and she broke off her date with Freddie. I was really on top of the world. I tried to work my way into people’s life just so I would be noticed.
I stayed away from her after school and tried to create a name for myself back in college.

I graduated with a lot of honors and got myself working in this company.

I guess it started the very first day I met kress, I fell in love with him instantly and I vowed to get him for myself.

And that’s why I joined this company, I’ve been trying to impress him and to make him notice me. He was very handsome and every girl’s dream. I know it’s weird but I’m willing to go to any extent to make him mine.

I started flirting with the manager who was Kress’s best friend. I know he has a crush on me and I took advantage of it. guys can be really crazy to do anything for love. it’s actually a win-win.

Kress is extremely rich and I couldn’t wait to be his girlfriend and enjoy all the luxuries that comes with it. he was my special ticket to finally have everything I dreamed of until the witch appeared.

Ever since Debbie came here, He doesn’t even glance at my direction, he’s always stuck with her. holding her, kissing her, that was supposed to be me.

But now I have a secret weapon. her secret. who would’ve thought that Kress doesn’t know DEBBIE’S SECRET. he’s still oblivious to the truth and very soon, a little birdie is gonna spill it out.

And knowing Debbie, she trusts me so I’m sure she’ll listen to everything I say and the minute she does, it’s gonna be the end of her. she just won’t know what hit her or precisely WHO hit her.

I gave a devilish smile as I returned to my papers.

I put my stuff inside my bag. today was really stressful and I can’t wait to go home. I stood up and made for the door.

I received a text from Nathan saying he’ll pick me up by seven and I texted him *ok*
I took a cab and drove home. I threw my bag on the couch and sat down to take off my shoe.

“Mommy” Casey calls out while running out to meet me. mom came running after him, begging him to slow down.

“Hey baby” I hugged him very tight and kissed his hair “you’re not giving grandma a tough time are you?” I ask and he gave a light chuckle
“No Mom”

“of course he is. I even have to run around the house just to get him dressed now” mom said sitting down
“I want mommy to do it” he says and I hit him playfully on his cheeks

“so how was work?” mom asks
“very well. he’s all yours” mom says throwing his clothes at me while Casey let out a laugh.
“Casey darling how was school today?” I ask dressing him up

“Great. mom our teacher asked us to bring crayons and a book for drawing” he tells me
“Mom will get it for you tomorrow OK” I tell him and he nods
I noticed a cut on his arm.

“Casey what happened to you” I say pointing to his cut
“I slipped and fell”
“Are you telling the truth? is someone picking on you at school?” I ask him
“No mommy. I really fell down”

“you’ve got to be careful little man” I say and he laughs
“what’s funny”
“you sound like uncle Nathan” he teases me causing me to giggle.
“Oh do I? I didn’t notice”

“Mommy likes uncle Nathan” he teases me while running round the couch.
“I don’t like uncle Nathan”
“that’s not true. your face is sparkling again” he says and I blush

“you talk too much do you know that. I wonder how your teacher puts up with you” I tell him and ruffle his hair
“mommy I’m hungry” he tells me
“what would you like to eat?”

“let’s order pizza with marshmallow topping” he suggests
“Alright go and play. I’ll place an order”
“you’re the best mom. I love you” he says kissing my cheeks
“I love you too” I tell him before he runs out to play.

“Mom please order pizza for Casey. I want to change. I’ll be going out for dinner with Nathan and I want to get ready” I tell her and she nods
“thanks mom” I say and walk into my room.
I took my shower and settled for a black cocktail dress with black heels and silver jewelry.

I applied my lotion and stood in front of the full length mirror to wear my dress. I styled my hair and examined my look one last time before stepping out.
“Mommy looks pretty” Casey says hugging me

Just then we heard a knock on the door. Casey ran to open up the door.
“uncle Nathan” he squeaks in joy.
“Hey little man” he says taking him in his arms.

Just then, his eyes fell on me. he stared at me from my dress up to my face.
“Gosh Debbie, you look beautiful” he compliment

“thank you Nathan” I gave a bright smile
“Casey, don’t give grandma a hard time OK. make sure you sleep on time. I’ll be back before you know it” I tell him and he nods
“Do you want us to get you something?” Nathan asks him

“pizza” he jumps in excitement
“another one? you just had one” I tell him
“let him be. he’s just a kid” Nathan tells me “we’ll get you an extra large pizza” Nathan adds

“I don’t like where this is going?” I seethe
“pretty please” he says staring at me
“alright but just this once and after that, no more junk food OK?” I say and he laughs
“shall we” Nathan says taking my hand
“sure. Casey don’t watch too much TV alright?” I call out to him

“yes bye” he says and closes the door.

Nathan leads me to his car and we drove to the restaurant. they served us drinks and we talked about other things.
“I’m just thinking about something” he tells me

I raise my brow to look at him “about what?”
“if we were a couple, what would be our couple name?” he says and I chuckle
“How about Nabbie?” I suggest
“it sounds more like rabbies” he said and I laughed

“how about Dress?” I say again
“you suck at naming things?”
“I didn’t see you coming up with any suggestion” I tell him

“Well I kinda like Dress. we both work in a fashion company and you’re a designer and I guess we go crazy around Dresses so Dress is fine” he says and I pout.

“Nathan there’s something I want to tell you” I say and he arched an eyebrow at me. I was already feeling nervous.
“What is it?”

“um… I..” I started not knowing what to say. my hands were already sweaty.
“If you’re scared then don’t tell him.

maybe some things aren’t worth sharing with people. cause knowing Kress I’m not really sure he’s gonna remain friends with you after learning the truth so just forget about kress OK” Thandi’s words kept on playing over and over again in my head.
“Debbie are you OK?” he asks disrupting me from my quick reverie.

“yes I’m fine”
“so you wanted to tell me something right?” he asks
I shook my head “No. it’s nothing”

Nathan’s POV
I know something’s wrong with Debbie but why doesn’t she want to tell me. I guess she doesn’t trust me enough. I invited her here so I could finally ask her out to be my girlfriend but I thinking I’m just as nervous as she is.

“I need to use the restroom, I’ll be right back” I tell her and she nods. I got up and walked towards the direction of the restroom.
I got inside trying to find my voice when I received a, voice message from an anonymous number.

I played it and couldn’t believe what I heard after that.

“what happened to casey?”
“well I want to tell Nathan that Casey is my son but I don’t know how to go about it?” Debbie’s voice played in the background.
“if you’re really scared then don’t tell him. maybe some things aren’t worth sharing”
“I don’t know but I guess you’re rig… ”

I quickly cut the message. I guess I’ve heard enough.
I walked out of the restroom to our table.
“hey you’re back. what took you so long” she asks but I didn’t respond. I just stared at her
“Nathan are you ok?’

” who is Casey to you?” I ask her
“why would you ask that, I told you already that Casey is my nephew” she said
I played the voice message and she was shocked. she couldn’t utter a single word.
“just stop it Debbie.

please just stop. will you stop lying to me and just tell me the truth already? is Casey your son or not?” I asked yelling. I guess it got her a bit frightened.

“I can explain Nathan”
“OMG I knew it” I said and stood up from my chair and walked out of the restaurant. she ran after me cause I heard her calling after me. she ran up to me held my arm.

“Please just stop OK. just listen to me” she said almost tearing up.
“listen to what? to the fact that you’ve been lying to me? I asked you countless times Debbie. you told me that he was your nephew”

“I wanted to tell you OK. I really did but I just didn’t know how to go about it, in the office and here in the restaurant, I tried but I thought you would hate me if you found out about it” she explained

“I guess I was just too blind to see the truth right in front of me.” I say and she ended up crying.
“and to think that I wanted to ask you out. we haven’t started dating and you’re already keeping secrets from me. you’re not even proud of your child then what if we end up together, you won’t be able to say that I’m your boyfriend.”

” that’s not true. I love my son very much and I am proud of him. you don’t know what I had to grow through all these years. you think it’s easy to just open up to the public that you were raped by a gang of thugs and that your child was just a mistake?” she cried more.

“you could’ve just told me everything”.
“and how would that turn out? would you still love me after finding out?” she asked but I remained silent

“that’s what I thought. I was wrong not to tell you the truth but you were also wrong say that I’m not proud of my child. you have a, sister don’t you? fix her in my situation and tell me what she would do in my place. I completely understand if you don’t want to talk to me after this cause it’s my fault but I just wish you’ll understand what I’m going through right now.

I really thought we had something but I should’ve known that it was all an illusion. there is no light at the end of the tunnel” she said and walked away.

She stopped a cab and got in and before I realized, she was already gone.
I also got into my car and drove home. I need to clear my head. I can’t believe this is all happening…



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